Bosch 06008A5870 ART 24 Electric Grass Trimmer, Cutting Diameter 24 cm

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Brand Bosch Home and Garden
Power Source Corded Electric
Colour Silver, Black, Green
Weight 2.6 Kilograms
Cutting width 24 Centimetres

  • The Bosch ART 24 corded grass trimmer has an high power 400 W motor, making it ideal for smaller gardens.
  • It automatic twin line cutting system lets you storm through wild and unruly patches of undergrowth just as easily as normal grass.
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable and easy grass trimming reducing muscle strain weighing just 2.5 kg.
  • It has a 90 degree rotating cutter head which allows you to switch from trimming to edging with just one click.
  • Its easy grip and height adjustable telescopic handle mean you’ll do it with perfect posture too.
  • Note Never operate the trimmer with missing or broken guards or shields or without guards or shields in position
  • Note Wait until the cutting head has completely stopped as the head continues to rotate after the trimmer is switched off, the cutting system can cause injury/damage
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From the manufacturer

ART 24

The Bosch ART 24 corded grass trimmer is ideal for smaller gardens.

Rotating cutter head

Switch between trimming and edging functions with just one click of a button.


The ART 24 has an auxiliary handle, lightweight design (weighs just 2.5 kg) and adjustable telescopic handle, ensuring comfortable use in all positions.

Automatic twin line system

The ART 24 has a hassle free cutting system which minimises the need for managing the cutting line.

Additional information

Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 27.5 × 14.73 cm
Part Number


Package Dimensions

‎82 x 27.5 x 14.73 cm; 2.6 Kilograms

Item model number



‎Silver, Black, Green


‎Lawn trimmer – 24 cm



Power Source

‎Corded electric

Item Package Quantity



‎Certified frustration-free

Included Components


Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎2.6 kg



Date First Available

15 Feb. 2016



7 reviews for Bosch 06008A5870 ART 24 Electric Grass Trimmer, Cutting Diameter 24 cm

  1. Steve Kemp

    UPDATED REVIEW – It is a great tool!UPDATED REVIEW:I was finally able to find a ‘how to’ video online that demonstrated how to remedy the faults of the machine. Consequently, it is only fair to update my review because when the machine is working, it is a great tool, and now I know how to rethread the wire/cable in minutes, it is not such a big deal. This strimmer works like any strimmer, in terms of the cable sometimes autofeeding, sometimes not autofeeding. Nevertheless it is a great tool, and does the job with ease.I would have dropped a star becuase even though I now know how to deal with most problems, I still think the ‘instructions’ (if they can loosely be described as such) are absolutely hopeless! It is such a shame to find so many quality manufacturers reducing their product instructions to ‘generic’ forms of pointless images. Worse still, having no supporting videos describing how to do simple maintenance (that is required) of their products. So still a big disappointment in these terms. But the strimmer is a ‘Bosch-quality’ tool, so it gets all 5 stars.If you are not already familiar with a Bosch strimmer tool when you purchase this tool, my advice would be to watch a video by eSpares, where Amy explains, and demonstrates how to deal with the wire/cable (very quickly, in only 3.50 minutes!). Go to Youtube and enter the search term: ‘What to Check if Your Grass Trimmer Line Doesn’t Feed Through or Breaks’Bosch are great tools, after watching the demonstration, you’ll have no problems changing, or checking the cutting line.PREVIOUS REVIEW:…literally!…copy n pasted from ‘Mary Ann II’ review, as covers all my points:I am generally a big fan of German products, and have happily bought Bosch tools in the past. However, I am shocked by the uselessness of this grass trimmer. Indeed, what other people wrote in their negative reviews is 100% true. Let’s list the points here:1) No English instructions, but just a series of obscure drawings to interpret. I tried to find some written instructions on the Bosch website, but no.2) The booklet in the package shows some kind of hook on the back to keep the cable in place, but there is no such thing.3) You cannot use it for more than a few SECONDS before the plastic line/wire breaks. The wire did not last, not even a whole minute!4) You want to fix the broken plastic wire? Good luck finding out how, based solely on the obscure drawings.I will be writing to Bosch for some instructions at some point, but no hurry as summer over and reverted back to using appropriate hand tools.I am still a fan of Bosch, my home is full of their tools…but this has to be the most frustrating tool I have ever purchased from Bosch…or any brand if it comes to that!Message to any Bosch readers: this tool is not fit for purpose. If you must retail it as is, proper instructions on disassembly of the cord unit and reassembly should be included in the packaging with the unit.

