52cc Petrol Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool – Brush Cutter, Grass Trimmer, Chainsaw, Hedge Trimmer & More

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Brand ParkerBrand
Power Source Gas Powered
Colour Silver, Black, Orange
Weight 16 Kilograms
Cutting width 43 Centimetres
Product dimensions 107L x 28W centimetres
Speed 7500 RPM

  • Strong & Reliable 52cc Two Stroke Engine
  • 2.2kW @ 7500RPM
  • TUV, CE Approved
  • Includes Chainsaw. Grass Trimmer, Brush Cutter. Hedge Cutter & Extension Pole
  • Tool Kit, Harness & Fuel Mixing Bottle Included


Our durable and proven 52cc engine is put to its most celebrated use here with a multi-tool that is an invaluable addition to any gardener’s armoury.  Compact and easy to assemble and ideal to store it will become a mainstay from the off. The compact, modular and lightweight design guarantees the user comfort when in use and allows a very broad range of tasks to accomplished with one tool. Our thoughful split shaft design means that changing tools is swiftly done with the minimum of fuss

As part of a suite of machines that utilise our 52cc engine, it is tried and tested in the field and is a ParkerBrand favourite with an established reputation. These machines are easy to start, straightforward in assembly and simple to maintain.  The modular system is made up of:

  • A super sturdy three toothed blade for thicker grasses and undergrowth
  • A bump-feed spool for grass trimming and edging utilising a tough2.4mm cord
  • An extension shaft measuring 80cm
  • A 10-inch chainsaw attachment – perfect for pruning tasks.  When combined with the extension shaft has a max reach of 3.1m (10 feet) giving you ample scope and reach.
  • A Hedge trimmer attachment featuring 17″ (43cm) blades. Fully adjustable to suit the angle and height of your hedge, these trimmers are effective and simple to use. Can be combined with the extension shaft for a max reach of 3.1m (10 feet). 

When combined with our air-cooled 2.2kw 52cc engine you’ll find the flexibility and power of our machine very appealing.  It stores wonderfully too and saves you having separate machines for all those tasks filling up your shed, garage or workshop. You’ll be ready for anything.

You’ll also receive for free with your machine:

  • 10” chainsaw chain and bar cover
  • A basic toolkit for maintenance
  • A fuel mix bottle for accurate fuelling
  • A body harness

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28 cm
Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎107 x 28 x 28 cm; 16 Kilograms

Manufacturer reference



‎Silver, Black, Orange

Power Source

‎Gas Powered


‎2.3 KW


‎3.4 hp

Item Package Quantity


Blade length

‎20 Inches


‎7500 RPM



Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎16 kg



Delivery information:
Date First Available

23 Mar. 2014



10 reviews for 52cc Petrol Multi Function 5 in 1 Garden Tool – Brush Cutter, Grass Trimmer, Chainsaw, Hedge Trimmer & More

  1. Dale A. Mcewan

    Watch the guid on how to start!!I couldn’t start the engine. I’d read some reviews and thought it was the unit. I watched a YouTube clip on how to start it and was convinced there was a fault because it wouldn’t start.I emailed customer service at night out of office hours and had a reply first thing asking me what the problem was.I decided I should actually check Parker And Brands website, there I found a video talking me through the fault. It was user error. I’d flooded the engine.Within 2 minutes I got the motor running.I emailed customer service and apologised.So in terms there customer care, it was good.The unit itself feels really sturdy. The blades and quality all seems good, especially given the price.It comes with gloves and eye protectors. Also 40:1 ratio of petrol two stroke means nothing to me. You get a handy bottle saying clearly ‘fill here petrol’ ‘top up to this line with two stroke’.So far I’m impressed!

  2. Gary Jones

    Buyer beware!Extremely disappointed with CUSTOMER SERVICE RESPONE! having bought this item In March 2022 the pull recoil starter has snapped after less than 20 uses! As the Multitool has had truly little use! I Contacted customer service only to be told the pull recoil is only covered for 30 days, and that they consider it to be wear and tear! They also sent the web site link to purchase a new one at the cost of £28 – Scandalous! Buyer Beware!

  3. Wayne Gladwin

    52cc multi toolBump head not the greatest, but for the price good item.

  4. David King

    Good piece of kit.Ordered this in 2019 and have a large garden that requires constant care, so this has seen extensive use over the last three years. Easy to assemble, use and maintain. If you need spares, the website is helpful and the telephone service is second to none. The 52cc engine popped and spluttered to a stop last week, so I gave them a call and I’ve now ordered a replacement engine which was dispatched a couple of hours after I ordered it. Well worth the money, it has served me well and as I’ve said, spares and customer service with Parkerbrand is top notch. I recommend very highly.

  5. gelandenwagen

    Nearly perfectIt came two weeks ago and I took time to get the chain oil and grease gun etc. Very quick delivery and strong packaging. I actually read the instruction book, well worth it, more on that later.So far I’ve used the hedge trimmer and chain saw both with and without the extension piece. I haven’t used the harness as so far I don’t understand it or how to put it on. I’m big and it’s not too heavy for me (I’m using it instead of gym membership) but a smaller person may well need it particularly for prolonged use. I do a bit, clear up, do a bit more, keeping the area clear.So far I’m almost over-impressed if there is such a state; for the money it’s exceptional in what it can do, so much so I urge buyers to read the well written manual as this is a substantial and powerful piece of equipment that requires great care in it’s use which the manual explains. Careless use could result in user, machine and collateral damage. A very well written manual.Safety equipment is supplied in the package; thank you.The only hiccup is the loss of a securing knob for the extension piece. Vibration is a factor and I suggest particular attention is paid to tightening them really well as one shook off and is lost.I’m going to gently put a heat gun on the protective caps to try to tighten them as they are a little loose and I want to keep grit or dust out of the mechanisms.Manual: Never having equipment like this before with grease nipples a short paragraph on how to judge how much grease to put in would be helpful.Skim readers like me could miss the ‘choke open section for two pulls on the start cord then return to choke closed to actually start the machine anticipating it would start choke open then be closed after warming. That penny having dropped it starts usually first time if I’m holding it securely.I usually write two or three word reviews, this machine is worthy of more and gets it. If you’re considering purchasing it you will not be disappointed, I certainly am not. If it lasts a couple of years of light use I’ll try to find a way of giving it six stars.Very pleased.

