AZUNO 101PCS Magnetic Screwdriver Set with Plastic Racking, Best Screwdriver Set Drive Magnetic Bit and Precision Screwdriver

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Head style Swivel
Material Plastic

  • 【One Set is All You Need】 101 pcs CRV screwdriver set with full size 6″ driver to reach deeper spot, 22pcs cover all size and shapes.Ratchet screwdiver with 60 bits and 6 nut drivers for multiple screw jobs. Together with 8 precision, 2pcs offset, 1 pcs AWL and extra magnetizer make this set the most pratical for all time.
  • 【Magnetic Tips with Magnetizer】 All screwdrivers and bits are magnetic, come along with extra magnetizer ensure strong magnet keep the screws in place.
  • 【Quality CRV 6150】 Build with heat treatment Cr-V for both hardness and resistance. Chrome finish ensure long-lasting performance, rust, and stain resistance.
  • 【Control, Comfort and Turning Power】 Ergonomic handle design with TPR is durable enough to withstand job site abuse. Precision screwdriver swivel end cap allows constant pressure while driving. Contoured handle for added control, comfort. and maximum turning power.
  • 【100% Money back guarantee】 If you are not COMPLETELY satisfied we will give you your money back.
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Quality CRV 6150

Heat Treated Cr-V with chrome finish ensure long-lasting performance, rust, and stain resistance. Extra magnetizer keep the tips with strong magnet.

Control, Comfort and Turning Power

Ergonomic handle design with TPR is durable enough to withstand job site high-intensity applications. Precision screwdriver Swivel end cap allows constant pressure while driving. Contoured handle for added control, comfort. and maximum turning power.

Extra Thick Durable Rack

Durable rack with extra thickness ensure well organized tools for all time.




22 PC Screwdrivers & 1 PC AWL


8×Slotted: 3×75, 4×100,5×75, 5×100,5×125,6×100,6×150,8×150 mm

6×Phillips: PH0×75, PH1×75, PH1×100, PH1×125, PH2×100, PH2×150 mm

4×Torx: T8×75, T10×75, T15×100, T20×100 mm

4×Square: S0×75, S1×75, S1×100, S2×100 mm

1×AWL 4×100 mm

8 PC Precision Screwdrivers

2×Slotted: 1.5×50, 2.4×50

2×Phillips: PH00×50, PH0×50

4×Torx: T6×50, T7×50, T8×50, T9×50

60 PC Bits &6 PC Nut Drivers & 1 PC Ratchet Bit Holder Driver


10×Slotted: 2×S3-2×S4-3×S5-3×S6

10×Phillips: 2×PH0-3×PH1-3×PH2-2×PH3

10×Pozidriv: 2×PZ0-3×PZ1-3×PZ2-2×PZ3

10×Torx: T7-T8-T9-T10-T15-T20-T25-T27-T30-T40

10×Hex: H2-H2.5-2×H3-2×H4-2×H5-H5.5-H6

10×Square: 2×S0-2×S1-3×S2-2×S3

6×Nut Drivers: 5,6,7,8,9,10 mm

1×Ratchet Bit Holder Driver



Additional information

Weight 2.69 kg
Dimensions 23.7 × 12.9 cm
Package Dimensions

‎27 x 23.7 x 12.9 cm; 2.69 Kilograms



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Item Weight

‎2.69 kg



Date First Available

10 Jan. 2022



10 reviews for AZUNO 101PCS Magnetic Screwdriver Set with Plastic Racking, Best Screwdriver Set Drive Magnetic Bit and Precision Screwdriver

  1. Thetrendygreyhome

    Good valueReally love this set, it is amazing value and the range of screwdrivers is fantastic. They are good quality and sturdy

  2. Mrs. C. Colbert

    Absolutely Fantastic.This is a quality screwdriver set.In this set there is a screwdriver for anything and then some.It arrived in its own nice stand.It sits neatly in my garage, so that I can go to it and find the screwdriver I need.Practical and efficient.Absolutely fantastic.

  3. Mr T-Woo ✅

    Screw driver setThese where a really nice magnetic screw driver set that has all that you can think of needing. Easy to put together and they all come on a stand to keep them altogether nice and tidy.

  4. Charles

    Okay at this price point.So 23+8 fixed drivers, and a ratchet driver, and a couple of L shaped drivers for more awkward places. and a bunch of screw driver bits.So around one pound a screw driver, which is reasonable value, then with the bits thrown in?I don’t know quite how to look at this set. It looks good once set up, and that is a little bit of process as you get to slot the screw drivers into the hole as best they fit.There are good things, for example the screw drivers are marked for top down identification, and there are less good things, which for example this ID mark is printed onto the plastic, and I wonder how it will stand to wear? It’s also not absolutely specific, eg PH for “Phillips” and not PH1/100 so more narrows down the search field.The finer screwdrivers come with a swivel top – which is makes it easier to use these as they turn in the palm.The ratchet driver is an old school design with sliding button to set the direction of the ratchet mechanism.The driver bits look to be… inexpensive. Just by the colour of the steel, I would expect these to wear quite quickly.But that is a best guess. That said it is a good selection of bits to choose from, and in practise the PZ2 and PZ3 will get the most work.So be prepared to replace those, especially if you use a power drill.One thing that I think is lacking is an extension for the ratchet driver.The main screw drivers themselves seem to be okay, again that’s a subjective estimation from new, I have yet to really test these in anger trying to extract and or drive a difficult screw, but they seem reasonable enough.I think at this price this is a useful set as it provides drivers and bits an average DIY-er may need but only occasionally.There will be individual parts of this set that (if I did not already have them) would then get more frequent use, and in the scenario I’d expect these will need replacing – given this price point, sooner rather than later.

