BOLTHO Electric Mouse Sander 12000RPM 130W



  • ➡️ Power sander — The detail sander with 130W power and speed 12000 times per minute, it can be used more aggressively to take more material off a surface faster and it also can be used on harder materials more effectively
  • ➡️ Dust collection Function — The dust-proof switch keeps the switch clean and lasts a long service time. And the strong suction and higher dust absorption rate, making the grinding work clean. Buckle connection designed, easy to connect the dust collection box, which is ideal for indoor detail works
  • ➡️ Ergonomic Design — All-inclusive soft rubber handle reduces the fatigue caused by the vibration of the sander, elliptical design can perfectly fit the palm of your hand and provides greater soft grip control. The Teardrop shaped base allows an excellent accessibility in tight spaces
  • ➡️ 20Pcs of Sanding Papers — Detail Mouse Sander with 20pcs standard sandpaper can meet different purposes. And hook and loop design enable you to change the sandpaper quickly
  • ➡️ Widely Application — This orbital sander is helpful in sanding wooden flat surface, floor, slate, rough edges, the framework for a stage, internal stairs, wood filler, old Windows and as many as other items in your daily life. Local shipping, fast delivery

Technical Details

Product Description


  • BOLTHO Mouse Sander (130W) /12000 OPM motor offers strong power, It can work 12000 orbits per minute comparing with traditional manual grinding, meet your different applications of sanding.
  • This Mouse Sander Sander can be used in a special way, filter the air, to keep the work area clean. This sander provides a clean work environment and it is an ideal tool for indoor works.
  • Ergonomically designed handle and rubberised soft grip low vibration, low noise to provide maximum control and comfort. Dust sealed switch minimises contamination with conveniently located lock-on button for continuous use and increase operator comfort.



  • Furniture making: You can use an detail sander on furniture. BOLTHO mouse sanders are great for wood furniture because they won’t leave streaks in the wood. Whether you are making furniture or refurbishing it, the detail sanders can give your furniture the smooth surfaces they will need for staining or painting.
  • Cabinetry making: Cabinet making and furniture making differ in their needs and demands. This difference comes into play because cabinet making involves more built-in and interlocking components. detail sanders are perfect for smoothing out the joints on a cabinet.
  • Staircase building: detail sanders are a must-have when it comes to building staircases, where smoothness and speed are vital.
  • Toy manufacturing: detail sanders are great for making wood, plastic or metal toys. Just make sure you get the proper size of sander for the toy you are making.



  • Deciding which sandpaper will work best for your project is the first step to using your orbital sander. Different sandpapers have different levels of grit. The higher a sandpaper’s grit, the finer the grain particles and vice versa. Consider varying levels of grit for sandpaper to get the right product for your job.
  • Medium: Medium sandpaper has a grit level of 120. If you are removing paint or stain from a surface, consider using this sandpaper.
  • Coarse: Coarse sandpaper has the lowest grit at 80. Use this sandpaper on rough surfaces




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