  6. C. Sisson

    Great when it’s workingThis is to add to the sellers message I have just sent as they requested photos and the system only let’s me put them under a review. This will be edited when the issue is resolved.As you can see from the photos the pruning saw has hardly been used, our 1st issue was that the drive rods snapped, I was advised you where aware of a bad batch of rods and you swiftly replaced those for me. Since fitting the new rods the pruning saw was used for about 4-5 cuts of an apple tree branch roughly the thickness of my wrist, it then began to make a high pitched squealing noise and the chain was no longer rotating. As you can see the pruning saw has adequate chain oil in the reservoir and before each use I have pumped the mechanism full of lubricating grease, a top tip I read on the feedback about these types of machines, ensure well oiled and greased topping up grease after every use or after running it for 30+ minutes. Have not run it for more than 30 minutes because it has broken down well before that amount of running time on both occasions I have attempted to use the pruning saw attachment. So far the hedge cutter and brush cutter attachments have both performed well without issue.I went with your product over cheaper imports because of the positive feedback and a desire to invest in a machine that if looked after well, like my other petrol machines used on my allotment, would be a worthy investment in a tool with many years worth of use in it, sadly the experience so far has me doubting those feedback results and wondering how many users have actually used the pruning saw attachment and not just used it as a hedge trimmer / strimmer.

  7. Danny

    Excellent performance and value for moneyI have bought a house with a large established garden requiring all the all the tools that this machine is supplied with in order to maintain it.For £146, I was sceptical because if the tools I need were bought separately, it would have been around £500. My scepticism was soon put to bed though. Opening the box and faced with all the different parts, it could be slightly intimidating to some but it’s much simpler than it looks.I had a McCulloch strimmer which was an absolute bitch to start and once started was all or nothing and would not idle.This machine is the polar opposite. It started on the 3rd pull and has never missed a beat when idling. From warm, it’s started 1st pull every time.So far I have used the chainsaw and hedge trimmer attachments with both working fantastically. The chainsaw took some serious revs to get going but after 2 minutes of being run in, it made light work of most jobs including a 10” tree stump and worked like a dream from then on.The hedge trimmer doesn’t mess around either. Good sharp blades made a 50’ x 8’ hedge a 10 minute job. Clearing up took 3 times longer though!.I haven’t used the strimmer or brush cutter yet but going by the performance of the other two, I don’t anticipate any issues.There are a couple of small issues I’d like the manufacturer to address.When the chainsaw is on, the orientation of the machine has to be bias to one side when cutting horizontally otherwise it starves of fuel. No big deal though. The other being the handle. I’d like this on a quick release to alter the angle of the handle rather than messing about with four Allen screws each time which are tricky to access without hindrance of the handle itself.Overall, this is a fantastic piece of kit for the money. I wish I’d taken the plunge sooner and saved myself time, money and effort.I’d recommend this machine to anyone.

  8. Sean A. Mcmanus

    Good product easy to use, excellent customer serviceThe product arrived earlier than expected, although when unboxing I found the air filter cover was broken, I managed to fix this to allow an immediate start on a three day hedge trimming and tree pruning job. This machine is a real beast, and all the functions do a good job. However, with the hedge trimmer and chainsaw on independent extended poles this means that the heads are not easy to use for close up work or confined spaces. I used a multi purpose ladder platform to get access to the top of the hedges , which is idea combined with the reach and angle on the hedge trimmer. I only used the extra extension pole twice, this is one big piece of kit to use and should be used as a last resort as it it is very hard work. The instruction manual was easy to follow, having read other reviews, I have had no problems starting the engine , in fact it is probably the easiest I have ever had to start. Just follow the instruction for cold start, once warm the engine started with a single pull every time. A few minor deign issues arose after three days heavy use,I found the strimmer has a lot of vibration, so continuous use for long periods I think would be uncomfortable. The stop button on the top of the trigger handle is to easy to push forward accidentally and cut the engine when in use, which is a bit frustrating when hedge trimming. When starting the engine it is easy to knock the choke to the closed (up) position when removing your hand from the starting handle, this causes the engine to die. Both these are minor issues as the engine starts so well. I have spoken to Parker customer service about the damaged air filter cover, their response was excellent and are sending a replacement cover. Overall I am very impressed with the product and it is excellent value for money.

  9. Olaf

    Good value but tricky to put togetherGood value for money and works really well as brush cutter and hedge trimmer, have not tried chain saw or strimmer yet. Motor is powerful but heavy although once clipped onto harness is quite manageable. Biggest issue is changing the sections as lining up the splined drive shafts is quite tricky. Happy with the purchase as it does what I want it for, can’t wait to get some chain lube to try out the chainsaw attachment. Best to order chain lube and 2 stroke oil when buying so you can get straight to work.

  10. Ramiz Raza

    Hedge Trimmer is not goodEverything works fine. The Hedge trimmer is absolutely ridiculous. I wanted something all in one. But sadly The Hedge trimmer doesnt work well and it doesnt even cut normal hedges. The blades are not sharp enough it seems and feel like just it was thrown in the box just as an extra and not as a useful tool. If it makes sense.

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