Axminster Craft AC1400B Bandsaw




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The Axminster Craft AC1400B bandsaw is our smallest model and is designed to be bench mounted. It features a new style welded steel chassis with a cast iron table for strength and stability as well as a solid rip fence which locks rigidly. It’s a straightforward machine, with a direct drive motor and balanced cast alloy wheels. Blade width capacities range from 6-13mm; it also has phosphor bronze blade guides and ball bearing thrust guides. These combine to effectively control the blade allowing thin slices of veneer to be cut and the top guide even has a rack and pinion height control. The top wheel is mounted in a welded steel sub frame with blade tensioning and tracking controls conveniently close. A single dust outlet port provides efficient dust removal when connected to a suitable vacuum extractor, which must be recommended for increased cutting performance. The machine is supplied with a 6mm 6tpi general purpose blade made from UK manufactured stock. A selection of different blades are available to suit many jobs. An optional mitre fence is available to fit this bandsaw (sold separately). This is a really effective little bandsaw and would be superb for the hobby or craft workshop or as an additional machine for smaller work.


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