Adjustable Spanner Wrench, Wide Opening Jaws Spanner, Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Light Weight Plumbers Spanner Nut Key Hand Tool

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Brand Wress
Material Aluminium
Item dimensions L x W x H 11.9 x 5.6 x 2.5 centimetres
Weight 190 Grams
Head style Flat

  • DURABLE QUALITY MATERIAL: This adjustable wrench is made of an aluminum alloy that is strong, durable, lightweight, and light-weight. It is tough, pliable, has excellent heat treatment, and is strong enough to handle varying pressure levels.
  • LONG & WIDE JAWS: This plumber’s spanner has long, and wide jaws, a strong clamping force, difficult sliding, smooth jaws, and does not damage tubes or screws easily.
  • ADJUSTABALE: This aluminum wrench is strong and lightweight, has jaws that are adjustable from 6 to 68 millimeters. The wide jaws and short handle of this small adjustable spanner make it an ideal choice for tightening the waste back nut of basins.
  • CONVENIENTLY DESIGN: The wrench spanners have been designed to be both ergonomic and durable, it have a square hole at the end can be hung easily. This short-handled item is comfortable to use.
  • VERSATILE USE: You can use this wrench for multiple function like tightening or loosening nuts and bolts, pipes, and tube nuts, as well as removing plumbing fixtures, washbasins, or parts of the gas industry, not suitable with heavy metals.
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Product Description

adjustable spanner wrench 6-68mm


This wrench is perfect for basic maintenance in the home, garage, and workshop because it can be used on all kinds of bolts, nuts, and pipes. Tool that every mechanic, plumber, or DIY hobbyist needs. It is excellent at grabbing, holding, and twisting, making it the perfect tool for mechanics, DIYers, metalworkers, plumbers, and construction workers.

adjustable spanner wrench 6-68mm


This adjustable wrench is made up of premium quality material, our adjustable wrench weighs only 200 grams, making it simple to carry it wherever you go. It can fit in a little bag because of how light and small it is. To store them with a hook, you can hang wrench on the wall.


adjustable spanner wrench 6-68mm

adjustable spanner wrench 6-68mm

adjustable spanner wrench 6-68mm

Minimum Opening

The jaws on this lightweight aluminium wrench can be adjusted minimum to 6mm in length. This lightweight adjustable spanner wide jaws and short handle make it the perfect tool for tightening the waste back nut on basins.

Maximum Opening

The jaws on this lightweight aluminium wrench can be adjusted maximum to 68mm in length. This lightweight adjustable spanner wide jaws and short handle make it the perfect tool for tightening the waste back nut on basins.

Anti-Slip Rotator

The roller can be easily adjusted and is quite flexible. has a smooth worm screw that makes it easier to change the jaw width without it slipping and will maintain a tight grip even under heavy loads.

adjustable spanner wrench 6-68mm

adjustable spanner wrench 6-68mm


It can be used as both a pipe wrench and an opening adjustable wrench thanks to its easy changeable jaw. It works well for gripping, holding, and twisting and is perfect for DIYers, plumbers, metalworkers, construction workers, and mechanics.


Brand Wress
Jaw Opening Capacity 6 to 68mm
Material Aluminum Alloy
Dimensions 11.9 x 5.6 x 2.5 centimeters
Weight 200 g

Additional information

Weight 190 kg
Dimensions 5.59 × 2.54 cm
Product Dimensions

‎11.94 x 5.59 x 2.54 cm; 190 Grams





Head Style


Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎190 g



Date First Available

23 Dec. 2021



10 reviews for Adjustable Spanner Wrench, Wide Opening Jaws Spanner, Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Light Weight Plumbers Spanner Nut Key Hand Tool

  1. J J

    Not badI use plastic drainage spanning

  2. Mochtare

    At last something that looks to be designed by someone who’s actually done the work themselvesI love the design of this spanner as it seems to be designed by someone who as actually done the work themselves and have realised how awkward it is to get a full length spanner under a sink. They have reduced the length of the handle, which helps you get the spanner into the right area a lot easier. Secondly they have also angled the head which helps get the spanner on the nut a bit easier. The head itself is nice and large with the adjustment that goes out wide enough to use this under a sink, or wherever you choose really.The only thing I’m not sure about is the material it’s made of as it isn’t your regular stainless steel or other hard metals they make them from. This is made from an aluminium alloy which is why it is so light. Aluminium on it’s own is way to soft for this kind of work so an an aluminium alloy like this is a material which has other metals added to the aluminium to make it a lot stronger and then forge it into the shape we have here. The claim it is a heavy duty tool and at the same time they say it’s light weight. Well I can definitely vouch for it that is nice and light and a lot lighter than any I have used before of this size. Maybe because it’s so light that it doesn’t feel as if it will be up to the job and feels as it will break after a little while, but I will reserve judgment on that until I’ve used it a good few times. As it’s also at a really bargain price of just over £5 I have given this 4 stars for now. I will update the review accordingly in due coarse and either put it up a star if it really is up to the heavy tasks, or put it down a star if not.If you are only going to be doing DIY task with this around the house and won’t use it that much anyway then I would say definitely buy it as at this price you can’t go far wrong. Plus for a DIY’er the light weight is a great advantage over other similar tools.

  3. Haley

    Not badThese are, in no way the most sturdy or accurate adjustable spanners, but they did the job for me. I used them for tightening up radiator end caps, which they did without any damage to the coating. So no complaints from me at that price.

  4. Emily

    Just okIt was hard to use unfortunately there was no grip on on the arms of it and kept slipping of

  5. Amazon Customer

    GoodGood value for the money


    Stronger than it looksBought this to fit a new plug and waste system and didn’t have a wrench with anywhere near big enough jaws and short handled for work in tight space.This is not the strongest wrench available but it did the job and no leaks.

  7. Geoffrey Hold

    good quality great itemgood quality great item

  8. Smileb

    Nifty little gadgetDid exactly what it needed to. Appears to be sturdy enough to carry out the intended tasks. Helpful with the short handle but large adjustment of grasp.

  9. Shukar bibi

    Well worth the moneyMy previous wrench broke after a few years of usage so decided to give this one a chance. I was skeptical at first due to some of the reviews but since getting it and putting it through various gruelling tasks, I am surprised at how sturdy this is. This is definitely made for heavy usage with longevity in mind. Apart from the usage, the packaging, presentation speaks of high quality.

  10. Junaid Ali

    Does the job!I am not really a DIY person but had to get this wrench for a few DIY projects. I am surprised by the versatility, toughness and overall useful of this wrench. Due to the large adjustment levels, it is now my go-to wrench for most DIY things.

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