AYNEFY Electric Wood Planer 800W 13000-16000 RPM


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  • CUTTING DEPTH ADJUSTABLE : Equipped with cutter depth adjustment button, this electric planer allows you to adjust the cutting depth according to your own need, which makes it quick work solution of any project.
  • ALUMINUM BOTTOM PLATE : The finely processed aluminum bottom plate of this carpentry planer is designed to provide flat and smooth working result, and the revolving speed of 13000-16000RPM makes your polishing more efficient.
  • COPPER WIRE MOTOR : Adopting high temperature resistant copper wired motor, this handheld planer features low heat, large power and not easy to age, which guarantees a long service life tp save your time for repeat selection.
  • EASY OPERATION : Equipped with a contoured top handle and convenient trigger switch, this wood planer is easy to operate and use, and the self-locking switch makes operation safer and more labor-saving.
  • SIZE PARAMETER : The diameter of planer blade is approximately 8.4cm, planing depth is approximately 1mm.

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