Bahco S138 Socket & Mechanical Set, Metric/AF 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ Drive, 138 Pieces

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Brand Bahco
Item dimensions L x W x H 43 x 37 x 10.5 centimetres
Size Variety Pack
Material Alloy Steel
Drive system Square

  • mm/af 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ Drive
  • 138 Pieces
  • Easy to Use
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From the manufacturer

About Bahco

Why do… Bahco products carry a fish and a hook

After Göran Fredrik Göransson had established his steel mill in 1862, the European steel industry in the eighteen seventies had a long depression with low prices for general steel and crude steel products. The prices for processed steel were much better, which created an interest in processing the steel further. In 1876 the existing steel rolling mill was changed to produce so-called milled steel. When the production of saw blades commenced in 1886 there was a need for a brand, which could communicate the blades’ special properties and quality, and the choice was – quite naturally – the fish and hook.

The Fish & Hook Story

“Give me the saw with the little fish.” Everybody understood that steel with a quality for fishing hooks was perfect for saws and other cutting tools as well. It was a great advantage, a brand logo not including letters, language or sophisticated figures making it a symbol easy to recognize. As late as the nineteen fifties, one could still hear boreal forest workers asking for a saw “with the little fish”; as is still the case today in countries with developing literacy rates. A fishing hook must be hard and strong, but absolutely not brittle. At that time producing the combination “hard but tough” was an inconsistent and thorny metallurgic task, but the “Bessemer steel” from Göransson’s steel mill delivered optimal quality.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 37.01 × 10.49 cm
Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎43 x 37.01 x 10.49 cm; 1 Kilograms

Item model number



‎Variety Pack






‎Chrome Finish,Chrome Plated,Matt,Matt Finish,Matte Finish


‎Alloy Steel

Power Source


Item Package Quantity


Number Of Pieces


Compatible fastener range

‎0.25 inches

Included Components

‎S138 Socket Set of 138 Metric & AF 1/4in 3/8in & 1/2in Drive

Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎1 kg



Date First Available

24 Feb. 2014



10 reviews for Bahco S138 Socket & Mechanical Set, Metric/AF 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ Drive, 138 Pieces

  1. des kelsey

    BrilliantQuality product brilliant

  2. Alex

    Ratchet spannerGood quality but the spanners are not ratchet

  3. Mr Crisp

    Really good qualityI was a car mechanic out of college and have had various socket sets over the last 30 years, from Snap-on, Hazet, Facom Teng etc which over the years have gone for a walk. Now I have and normally use Halfords Pro sockets which have a lifetime warranty but they’re not exactly the best sockets I have used. Their ratchets have a large dwell angle between clicks which can make limited clearance jobs a bit of a pain.Ratchet handles:This bahco set feels very solid in the hand and the ratchets do not have loads of lateral movement in the drive square which cheaper ones can suffer from. The ball catch is nice and positive and holds the attachment well.They’re a shotblasted finish rather than shiny chrome which I like.They have orange and black rubber grips which can pick up a lot of dirt and grease from your handset but a quick squirt of brake cleaner takes it off well.Sockets:There are a good selection and they are six pointers rather than the 12 or 18 point ones you sometimes see which means they are sometimes more difficult to seat over the bolt/nut but offer a much better grip and more torque transfer to the fixing, they’re also much less likely to slip off.The spark plug spanners are not thin wall ones and will not fit into the spark plug well of some engines. I had to buy a set of Laser thinwall ones for a Mitsubishi 3.5 GDi engine. Luckily Amazon sell them and they were on prime next day.The inclusion of a set of crow’s foot spanners is nice and they can come in very handy. The deep 1/4 drive sockets are a welcome addition too.Spanners:A good set of combination spanners that have a nice angle on the ring end and fit nice and positively. I like the fact the spanner set can be removed from the main case in one go. It’s a simple twist and lock to secure into the lid.Case:Nice and solid blow moulded case with nice metal spring clips to hold it closed.The handle does not come apart with half a handle on either side of the case so if you lift it up without the lid secured then all the contents of the socket half will spill out everywhere.There is a plastic foam coated divider between the two halves of the case which snaps shut into the lid to cover the extension bars and the spanners. It has a legend printed on it so you can see where everything should go. the only gripe I have is that it fits very tightly into the lid and can be difficult to open.Overall I prefer this set to my Halfords Professional ones as they feel much more solid in the hand. These really feel like a decent quality set and I’d buy these every time over a Halfords set despite their lifetime warranty.

  4. Paul W

    QualityVery impressed with this quality set which includes the vast majority of the metric AF socket tools you are likely to ever need. My only real criticism is the price which has increased significantly, I paid about 20% more than my son did who bought his a short while before me and I notice the price has now gone up a further approximately 15%, all this in less than a year. I would question whether it now represents value for money compared to what else is available? However I suspect it will last a life time if looked after?

  5. Jonathan

    Great quality, but missing a partIt is great quality and brilliant value for money, would be 5 stars except it came with no 10mm crows foot and no obvious way of complaining or getting a replacement

  6. Saad S. AlBader

    Missing Item.Nice set. Well built. However received with one of the crawfoot wrenches missing (size 10mm).

  7. Lee Tnr

    Such good quality for the price.Can’t fault this set for how much they cost. All fitments snap together tightly and have little play. Ratchets are quality and handles made of a plush material. I bought the 4 piece pliers set soon after to add to my collection but sent them straight back as they were cheap Chinese rubbish. This kit however is of a much better quality and robust.

  8. Mr. T. F. Eaton

    Grade A qualityFantastic socket set. I personally think every bloke with any desire to do anything but and bolt related should invest in this set early on. The Halfords sets are a bit cheaper but what won the decision for me was the 6 sided sockets as opposed to the twelve that Halfords offer. And these are virtually snap on (bahco are owned by snap on) but at a ridiculously cheaper price. If you’re not sure, buy it and get a feel for the tools. If you don’t like it it’s so easy to just return them and go grab the Halfords set instead. But these are serious quality

  9. Amazon Customer

    A socket for every jobA nice set to have around and I have used it a lot already, just need a muscle man to separate the sockets from the ratchet after use which can be frustrating. A tool inside the box to aid this would have been nice. So far I have found a socket for each need and the ratchets have taken some pretty strong forces applied, so very well built. So, point lost due to trying to get sockets off ratchet , and believe me, they are tight.

  10. Sophia

    Best socket set I’ve owned by milesCan you get excited about a tool set? It this case, yes! Love it.This is a really great set and well worth the money. I’ve owned various other smaller socket sets, but decided to go for a comprehensive set that all sits in one case. It has something for most circumstances when working on a mk2 Golf.Bacho are owned by Snap-On and the same case is used on Snap-On’s Blue Point Service socket set, the case really is good and holds everything well.I will put the set through its paces and amend my review if needs be, but, the quality is evident to see.

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