  5. Alessi Lover

    AZUNO 101Pcs Magnetic Screwdriver Set with Plastic RackAwesome at last screwdrivers that will never go missing. Hopefully that’s the case as these seem good quality ones all in a carefully arranged plastic racking. From the smallest size to the largest one for many tasks that’s the beauty of this set no having to give up on a job as not the right sized tool to hand.Works out cheaper than buying a cheap set of a couple of screwdrivers over time it does.Only thing I did find is that a couple had fallen out during moving around in box but soon sorted out and in right place again.This is just one of those sets that most people would appreciate gift wise for those odd jobs around the house. Not a make I’ve come across but seems value for money for such good tools.

  6. I Try Before You Buy

    A couple of small flawsLike anyone who enjoys a bit diy this is a handy person’s dream rack of screw drivers.It’s awsome perfect for every round the home diy project. Infact I look for reasons to use this screwdriver set.It looks smart and can be very organised.It comes packaged in bags you need to arrange the screwdrivers in the holder yourself this comes to the first issue. There is no instructions to tell you the order of where each screwdriver should go in the stand so this took alot of moving and shifting things around to get it to look good.The shape of the screwdriver head is printed on the end of the handles.It comes with a magnitiser/demagnitiser thisbis Mt second issue there is no place on the stand to store this accessory sonics just left stood to one side or chucked in your tool box. It just feels like an afterthort.A handy set up to keep organised and have screwdriver easily to hand when a job pops up to do.

  7. Lastboyscoutuk

    Great value set. Handles could do with being slightly larger for better grip.So, I am not quite sure how I expected this set to arrive, other than in a retail box. Inside, you get the rack, with the bits in sections slotted in the front, and then the screwdrivers and other bits are grouped in plastic bags. It is a bit like the Krypton factor trying to figure out which screwdriver goes where in the racking. Some are obvious, some are not.I got these for my new house when I move in, as I am going to have a lot of DIY bits and pieces to do and to have this on hand looked ideal. Especially, as it most probably is going to have everything I am going to need. I do have some nice screwdrivers and stuff already, but what with the move and all that and stuff getting packed, I just wanted something I can put out straightway and do any jobs that needed doing.These look to be reasonably well made and do not feel as though they are going to bend with the first tight screw you try to undo but you do need to take into consideration this whole set of 101-pieces costs £33.99. A quick bit of maths and that’s 34p/each and, at the time of writing this, there is an extra 10% of that price. Ok, 60 of those are bits, but hopefully you get where I am coming from.What I am not so impressed with are the handles, which are ever so slightly soft, but I feel are too small diameter wise. I do not have large hands and the handle on the largest screwdriver just feels too thin to me. I do not feel I am able to get a really good grip on it. On the end of the handle, they do show the type of screwdriver it is, which is handy when they are stored in the rack. The ratchet screwdriver is very useful.Thankfully they are magnetic, which is a godsend, especially when it comes to the precision screwdrivers and dealing with tiny screws.It is hard to fault the value for money aspect of this set and it is ideal for someone setting up home for the first time.I hope you found this review & photos interesting, informative, and useful. Thanks for reading.NB. For a sizing guide, squares in photos are 1cm.

  8. Lily Lamb

    Good value – good for occasional useThis set is perfect for an amateur diy’er that needs access to tools, but not needing them to to be top end.This set offers pretty much any screwdriver you’ll ever need and will he perfect for small house hold jobs and projects.Given the price point, I think this set is very comprehensive and of reasonable quality. However, you are getting a lot of plastic and it does feel slightly cheap.Overall, a very good all round set – just don’t expect the very best quality and you’ll be happy.

  9. Donna

    A great addition for a DIYerWith this you should have at hand the screwdriver you need. There are various sizes and types which will come in handy for jobs around the house.I especially like the rachet screwdriver and have used that most since receiving this set.The reason for the 4 star review, rather than a 5 star is due to the container used to house these tools. Had the lower shelf been a little higher it would’ve felt far more secure, as it is the screwdrivers do sit in the holes (when you get the right one located in the right hole) but as soon as it’s knocked the screwdrivers are dislodged and start to fall against their neighbours.If you’re not as clumsy as me and have somewhere you can store this set without having to move it about then you should be OK.

  10. EvilOrc

    Plenty to choose fromThis set has more than enough drivers for your average home user. In fact there’s several drivers in the kit I can honestly say I’ve never needed to use in my 45 years on this planet but as I tell my Wife, a man can never have too many tools 🙂 The kit comes in a box with several bags of screwdrivers, you need to then place them all into the rack once you’ve unboxed everything. That sounds simple right…….. After much rearranging and trying to work out what might go where, I eventually got everything into a position I was fairly comfortable with, would be nice to have some sort of indication on the rack where things might need to go. The drivers are comfortable to hold and work exactly as expected. They are the best quality I have but then they are only £30 so I wasn’t expecting top notch. For the price and the amount of tools in the pack its great value for money. Come with a magnetizer/demagnetizer. I tried this but wasn’t quite sure how long I need to leave the drivers in to change them so didn’t get and change. Quite happy with them all being magnetic as they are anyway. The stand can be on a workbench or mounted to the wall so easy to find a place for it in the garage. Pretty good kit and I’m happy with it.

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