Bosch Chainsaw UniversalChain 35 (1800 W, Lightweight: 4.2 kg, Chain Speed: 12m/s, in Carton Packaging)

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Brand Bosch Home and Garden
Power Source Battery Powered
Horsepower 1.8 hp
Weight 4.2 Kilograms
Chain length 1.1 Millimetres

  • The Universal Garden Tools from Bosch – flexible and powerful for a wide range of tasks
  • Superior cutting performance: Complete tasks quickly with 1800W motor and 12m/s chain speed
  • Quick assembly & easy cleaning: The chainsaw features a concentric SDS system allows tool-free, fast and easy assembly
  • Clean, fast & safe maintenance: The large tank reduces refill frequency of the oil and features a tethered cap for convenience
  • Scope of supply: UniversalChain 35, 35 cm chainsaw chain (1.1 mm), chain bar, chain cover, carton packaging
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From the manufacturer

Bosch, AdvancedHedgecut 70

Easy to use with impressive results

UniversalChain 35

Simple Bosch SDS system

Concentric SDS system for tool-free, easy chain tensioning and replacement.

UniversalChain 35

Safe and robust kickback brake

Robust hand guard with integrated kickback braking system ensures a full chain stop for user safety.

UniversalChain 35

Side-Oriented oil tank

Large side-oriented oil tank with tethered cap enables an easy refilling.

UniversalChain 35

Outstanding performance

The Oregon Chain, paired with the automated lubrication system, ensures an outstanding cutting performance.

Technical details

Motor power 1800 W
Chain speed 12 m/s
Chain bar length 35 cm
Cutting length 300 mm
Oil tank capacity 0.25 L
Sound power level 102 dB(A)
Chain type Oregon low profile 1.1mm (3/8” pitch)
Weight 4.2 kg

Which oil should be used with the chainsaw?

Bosch’s chainsaw oil should be used. This will allow effective automatic self-lubrication of the tool to ensure smooth running. Part number: 2607000181.

Why can’t I start my chainsaw?

The product features a kickback brake in the forward position, this is a safety device to ensure the product will not start. Once the product is plugged in, make sure the kickback brake is pulled back and disengaged before pressing the trigger.

How do I know if my chain needs replacing? Where can I get a replacement chain?

If the sawdust is very fine then it is likely the chain is blunt. If the chain needs sharpening, it should be done by a trained professional. In case a new chain is needed, Chain 35cm: F016800257.

Will this cut through wooden railway sleepers 200 mm by 200 mm?

The tool’s cutting capacity is 300mm, it would be able to cope with this task. It is recommended that you ensure the chain is sharp and be aware of inorganic objects in the wood such as nails. In case the wood is coated, a dust mask should be used.

Is there a storage case for the chainsaw?

No. It is recommended to remove the chain and bar and clean debris from underneath the cover and store in a dry environment alongside other outdoor tools.

Additional information

Weight 4.2 kg
Dimensions 26.7 × 20.9 cm
Part Number


Package Dimensions

‎56.6 x 26.7 x 20.9 cm; 4.2 Kilograms

Item model number





‎UniversalChain | New Design



Power Source



‎1.8 hp

Item Package Quantity


Included Components

‎UniversalChain 35, 35 cm chainsaw chain (1.1 mm), chain bar, chain cover, carton packaging

Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎4.2 kg



Date First Available

23 Nov. 2021



10 reviews for Bosch Chainsaw UniversalChain 35 (1800 W, Lightweight: 4.2 kg, Chain Speed: 12m/s, in Carton Packaging)

  1. Scooter

    Great chainsawVery happy with this. Cuts through big branches easily. It’s simple to put together. But it is pretty heavy. As a small woman I can use it, but do it in short bursts!

