52cc Petrol Brush Cutter, Grass Line Trimmer

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Brand ParkerBrand
Power Source Petrol
Colour Silver, Multicolor, Black
Weight 10.7 Kilograms
Product dimensions 107L x 28W centimetres
Speed 7500 RPM

  • Strong & Reliable 52cc Two Stroke Petrol Engine
  • 2.2kW @ 7500RPM
  • Compact Split Shaft Design
  • Brush Cutter + 1 x Grass Trimming Spool Attachment
  • Includes Tool Kit, Harness & Fuel Mixing Bottle



Additional information

Weight 10.7 kg
Dimensions 28 × 28 cm
Part Number


Product Dimensions

‎107 x 28 x 28 cm; 10.7 Kilograms

Item model number



‎Silver, Multicolor, Black

Power Source



‎2200 watts

Item Package Quantity



‎7500 RPM

Batteries included?


Batteries Required?


Item Weight

‎10.7 kg



Delivery information:
Date First Available

15 July 2014



10 reviews for 52cc Petrol Brush Cutter, Grass Line Trimmer

  1. Harry Smith

    Good power but terrible fuel lines.Very easy to put together just bolt together, put fuel in and go. it has more power than you would ever need. but if you buy this you will NEED better quality string and much better fuel lines went to start mine after a couple of weeks and all the fuel line is in a crumbled mess at the bottom of the tank. but i think with that issue fixed it will challenge strimmers that cost over £700.

  2. Amazon Customer

    2 month reviewAfter reading loads of reviews, I was unsure what to expect. However, it’s a great strimmer. I live in the middle of nowhere and electric strimmer’s are a pain. Not only do I have a large garden but the surrounding area is left to do it’s own thing, I’d had enough at looking at long weeds and brambles so I thought I’d give it a go.Assembly was easy.People seem to struggle starting it and there is a little knack to it but if you following the manual it works fine. I find it floods really easily but if you’re aware of this you don’t make that mistake. Set the trigger lock on, prime it, 5 pulls with the choke on (from cold) no more, turn the choke off and give it a few more pulls. Never had an issue after the very first time when I flooded it.The brush cutter works. I cleared a lot of large brambles and weeds from the area surrounding my garden.The strimmer head is easy to change and after I’d cleared the big stuff away, I’ve only used the strimmer head.It is a thirsty machine, but I’ve found if I only half pull the trigger there’s plenty of power to cut grass and it saves a load of fuel. Yes you can adjust the running speed but I have it set so the idol runs correctly.The harness is actually really handy. I didn’t think I’d use it much but it makes handing it a breeze. A lot less back pain than bending over with an electric strimmer.I’ve had this now for 2 month and I use it weekly for around an hour continuously, I have a large area to clear. I’ve had no issues with it so far. Some people have commented it’s unsuitable for professional gardeners, I can’t comment on that, but for a regular people it does fine.Value for money, I’m tight and wanted a decent strimmer for a low price. Cheapest strimmer I could find for the engine size.My only regret is that I wished I’d have bought one sooner.

  3. Matt

    Brought for domestic useFairly easy to assemble, quite heavy but comes with support harness and works great

  4. Supertrooper

    Works okFirst one leak oil badly. But they changed it completely without fuss. Works ok, but its quite heavy so you have quite a workout once finished! But with the metal blade will deffinately cut through thick brush and undegrowth that a mere strimmer wouldn’t touch.


    Fuel mixI have owned this strimmer for a year now and used it numerous times with no issue and generally pleased with it. But reading reviews I note that there are differing opinions regards to fuel mix.One reviewer states that costumer services told them that it should be a 25 mix and another states that customer services says its a 40 mix. This is not good news for users, as the wrong mix will eventually cause serious problems to machine. CUSTOMER SERVICES — Get this sorted and remove the guesswork and ensure that labels and manuals give the same information

