Bosch 06008B3070 Cordless Telescopic Hedge Trimmer UniversalHedgePole 18 (1 Battery, 18 Volt System in Cardboard Box)

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Brand Bosch Home and Garden
Power Source Battery Powered
Colour Green
Item dimensions L x W x H 117 x 19.5 x 16 centimetres
Weight 3.6 Kilograms

  • The Universal tools from Bosch, versatile and strong with intelligent solutions for bigger projects
  • Ideal for tall and wide hedges. Pivoting head: 135°
  • Work without interruption and achieve clean cuts thanks to the electronic anti-blocking system
  • Power for all: One battery pack and one charger for the entire home and garden range of tools
  • Items included: UniversalHedgePole 18, 1 battery, AL 1830 CV charger, cardboard box
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From the manufacturer

bosch hedge trimmer universalhedgepole 18;universalhedgepole 18;bosch universalhedgepole 18

bosch hedge trimmer universalhedgepole 18;universalhedgepole 18;bosch universalhedgepole 18

bosch hedge trimmer universalhedgepole 18;universalhedgepole 18;bosch universalhedgepole 18

Technical details

•Battery voltage: 18 V

•Blade length: 430 mm / Tooth spacing: 16 mm

•Stroke rate: 2200 rpm

•Height-adjustable: By 60 cm

•Max. tool length: 2.6 m

bosch hedge trimmer universalhedgepole 18;universalhedgepole 18;bosch universalhedgepole 18

Flexible, powerful 18 V battery system

Grind, drill and trim hedge with just one battery? No problem. Stay flexible and quickly switch the lithium-ion battery from device to device. Save on the future purchases of additional 18-volt system devices, because there is no need for more batteries and chargers.

bosch hedge trimmer universalhedgepole 18;universalhedgepole 18;bosch universalhedgepole 18

Syneon chip for maximum performance

The “Syneon” technology from Bosch affords maximum battery runtime coupled with optimal power usage by adjusting the power consumption depending on the requirements of the task.

Additional information

Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 19.5 × 16 cm
Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎117 x 19.5 x 16 cm; 3.6 Kilograms


‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Item model number





‎Telescopic hedgecutter | 1 battery



Power Source



‎18 Volts

Item Package Quantity


Number Of Pieces


Blade length

‎43 Inches

Measurement System


Included Components

‎Universal Hedge Pole 18; 18V 2.5Ah Battery; 18V Charger

Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Battery Cell Type

‎Lithium Ion

Item Weight

‎3.6 kg



Delivery information:
Date First Available

24 Mar. 2018



10 reviews for Bosch 06008B3070 Cordless Telescopic Hedge Trimmer UniversalHedgePole 18 (1 Battery, 18 Volt System in Cardboard Box)

  1. Anne

    How I hate a previously-opened boxI have been watching this item for a while, and when it was reduced to £129.99 decided to buy, despite it being January.The box arrived this morning, and the three tapes sealing the box had been previously cut, and then re-sealed. How I hate a previously opened box. Is it reduced because it’s been returned? Has it been faulty? Has it been reconditioned? It’s advertised as ‘new’, and despite everything in the box seeming in order, I have my doubts.Be wary of the reduced price folks, and what stock Bosch might be getting rid of.

  2. MartyC

    Obviously a returned itemTook a while for item to be delivered (approx’ 1 mth) and item appeared to have been previously opened and taped up again which was disappointing. However item does not appear damaged nor to have been used. Everything is working so far and does the job I purchased it for. It is top heavy, especially when extended fully, but I expected this so am not too bothered by the weight and was able to manage it fine ( btw I am 67yrs & 5ft 7ins). Can’t comment on battery length as yet but was still charged after some 40 mins of use. Deducted star because this was not brand new but, as stated, appears to be a re-packaged return.

  3. mcgilljd

    Ideal for tall hedgesI found the telescopic hedge trimmer extremely easy to use and was perfect for trimming a tall hedge without having to climb a ladder. I have a number of Bosch 18v power tools and they all share the same battery, i have not had any issues with this range of tools and the 18v battery has very impressive battery life.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Blade CutterExcellent quality I didn’t realise how heavy it is, but everything else brilliant

  5. Dak

    Heavier than advertised for sure with battery attached.The weight was the biggest negative factor but also the provided strap broke on the metal in use causing a jar to my wife’s shoulder and arm. Bosch did replace the strap quickly so that was no issue but really it was inadequate for the weight of the machine with batteries attached for use. Can only think the advertised lightweight was without battery?

