Black+Decker BXPW1300TD High Pressure Washer (1300 W, 100 Bar, 360 L/H)

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Power Source Corded Electric
Colour Black
Maximum pressure 100 Bars
Hose length 3 Metres

  • The ideal cold water High pressure washer for the occasional removal of superficial dirt from outdoor surfaces, gates, garden furniture and bicycles
  • Complete with 6 accessories (trigger gun, HIGH pressure hose, lance extension, rotary lance, lance with adjustable spray nozzle, foam lance bottle kit) stowed on hooks on the back of the unit after use
  • Click fast Water inlet connection device with inspect able filter that traps dirt and guarantees perfect high pressure washer operation
  • Complete with self-priming function: if it cannot be connected to a mains water supply, It can draw in water from an external tank
  • Total stop System: when the gun trigger is released, the high pressure washer shuts down, reducing wear And saving electricity
  • Pressure (bar) max. 100; rated power (kW) 1.3; flow rate (l/h) max. 360; inlet water temperature (°C) max. 50


From the manufacturer

pressure washer, power washer, portable pressure washer, car pressure washer

Black+Decker BXPW1300TD

Pressure Washer

Black and decker, jet wash, portable pressure washer


Power Washer

The new BLACK+DECKER BX range of high pressure washers is unbeatable for cleaning many outdoor household surfaces and for washing cars, bikes, tools and garden furniture. BXPW1300TD, the most compact in its category, combines excellent performance with agility and stability when in use. What’s more, its small size and convenient accessory stowage on the rear make it easy to store in even tight spaces. Comes complete with: gun with safety catch; lance and high pressure hose; rotary jet wash nozzle; adjustable jet wash nozzle; foam lance bottle kit. See below for a description of each accessory.

Product characteristics

  • Excellent cleaning capability
  • Safe and reliable
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Integral accessories holder

Black and decker, jet wash, portable pressure washer

Black and decker, jet wash, portable pressure washer

Black and decker, jet wash, portable pressure washer

Gun with safety catch

Connects to the high pressure hose with a single click thanks to the click fast Connexion device. Releasing the gun trigger activates the Total Stop System, which cuts out the washer completely, reducing wear and increasing lifetime and durability.

Extension lance

Allows the high pressure washer to be used for washing even the highest, most inaccessible surfaces, simplifying operations for the user.

Lance with adjustable spray nozzle

It allows the user to vary the strength of the water jet from cylindrical (most intensive washing) to fan (most delicate washing) as required. It is recommended for all domestic cleaning operations and for washing cars, motorbikes and garden material.

Black and decker, jet wash, portable pressure washer

Black and decker, jet wash, portable pressure washer

Black and decker, jet wash, portable pressure washer

Rotary lance

For easy, quick cleaning of the toughest, most stubborn dirt, such as mould, moss or graffiti, from outdoor domestic surfaces.

Nozzle with Foam Lance Bottle

With this nozzle fitted to the gun, the detergent in its tank (0.4 l) can be applied to the surface for cleaning. The high pressure washer is always operated at low pressure with this nozzle in use.

High Pressure Hose

3-metre high pressure hose for plenty of freedom of movement during cleaning operations. With Quick Connexion System, it simply clicks onto the trigger gun and high pressure washer.

Additional information

Weight 5.69 kg
Dimensions 28 × 40 cm
Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎22 x 28 x 40 cm; 5.69 Kilograms

Item model number



‎100 Bar





Power Source

‎Corded electric

Item Package Quantity


Hose Length

‎3 Metres

Included Components

‎Pressure washer; trigger gun; High pressure hose (3 m); Rotary lance; Lance with adjustable spray nozzle; Transparent water filter; Foam sprayer (0,5 lt); Instruction manual

Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎5.69 kg



Date First Available

18 Jun. 2019


‎Annovi Reverberi S.p.A.

8 reviews for Black+Decker BXPW1300TD High Pressure Washer (1300 W, 100 Bar, 360 L/H)

  1. David Church

    Lightweight and effectiveHandy for cleaning driveway, patio, and inside chicken-houses.Not quite as high a pressure as previous one, but seems well adequate for these jobs.I wish B&D would use standard size connections on all their hoses, instead of multiple different sizes, so tools could be used across both.There was a problem with initial assembly, as it came with the wrong size rubber sealing ring on one end of the pressure hose ! B&D charge high price for spare rings, but fortunately I had one in my toolbox, so did not have to wait on delivery of special-sized costly spares. I think QC should have noticed, and possibly included a few spare O-rings in the packaging – they are little and cheap if you don’t have to order them direct.

