Bosch 06008B1071 Electric Leaf Blower and Vacuum UniversalGardenTidy 3000 (3000 W, collection bag 50 l, variable speed, for

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Brand Bosch Home and Garden
Colour Green
Power Source Corded Electric
Sound level 99 dB
Included Components UniversalGardenTidy 3000, support strap, carton packaging
Weight 6.5 Kilograms
Model name Bosch Electric Leaf Blower and Vacuum UniversalGardenTidy 3000 (3000 W, collection bag 50 l, variable speed, for blowing, vacuuming and shredding leaves, in carton packaging) See more
Style Leaf vacuum/leaf blower 3000 Watt
Item dimensions L x W x H 50 x 28.5 x 36 centimetres

  • The Universal Garden Tools from Bosch – flexible and powerful for a wide range of tasks
  • Flexible garden clearing: This leaf blower and vacuum is a 3-in-1 tool that allows blowing, vacuuming and shredding leaves and garden debris
  • Balanced acoustics: The leaf vacuum provides reduced sound and noise level up to 75% of 99dB (A)
  • One-release mode changing: Simply and quickly switch between modes, tool-free, with quick-release mechanism
  • Clean and easy emptying: Quick-release collection bag features moisture-repellent Dirt Deflectors
  • Scope of supply: UniversalGardenTidy 3000, support strap, carton packaging
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From the manufacturer

bosch leaf blower universalgardentidy 3000;universalgardentidy 3000;bosch universalgardentidy 3000

bosch leaf blower universalgardentidy 3000;universalgardentidy 3000;bosch universalgardentidy 3000

UniversalGardenTidy 3000 Technical Details

Power input 1600-3000 W
Blower Airflow speed 165-285 km/h
Vacuum Vol flow rate max 160 l/s
Shredding ratio 12:1
Noise 99 dB(A) (GSPL)
Collection bag 50 litres
Weight (Blow / Vac) 3.4 / 4.7 Kg

Is it possible to adjust the suction strength?

Yes, The airflow speed can be adjusted to the desired speed via the control dial, in either blow or suction mode.

What happens when acorns are sucked in?

Acorns are lifted by the shredding fan and collected in the collection bag. Usually acorns are reduced in size by the shredding fan, but this is not always the case.

Can I use the tool for vacuuming without the shredder option?

No, the metal fan is fixed to the motor.

Are you able to dismantle the vacuum tube?

No, the sections are designed to be kept intact once assembled.

What are the tool dimensions?

Vacuum Mode Max Measurements – 230x1150x670mm

Blower Mode Max Measurements – 230x330x800mm

Additional information

Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 28.5 × 36 cm
Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎50 x 28.5 x 36 cm; 6.5 Kilograms

Item model number





‎Leaf vacuum/leaf blower 3000 Watt



Power Source

‎Corded electric


‎3000 watts

Item Package Quantity


Sound level

‎99 dB

Included Components

‎UniversalGardenTidy 3000, support strap, carton packaging

Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎6.5 kg



Date First Available

15 Jan. 2021



10 reviews for Bosch 06008B1071 Electric Leaf Blower and Vacuum UniversalGardenTidy 3000 (3000 W, collection bag 50 l, variable speed, for

  1. G C Corney

    Large bag and good suction with metal fanIt is a little heavy but sturdy design with metal fan

  2. Glen Buterol

    Does what I bought it for, UniversalGardenTidy 3000Used 6 times so far to gather leaves, suction mode, from gravel around the house, very satisfactory. Good value on a today’s deal. Much cheaper than branded battery and petrol models. More powerful than any battery model, so I compromised. The cable is a nuisance, loses flexibility in cold weather, but still manageable. I use close to the house, using a trailing socket, plugged into an external socet. The trailing socket allows much freer travel than a reel or drum.Cheaper cabled makes, and the Flymo, allow lever switching between suction and blow modes. The Bosch requires a change of nozzle, a slowish, tooless, task but means the Bosch is dedicated, fully, to the chosen mode.The bag seems well made, I was concerned that bags on cheap models might have weaker stitching and a flimsy zip. Bag gets quite heavy, especially if leaves are wet, so a good bag is essential. Wet leaves make a mess and have to be clawed off the inner bag surface and from around the fan/impeller.Metal fan minces leaves effectively. I think the model below may have a plastic fan, less durable especially if small gravel is sucked in. I dump the minced leaves into compost bins, also use them as a mulch.

  3. Mary C.

    Blockage & cableThese blower vacs are a great tool to have. This one does everything I want, very powerful, I like the speed control function. Only downsides, it can block when small twigs are sucked up with the leaves, but easy to clear with a bit of wire with a hooked end. Also the electric cable is to stiff making it tangle, so not nice & easy to wrap..

  4. Excali

    A beast of a machineI’m so glad I chose the Bosch over a simarly priced non variable speed over brand!!! It took me a mo but on the fly I bought this one. At full power it was like something out of the Crystal maze but on minimum the blower was perfect, and that was on wet leaves!! Don’t get me wrong there would be a place for full power but for my needs the variability was a must. So I pushed all my leaves into a nice pile and then swapped over the attachment to hoover! I’m not sure why some say it’s fiddly as turning one screw is hardly rocket science. Just make sure you line up the part and away you go!! Again wet leaves and no issues and within no time I had a bag full of leaf confetti!! Perfect and with a 3 year guarantee to boot!!

  5. Richard L.

    great leaf vacuumsuction is very strong and even with wet leaves, quite light to handle and agile to use. The bag gets wet when hoovering up wet leaves and the channel can become blocked. Fairly easy to unblock but useful to know as the suction is affected.


    OkPrevious one did bothblow and vac controlled by lever. Although this one requires changing between both, the performance of both is quite superior with excellent performance and more control. Highly recommended..

  7. jondoc

    Heavier than a battery powered one would be.This is so much heavier than the reviews lead us to believe. It`s pretty obvious why it needs a shoulder strap main unit, and wheels on the end of the vacuum pipe . We are 2 X 78 year old gardeners looking for easier ways to carry on without any hired help. We received it a couple of days ago and unpacked it. It is probably going to be returned. The main problem is : is it any good for us?, without trying it out first.

  8. Brendon

    Variable Speed smashes it!The headline says it all. Yes, you get the Bosch engineering pedigree and you’re probably paying a bit more for it. But if you’ve ever tried to corral a bunch of leaves using a blower with just a maximum setting, you’ll know how they blow all over the place. Similarly, sucking up the said leaves on full suction from a gravel drive can result in more than a few pebbles ending up in your compost bin. The variable speed on this gadget can be set sensitively enough for any application I’ve come across so far.Just a small gripe at the ease of swapping from one mode to the other, but once you’ve done it, it’s like riding a bike. I wouldn’t get a non-variable blower again.

  9. Wizzy

    Works greatDoes what it should works great 👍

  10. GearGimp

    FiddlyGood Bosch quality but the power knob is poorly positioned, the changeover is a faff and the bag interlock is a pain. Wouldn’t buy again, which is a shame because the product does work and Bosch usually get this kind of thing right.

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