  2. Mark Reigate UK

    Another great Bosch productThis is a great chainsaw. For occasional garden use, for managing a few overgrown trees it is perfect. I used it to cut down a few trees around 8-12 inches in diameter and it coped really well. I’d recommend wearing good quality gloves, visor and safety trousers, as any chainsaw is a dangerous. I’m a big fan of Bosch, having bought many of their products over the years. Great quality, feels solid, good instructions on assembly, includes power cord. It’s still quite noisy, only about 25% less noisy than a chain saw, so try to use sparingly and ideally not at weekends. Only way it could be better is if it mentioned that you need chainsaw oil to use. I didn’t order any, so that postponed my use by 10 minutes, I popped to Homebase and got some for £5. Great product!! highly recommend.

  3. Leon

    It’s okay, but not greatIt has a decent amount of power, and feels reasonably good to use. Unfortunately, the system for delivering oil to the chain just does not work at all, really. I’ve used the chainsaw only once, to cut down a medium sized lilac tree. Lilac trees comprise several medium-thickness branches protruding from a small base stump, rather than the usual, thick single stump, which most trees have. About halfway through the job, the chain was beginning to struggle, and cutting was slowed considerably. I don’t think it was a poor quality chain, so much as the fact that the chain remained bone-dry throughout the job. As I mentioned, this was the first time I’d used the chainsaw, so it wasn’t clogged with debris or old oil. It just didn’t work. Fortunately, I managed to finish the job. But, I’m not happy with the fact that I’m going to have to purchase a new chain pretty much every time I want to use this thing.I found the chainsaw somewhat fiddly to put together, but it wasn’t too bad.Another thing that I really didn’t like was the fact that the mechanism for tightening the chain against the guide bar is made of plastic components. A plastic wheel, with plastic teeth, turns another plastic wheel, which forces the guide bar forward, pulling the chain taut. It just doesn’t feel adequate. Why on earth could they not just use metal parts? Saves a little money, I guess; but, I’d rather pay a little more for decent components. Why is everything plastic these days? I guess manufacturers have simply realised that, ultimately, we’ll tolerate it. I think Dyson has a lot to answer for, in this regard.It’s not awful, but I can’t really recommend this chainsaw.

  4. Miss Wilson

    AMAZINGConsidering it’s corded we were very skeptical but we’re amazed on how good the saw is. Wizzed through plenty of logs effortlessly up to 7 inches – don’t don’t want to try thicker. Well worth the money.

  5. Mr LEE

    Handles well.Great tool cuts through any type of wood with any problems.

  6. R A Brown

    Supplied chain lasted two minutesFiddly chain tensioner. Saw feels powerful enough but supplied chain was blunt within two minutes of use.I am trying to cut a 6″ Laurel trunk, not a steel lamp-post! Will see if a replacement Oregon chain is any better. I thought the chain should survive at least one cut! Disappointed. I am a fan of Bosch and expect better than this.

  7. Mr M Riddoch

    Easy to set up.This is my second Bosch chain saw, which replaced my previous one, which had a slightly smaller chain (30cm), and had literally worn out, after many years use! This replacement Bosch chain saw has a 35cm chain and is more refined to make it much easier to install the chain and tighten. (do make sure that the chain is installed the right way round though!) It cuts a treat and well worth the cost.

  8. L. Richardson

    Very capable sawI’ve been able to cut down a huge overgrown apple tree in my garden with the use of this saw. It is not the biggest or toughest available but it is very capable of dealing with large trees. The height was about standard semi-detached sized house roof and almost twice the width of the saw reach. The key I found was take it slow, use the locating teeth to walk the saw slowly across the branches and trunk. You also have to adjust the tension often and keep it topped up with oil or you will have issues and you don’t want a lose chain flying about. The light weight was helpful as the access to the trunk was not easy.

  9. John Atkinson

    Effective and reassuringThis chainsaw was bought primarily to cut a large shrub to ground level. The wood was unexpectedly hard and difficult to saw by hand. This Bosch chainsaw was straightforward to assemble and proved effective, despite taking some time to complete the work.The unit seems robust and felt safe for a novice like me.

  10. Doug Harris

    Superb piece of kit!Worth every penny – light weight, quiet, manoeuvrable and with a sharp blade cuts effortlessly!

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