BLACK+DECKER Electric Strimmer Grass Trimmer 900 W 35 cm with Wheel Edge Guide and Adjustable Second Handle GL9035-GB

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Power Source Corded Electric
Colour Multi
Weight 7.06 Pounds
Cutting width 35 Centimetres
Product dimensions 22L x 12W centimetres
Speed 7000 RPM

  • Designed to conquer areas you cannot reach with a lawnmower, this brilliant Black + Decker strimmer is amazingly simple to operate.
  • Featuring a wheel edge guide which is ideal for edging lawns for a neat finish and it also prevents you damaging your plants.
  • With a cutting width of 35 cm and a 900 W power rating the strimmer is exceptionally effective to make light work of gardening tasks.
  • The strimmer has an adjustable second handle which allows you to grip it securely with two hands making it more comfortable to use.
  • It also has an automatic single line feed to save time and effort so you can prevent your garden looking overgrown without hassle.
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Additional information

Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 114 cm
Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎22 x 12 x 114 cm; 3.2 Kilograms

Item model number



‎900 W




‎Grass Strimmer



Power Source

‎Corded electric

Item Package Quantity



‎7000 RPM

Plug format

‎G – 3 pin British

Included Components

‎1 x Black + Decker 900 W Strimmer

Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎3.2 kg



Date First Available

30 Jan. 2015


‎Stanley Black & Decker

7 reviews for BLACK+DECKER Electric Strimmer Grass Trimmer 900 W 35 cm with Wheel Edge Guide and Adjustable Second Handle GL9035-GB

  1. Rex

    Fantastically powerful strimmer – but beware!I bought this strimmer to replace a very basic, DIY store own-label, strimmer I had owned for a couple of years. It was OK, took a long time to do the job, but halfway through this year’s first-cut Spring grass strimming, before I was going to put the mower on the lawn, the strimmer literally burst into flames. It just couldn’t take it.So, I thought, OK, I clearly need something with a bit more horsepower, and I bought this one.Within a few seconds, I realised I was holding onto a very different device. This fellow not only strimmed grass and weeds, it hated them with a passion and wanted to annihilate them. I started swinging it like my old strimmer, which I now realise used to perform like an old lady with a pair of nail-scissors.This strimmer is the Chuck Norris of strimmers. If you angle it a few degrees too much, you end up with a large patch of bare earth that no longer contains a single molecule of grass DNA. And Chuck is happy with that result. If you strim close to a mature tree (which my old strimmer did, leaving no visible marks), Chuck wants to cut the entire tree down. It even left deep welts in concrete paving!So, beware! If you have a well-manicured, small garden and just want to trim a few straggly edges, Chuck is not for you. It is like sending in a fully-armed soldier to resolve a disagreement in the school playground.However, if you have a large area to clear, with tall grass and weeds, and you don’t mind a few chunks of bare earth when your aim dips from 20-degrees to 22-degrees, or seeing some sturdy saplings that suddenly look the worse for wear, then Chuck is the very fellow for you.You have been warned.

  2. Miss K. Orton

    Powerful and does the jobNeeded a new strimmer as I had a cheap rubbish old one that couldn’t handle the grass I had left to overgrow for months.Bought this one as it was the most powerful one of the type.I used the heavy duty strimmer wire from the get go, and not used the standard one yet as my garden really needed it!Strimmer is really powerful and got through all the grass and various nettles and weeds really easily, did go through a couple of wires on the tougher sections, but it comes with a few spares anyway.Really easy to put the strimmer together, and simple to swap the wires to new ones too.Because its so powerful it does vibrate a bit, so I could only use it for about 30 minutes before I had to set it down and let my arms recover and stop vibrating! So be aware that if you are not used to heavy tools like this that you will probably need to take some breaks in between if you have a fair amount to trim.The only complaint I would have, is not so much the strimmer itself, but amazon and their frequently bought together section. I bought some extra heavy duty wire to go with it, as suggested by amazon, which turn out not to be suitable for the model I bought, didn’t realise this until I had received it. Fortunately they can be sort of adapted to work with it, but not officially, and no idea if it will damage the wire holder, so just make sure you are getting the correct ones.

  3. AnnieH

    GreatIm only 5ft 1 and slight build…really heavy duty but not too heavy. Cleared heavy undergrowth


    Does what it says on the tin.Have not used it properly yet but assembly was easy and it is lightweight. It is definitely up for the job, good price too.

  5. Glass Bones

    I really like this BUT …This really is “The little strimmer that could”.I got the cheapest one and honestly it’s amazing, I have a metal fence through my front garden to separate the plots (courtesy of the Council 🙄) So, the wire inevitably kept hitting the metal fence and alas it didn’t break, sure it got shorter a bit but it didn’t just break off.I used it to cut all 3 of my gardens, including brambles, nettles etc.A wonderful determined little strimmer BUT… Now, I have carpal tunnel syndrome so having to hold the trigger continuously really is a struggle, not to mention I need to switch hands frequently and it isn’t the lightest piece of kit, but that’s my flaw more than this items.

  6. R. Bertz

    SAFETY ISSUES: design flawsLuckily I was wearing gloves! Recently switched from a cordless to a corded strimmer with more wattage and extra heavy duty spool to deal with our summer meadow. Unlike other B&D products, this one has no safety button/lever (normally part of a dual start method ) — just one switch which is very sensitive. Also, the power cord is permanently attached to the motor unit (although it looks separate in the manual), necessitating one to switch off at the wall even when doing minor management of the guard, cord or spool in situ. In my case, I was clearing grass out of the guard when the handle rolled a bit and hit a snag in the grass which depressed the start switch. This wouldn’t have happened if there was an additional safety catch to activate this switch, or if I’d been able to pull the power cable from the unit rather than stomp back to the garage. I’m not lazy…but I am now paranoid. Since this unit is much more powerful than my cordless strimmer, I’m surprised by this lack of safety feature.

  7. Kat

    does a good job with easeWe brought this to replace an old B&D strimmer, and my partner decided to try it out instead of using the lawn mower. It has a large cutting area (at least twice the size of our old strimmer). He used the spool and line that came with it and was very impressed how easy and quickly he cut a large grass area. It arrived in good health, was easy to assemble. 700watt motor is powerful and ample for our garden. It’s a little on the heavy side and would be nice if B&D done a shoulder strap for this beast. If your garden is over grown – buy the thick (10 pcs x 3mm) Product ID: A6487-XJ heavy duty strimmer line. Reliable: Only had a couple weeks so early day, but it do look and feel of good quality & performance so is good.

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