  2. kasymb

    Trimmer line totally inadequate for bracken or brushFirstly, the cutter is very easy to assemble and use..The only thing to remember is to adjust the strap to give balance to the machine in use. This will make it easier to manoeuvre and prevent tiredness, meaning you can cut for quite long periods.The big let down is the cutting wire supplied.I have just used the machine and found that the wire broke every 5-7 minutes, meaning a 4 minute rethread each time.The testers at Bosch clearly have only tested the wire on grass, not stubble, bracken or brushwood..The machine deserves a much better score.But, to be honest, if you have to rethread a third of the time, then the score reflects the reduction in productivity. No one wants to waste time.I’ll be using better wire in future…and not trusting the Bosch reputation quite so much.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Not as good as expectedNo good at trimming lawn borders

  4. Amazon Customer

    Bosch Nailed It!! (at last…..)I am a brand loyal customer when it comes to Bosch products. I have a Bosch washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, drill etc etc, and I have the Bosch Rotak 43 Ergoflex Lawnmower, which is by far the best lawnmower I have ever owned, and I’ve owned a few, electric and petrol.I have also owned a couple of Bosch grass trimmers. What the heck were they thinking? The Easytrim 23 was probably the worst excuse of a grass trimmer ever available! Fair dooze to Amazon though, they accepted it back and refunded my hard earned without question. So it was with trepidation that I ordered the new Bosch offering, the ART 35 Heavy Duty.My previous Easytrim wouldn’t have even knocked the clocks off a dandelion. This ART 35 knocks them into outer space! It kicks butt! I’ve owned petrol trimmers from various, shall I say, “top” companies, like Ry…… and McC…… and they were pants. Two stroke engines, stale petrol, dodgy chokes, need I go on, but I did like the power of the two stroke – umpteen kick – trimmers! This new Bosch provides just that – POWER!!! Plenty of it, but not enough to take chunks out of your path and throw hyper-speed chippings into your face and legs. And as a result of this the strim wire lasts much, much better. With my petrol ones I used to have 2.4mm wire and I’d easy get through a spool doing front and back gardens. I have not had a strimmer for nearly a year that actually strimmed anything, so my garden edges had been left to rack and ruin with three foot high coarse grass and weeds with two foot deep borders, so I was a bit concerned that NO grass trimmer would be able to cope too well.My fears however evaporated as soon as I pulled the triggers on my new toy! She purred like a contented lion and off we went to conquer the new world that had been created in my back garden. Humming merrily to herself, she easily consumed ALL that was put in front of her! Even Genghis Khan couldn’t have eradicated the huge colony of weeds as swiftly and with such ease! We were done in no time at all, with just a few bumps of the spool required as the 1.6mm wire was lasting an age compared to what my petrol ones used to get through. We even did between the cracks in my path rudely made up of slabs, where weeds had dared to show their mocking faces. Normally, this would be where a full face mask and riot gear would be required for safety when using my petrol ones, but not this time! She did a very clean job without trying to kill me in the process.This grass trimmer is the mutts nuts, the yappers knackers, the dogs bo***x!!! I can’t recommend it highly enough. And no, I don’t work for Bosch, and no, I don’t get out much either…..So now I have the very best lawnmower I have EVER owned, as well as the very, very best grass trimmer I have EVER owned, and lets face it, EVER likely to own! You shouldn’t be disappointed with this at all. Bosch, at last, have completely nailed how a grass trimmer should – and does – operate!Team Rock …. Belong

  5. Simon Gibson

    A Powerful and well made tool.Powerful and well made, put together in 5minutes. Have only just started using this strimmer so still fine tuning setup. Watch out for diagrams in the instruction sheet as they are for the whole of Europe and suggest a part is needed to support the mains cable, that is until you realise that the plug illustrated is a continental 2 pin and not a British 3 pin. I agree with previous reviewers that the diagrams could be better, bigger and supported by text. The amount of line in the spool is miserly and I have already experienced the frequent breaking described by other reviewers. Unlike my previous Flymo Contour 500e this strimmer is not designed to be used vertically to cut lawn edges but it is very good at knocking down tall grass and weeds.

  6. N.G Humphrey

    Does as expected. Dont know about twine usage yet.Too early to evaluate completely but does the job it was bought for.

  7. Make a fortune

    ParfaitParfait pour moi (femme) pas trop leger, ni trop lourd non plus Tres content avec mon achat. Mais il arrivent avec une prise Aglais avec adapteur, pour moi pas de problem.

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