6 inch Wire Cutters Heavy Duty,Diagonal Cutting Pliers with Spring-Loaded Mechanism Dikes,Chrome Vanadium Steel Forged Side

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Brand HQGC
Material Chrome Vanadium Steel
Item dimensions L x W x H 15.2 x 5.1 x 1.8 centimetres
Colour Yellow, Black
Handle material Steel,Vanadium
Usage Professional

  • 6 inch Diagonal Pliers Wire Cutters,CR-V Chromium Vanadium Steel Forged
  • Spring loaded design makes this diagonal cutting pliers easier to use and relieve fatigue.
  • Side cutters with crimping design
  • Machined jaws for maximum gripping strength
  • Professional grips provide extra comfort and reduces hand fatigue
  • Rust-proof Coated
  • Ideal for electricians and homes
  • Lifetime Warranty – For any defects, please contact the seller first, and we will help you with our lifetime warranty
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6 inch Diagonal Pliers Wire Cutters,CR-V Chromium Vanadium Steel Forged

Additional information

Weight 230 kg
Dimensions 5.08 × 1.78 cm
Product Dimensions

‎15.24 x 5.08 x 1.78 cm; 230 Grams


‎6" Diagonal Cutting Pliers






‎Chrome Vanadium Steel

Handle material




Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎230 g



Date First Available

19 May 2022



10 reviews for 6 inch Wire Cutters Heavy Duty,Diagonal Cutting Pliers with Spring-Loaded Mechanism Dikes,Chrome Vanadium Steel Forged Side

  1. P M Buchan

    Great quality – will last a long time!After years of using a very cheap set of pliers from a starter toolkit, I was looking for something more professional that could be used more widely around the house. These 4-in-1 Lineman Pliers really do the trick. They’re solid, comfortable to hold, well-constructed and I think are going to prove very durable.The amount of times I want a decent set of pliers around the house is countless. These I can use for helping to loosed or remove stubborn nails or threaded-screws. They work well for stripping wires and for cutting wire, including helping to cut the wire on chicken mesh etc for bits of fencing in the garden.Overall, I feel like the additional cost for something good-quality is definitely worth it and a big step up from using flimsy pliers that came as part of bigger tool sets.

  2. Dave B

    RecommendedThe media could not be loaded.

     4-in-1 Lineman Plier,Pro Lineman Tools -9” Combination Pliers with Wire Stripper+Crimper+Cutter+Pliers+ Winding Function,Industrial Grade Linesman Plirs-Chrome Vanadium Steel Forged*The Good*Very well made5 tools in one if you include using them as a hammerProfessional quality*The not so good*Nothing of noteThese ‘Lineman’ Pliers are brilliant. The tools themselves were used in the mid 1800’s on for Linesmen to work on overhead telegraph lines, and later with electrical power lines. You can imagine a linesman on their horse travelling around and using this one tool to effect repairs, install new cables and so on, doing it all with one tool.Anyway, enough of the history, the tool is insulated and can cut, bend, abrade, crimp and even strip wires. The design means great force can be placed onto a rusted nut or spline to enable it to be twisted and turned. These are perfect for fencing and doing things in the garden and handy in the garage as well.The items specs mention what you can do with it, and I know the pair I have will now last me for life.5 stars, recommended

  3. Steve Finnerty

    Versatile pliersThese pliers are supplied in a in easy to open display packaging with the features detailed on the the card but no other instructions. This is a review of the linesman’s pliers as there are other options on the listing. They are multifunction pliers are made of steel with an insulated plastic handle although there is no VDE rating for working on live electrics.The handles are not sprung but are comfortable to hold shaped in moulded plastic. The pliers are shaped for multiple functions of holding, cutting and stripping without changing tools which is useful but do not quite come together when closed at the end although this should not be an issue 99% of the time. They have stubby jaws which combine holding and cutting functions with as cable stripping function at the back of the pliers.They are sharp where needed and feel solid and well made although without the ultimate precision that you often get with premium tools. It is useful to have the different functions combined on a single tool even if dedicated tools may perform better. These are a little expensive at nearly £27 compared with alternatives and it is a bit early to say if the durability justifies this but they are a useful addition to my toolbox.

  4. str00dle

    amazing set of pliers but that is reflected in the priceThese are amazing and now my new favourite set of pliers.They are so well made with a really good opening and closing action that’s not too loose or too stiff and this is essential when you are using the pliers for other things like wire stripping in the middle section it has for that and it works really well.I love the longer than usual handles and this makes it even easier to get a good grip and purchase on tight bolts etc that you might be undoing or doing up and the cutter gives an easy crips clean cut through all the wires I have tried it on, they were mostly small electrical gauge and household wires.You also have a crimping part in the middle above the strippers and this worked as well as my normal crimping tool so I am please its one less I have to carry around with me.Overall, so many tools in one and they all work very well. The feel solidly made and will last a long time but for the £26.98 they currently cost I would hope so as they aren’t cheap for a pair of pliers but if you consider them as a 4 in 1 tool, they aren’t that bad value wise.

  5. Avid Analytics

    Very good 4-in-1 plier4-in-1 Lineman Plier,Pro Lineman ToolI was fairly impressed with this tool. The quality is actually better than my previous one i bought last year.They were comfortable to hold and use. The Teeth on these are sharp so if you need to cut through wire these from my experience made light work of what i put through them.The wire gauge was a little vague and maybe hard to read however, performed very well.The price is on the higher end of the spectrum and the packaging was in a different language so if your new to using this tool so it may be hard to read the instruction if needed.Overall the quality was rather good i liked the feel of these only criticism i could find is price.

  6. Skatanic

    Good multi functional wire pliersThis 4 in 1 multi function wire pliers from HQGC are designed to be your ‘go to’ wire tool, being able to strip wires, as well as cut, crimp and pinch them within the same tool.They are well made; feeling both weighty and durable in the hand. The head of the pliers are suitably thick, so will not be a weak point and the good finish is shown throughout.The non slip grip handle does provide a decent and comfortable grip, though the material can feel a bit sticky while being used consistently during a high pressure (ie. sweaty handed!) project. It’s a slight inconvenience though and doesn’t slip while being used so the accuracy is a worthy trade off for me.

  7. Mike Nelson

    Work Well But Cable Stripping Jaws Only Marked In AWG Sizes (No Metric)They seem to be a pretty good pair of combination pliers and the only small negative is the cable stripping part only has the sizes marked in AWG rather than Metric mm sizes.The jaw alignment is pretty good and they are comfortable to hold.

  8. Tups

    Really nice pliers, excellent quality.You get what you pay for with these pliers as they are not cheap but are excellent quality. You can use them for general cutting, crimping or stripping of wires. Ideal all in one tool which saves time. They are quite long too and are comfortable to hold. My go to new tool in my toolbox. Expensive but worth it and therefore recommended.

  9. josh

    Great quailtyVery obviously Chinese made but quailty is on par with German made. Really solid pair of linemans, feels substantial and has multiple uses. Wire is in AWG rather than mm but its clearly stated in the description so can’t take anything away from it.Grips feel good in the hand, wire cutters are good and pliers are spot on. Can’t fault them, as always you get what you pay for

  10. MDLV

    A big solid pair of strong big nose pliersCant argue with the value here. The multi-tool element is interesting but the tool is of itself worth the money.

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