  6. Rob D.

    Heavy when extended but decent enoughThese trimmers work well on small to medium thickness stems (privet and hawthorn hedges, few millimetre thicknesses), and definitely give a lot of reach. The blade drive is a bit ‘tinny’ sounding but at least while sharp the cutters do a decent job and the battery seems to last well enough; they aren’t going to get through finger thick growths the way my mains powered hedge cutters do. With the motor on the far end, the weight is noticeable especially with any kind of extension. Finding a decent way to support or counterbalance the end is sometimes a bit tricky and the strap does not connect any higher than the handles. If you have grip or strength issues in the arms, these could be a challenge but I’m ok working an hour with these as a mid-50s desk-worker with moderately weedy arms if that’s any guide. A spare battery is very helpful (I have a Bosch drill with the 18V system so just interchange with those batteries).

  7. Richorse1

    Does What It Says On The Tin But Of Limited UseThe product seems well built, the cordless works well, the battery power lasts and does everything the manufacturer’s claim so I have given it 4 stars. However the product is of limited use. Some of my comments probably apply to most long handled hedge trimmers. I bought it to cut a 5 meter high hedge. Standing on the lower rungs of a step ladder and with the blades pointing straight up I can just about reach the top but it becomes tiring after a short while. The hedge had a year’s growth and it cut this with no difficulty however if there was 2 years or more growth then I think it would struggle. When I adjusted the head to 90 degrees to cut the top of the hedge I lost about 2 feet in length so had to go further up the step ladder and the trimmer felt a lot heavier and difficult to use . As the hedge was wider than the trimmer blades I had to get my extension ladder out and cut the top with extending hand shears; whilst I was up the ladder I might just as well cut the hedge with my normal hedge trimmer! It becomes particularly useful where I could not use the extension ladder for example cutting the hedge immediately behind a shed. It is therefore not a complete solution to cutting a high hedge but a “useful additional tool to have in the toolbox” . It is also good for cutting stand alone trees/bushes up to about 2.5 metres such as Leylandi and Laurel; also Ivy, Honeysuckle growing up walls as I do not have to get the ladder out..

  8. D. Kelly

    Very GoodWorth the money makes life easy

  9. Pete Mac

    How did we ever live without one? 🙂We have a garden that is not large, but it does have a smallish tree and loads of tall shrubs, Photinia etc. For the last few years we have paid a couple of chaps to come in at autumn and give everything a haircut. However, that was a fairly expensive exercise, (although they did make a good job of it). We were musing about buying some hedge trimmers, but short of tottering around on a ladder (holding a whirring dangerously sharp instrument) there is no way that we could possibly reach the top of our shrubs, tree etc. Then I chanced upon the concept of pole trimmers, which we had not heard of before (I lead a sheltered life :-)….. Hallelujah! We already have a couple of Bosch devices and 18V batteries, so could buy this trimmer without a battery and use the ones we already had.When I assembled it I was surprised at how long it was, even with the extension pole on minimum and slightly concerned that my (slightly vertically challenged) wife would find it unwieldy and slightly heavy (which is probably how she describes me :-), but far from it, with the shoulder strap on, she happily chopped away at anything that dared to grow in an asymmetrical way. In our 60’s neither of us are exactly “spring chickens”, but we managed to wield this device and terrify the shrubs and trees with the whirring blades, without too much effort. Certainly with the pole extended, it will reach pretty much anything we need to prune, so win, win. I believe that Bosch offer a 5 year guarantee, which is another reason why we gravitated toward the brand. There are certainly other similar devices cheaper, but too often I have found “buy cheap, buy twice” to be true. The cutty business end can be angled to allow you to cut flat along the top of hedges or other shapey bits and there is a safely catch to prevent you accidentally giving your dog an unexpected haircut. Being cordless is a bonus, as all too often I have mowed cables in half and I believe a charged battery will allow you to trim 200 m2.

  10. MDH

    Okay for light dutiesIt’s a bit unwieldy but I guess that’s the nature of the beast. It is front heavy which is to be expected when the motor is mounted by the head, so it is tiring to use. It is OK for light use. I successfully trimmed a conifer hedge and a few light bushes but it struggled with the laurel hedge, for which I had to resort to the bigger mains powered hedge trimmer I have.

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