Axminster Workshop AW150BDS Belt & Disc Sander 230V




Technical Details

Product description

This compact and neatly designed sander features a 100mm belt and a 150mm disc. It comes with a good sized worktable, which can be used with either function. The table tilts up to 45° and the mitre fence allows bevel and compound angle sanding. The belt sanding platen can be used vertically or horizontally. The machine has close fitting guarding with a 63mm extraction outlet. Connection to a suitable vacuum extractor offers almost total dust extraction. The main body is a single iron casting for strength and stability and has locating holes for securing the sander to a workbench. This sander will be a welcome addition to many small home workshops, enabling shaping, sanding and profiling to be carried out easily and safely. There is a wide selection of abrasive belts and discs available, the discs are of the hook and loop type for easy changing. Please note these machines are designed and manufactured for sanding wood and similar materials and should not be used to abrade or grind metal.


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