BACOENG Ash Vacuum Cleaner with Double Stage Filtration System 20L 1200W, BA-ASH200L



  • Powerful 1200w Motor Brings Plenty of Suction Power. Designed for cold ash pickup.
  • Dual Filtration System prevents fine dust particles from escaping into your breathing space and protect the motor from being damaged.
  • Filling level indicator tells you when to empty the canister.
  • 1.5m extended lined-metal hose and 4.5m cable allow you clean all corners easily.
  • Includes: Container lid, Metal container, Metal suction hose, Aluminum suction tube, Pleated filter, Dacron type filter bag, three wheels.

Technical Details

Product Description

BACOENG ash vacuum cleaner is designed specifically for cold-ash pickup out of fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves and BBQ grills.

Equipped with a reusable HEPA and a washable filter bag, BACOENG ash vacuum cleaner traps fine dust particles and prevents stray particles from remaining in the air and settling in your home after you complete the job. In addition, the filtration system works at high speeds to ensure the motor remains free from damage caused by ash and dust.

In addition, BACONEG pays special attention to below details:

-The motor’s over-heating prevention mechanism ensures your safety;

-The Vacuum’s design allows for convenient storage of basic product accessories.


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