  2. Mossa


  3. Peter Joyce

    Gets the job done easilyManual has small pictograms instead of words, not easy to understand at first glance. Assembling handle etc is straightforward providing the screws are in the box..which they weren’t! Probably ok on new item but I bought Amazon used so beware, small self tappers may be required. Once assembled it’s a doddle to use and is nice and light to move around. All in all, pleased with it.

  4. AJW

    It’s ok, but I’d recommend looking elsewhereFirst things first… It may have the ‘Black and Decker’ name, but that doesn’t really mean anything. This and the identical Stanley pressure washers are made under a licensing agreement. Sadly, that means that you can’t be confident about the quality you’re getting. And my experience somewhat sums up what you’re likely to get – an experience that can, at best, be described as adequate.I purchased this predominantly for keeping the cars clean, but also have intentions to clean the monoblock and paving stones. Set-up wasn’t the most straightforward. The instructions have diagrams that are quite small, so it was a bit of trial and error. When I finally got it assembled, I tested it quickly on the slabs. Pressure was better than I expected at this price point, but that’s when the problems began.Firstly, the lance that is used to attach all the accessories… Whether it is a manufacturing fault or a design flaw, it is just daft. It rotates, which means that anything connected up also rotates. If you are just blasting a slab, this doesn’t matter so much, but if you want to use the included brush, it is rendered almost useless as it just spins about. Then the patio cleaner – the hinge mechanism on this is terrible. It flaps about in use, leading to a lot of circular patterns. Very difficult to use properly. The included ‘foam sprayer’ is useless, too. So don’t expect to be able to use this with your snow foam car cleaner products (I hadn’t expected it to be any good, so no points lost there).I ended up on the phone to Amazon who wanted me to run through some troubleshooting. This was a painful process, but eventually a replacement was issued. All the issues with the first, I also had with the second. It was subsequently returned for a refund.I have since purchased a Nilfisk and very happy with that choice. It wasn’t massively more expensive, but build quality is considerably better.

  5. diyAbs

    Great product. Great valueIt came in parts. Easy to assemble but instructions could be complicated for some. Great product. Works really well. Got my garden patio cleaned really well. Had it running for hours with no issues. Great value. Highy recommended

  6. Amazon Customer

    Great piece of kit!!Great pressure washer, easily assembled and simple to use. Admittedly I have only used it twice so far, once to clean patio and once to clean exterior of conservatory but both jobs were simply done with great results. Patio cleaning extension did a great job on the paving which hadn’t been cleaned for a couple of years and now looks like new despite being 15 years old. The variable wand did a superb job on the glass, brick and pvc frame of the conservatory, removing all dirt and even lingering bird “stains”. Can’t imagine what benefit would be gained from more expensive brands.

  7. JNW

    Attachments don’t fit as well as they could!Generally there’s a lot to like about the Black & Decker pressure washer; it’s relatively powerful and, compared to my previous pressure washer, the relatively light weight makes it very easy to carry around to perform various tasks outside the house. And once connected in my experience it makes a good job of things like car and patio cleaning.However, I do find you have to be very careful to make sure the attachments have clicked into place properly before use. My pressure washer is used mainly for cleaning cars and if you’re not careful either the spray nozzle or snow foam bottle will blow clean off when you pull the trigger; the first time it happened the snow foam bottle narrowly missed the car and given the pressure involved it could have easily damaged the paintwork had it actually hit the car. The net result is I always point the lance away from the car initially – to make sure everything’s connected and working properly – before pointing it at the car; however, if the connectors were better designed I don’t think I’d need to do that. All that said I’m not seeing similar complaints from anyone else so perhaps I just have a problem with my pressure washer? I don’t think it’s me as I never had issues like this with my old Halfords pressure washer!

  8. RobW

    Effective product … once it is assembled!This is a very good product and an improvement over our previous washer (made by different company). It is well designed and relatively easy to move from place to place. It runs more quietly than the previous washer, and the spray head is easily adjusted. In practice, a five star product.Very disappointing: the struggle we had putting it together because of inadequate instructions. Everything would be solved if there were a readily accessible video on the manufacturer’s website.

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