  6. Charlie


  7. John

    Good engine, cheap plastics.I have used this brush cutter for one day so far with both the blade and then the spool. I had been considering a Stihl but this one was a third of the price so took a gamble on it. I was expecting a few niggly faults considering the price and they have already materialised after the first day. But overall they are minor issues and the machine does seem to perform well in general, the engine started easily the first time and runs well with plenty of power. The issues I’ve encountered include the rubber hand grips which started to rotate on the handlebars within the first hour. A more major issue was the first time I opened the spool to refill it with line one of the clips that hold it closed snapped off, and I wasn’t using any degree of force in opening it. So now I have to get a new spool. But for the price I’m still fairly satisfied so far, unless more faults appear next time I use it.Update: Parker agreed to send out a replacement spool. I have used the brushcutter on a couple of more days and overall still quite satisfied with it. I have been mostly using it with an Oregon mulching bar and they make a great combination as the bar requires a powerful engine to be effective. Paired together an area of thick brambles, docks and bracken is reduced to.. well literally mulch. But don’t leave the fuel can too far from you, the engine consumes fuel very fast when used in this way. But the fast clearance of large areas is worth the high consumption.I have used the spool for much less time. The first time I refilled it, with around 4m of line, it only lasted 20 minutes. Too early to say if this an issue with the brand of line I bought or with the spool itself.

  8. Adam Bell

    Does the job, impressed for the money.Writing this after assembly and first use. I’d wondered about getting something with a known name on it, but after reading reviews of some branded machines, and comparing prices, there seemed no point in paying the extra and went for this one.Assembly was straightforward (I did read the instructions) and the instructions were clear enough, though they missed out the step of joining up the power shaft. (Pretty obvious, slide it in until the locking peg pops in and do up the bolt on the collar.)The fuel mixing bottle is handy though I think it’s better to measure the oil in something smaller then pour it in. I used a 50mm lab tube.Harness n’all was easy enough to adjust, the quick release loop and peg system works well.Fueled up and ready to go. the priming bulb took a bit of finding, it’s right under the carburetor etc. A few squishes of the bulb and a few pulls of the cord and the engine started.It is quite noisy, you’ll want ear defenders and you’ll want face protection. The face guard Amazon offer as a linked purchase feels dead cheap. It does the job but I’ll consider getting something better, maybe with integrated ear protectionGot to work and I was pleased and impressed. I was a bit doubtful about an engine as big as this, but weight was not a problem and the unit is well balanced. You’d think the “cowhorn” handlebars are too wide, but they actually work very well.Fuel consumption seems quite high, I used most of a 500ml “fill up” in about 40 minutes work, but I don’t have anything to compare with.Vibration levels aren’t a problem, the left handle vibrates a bit at full throttle.Extending more cutting cord by revving the unit and bumping the head on the ground worked most of the time. Putting the machine down and extending more by hand wouldn’t be a problem sometimes.Job done, it’s a big machine! You need quite a bit of storage space. Worth thinking about hanging it up, or suchlike.As I said, This is after one use. I’ll see how it goes. Maybe it’ll get five stars after a season’s use!

  9. Steve H

    Great strimmer, not perfect a little vibration but great for the money for reasonable jobs.After reading some other reviews, it appears generally good, but with quality issues and vibration.However I needed to clear a lane behind my house to be able to get the caravan in and out without causing and damage from things which are a little more coarse than grass, like stalks etc.I had a quick go a few days ago to get the hang of the harness, takes a little figuring out, the flat plastic ‘plate’ is to keep the machine from rubbing against you it would seem.So this morning I went for it, ear plugs in and hat and glasses on plus overalls. You will need to cover up, its not like a little garden strimmer doing the lawn edge, you will be splattered with little green bits, everywhere.I used the strimmer attachment and went for it, best plan of action is to pin the throttle open and slowly sweep back and forth, one way cuts better as it clears itself due to the direction of rotation, but its a very capable machine and a decent size engine which only labours slightly cutting through thick lush grass.Nettles 2 foot high were no problem.You have to remember to tap the strimmer on the ground every now and then until you hear the ends being cut on the guard.I did get some vibration and my arm had a little pins and needles in when I finished, if you were going to use a machine like this for any length of time, I think you would need a balanced one. For most reasonable tasks i think for the money, its pretty good, when i finished, I washed it down and gave it a spray with WD40 as I have seen reviews where its starting to look like corrosion is taking hold, I will also take the advise and grease the shaft and gearbox regularly, given that, for the 150 yard stretch of lane I need to keep clear I think it should do me for a few years ok.

  10. Will K

    Excellent piece of equipment, make sure you have the harness too.This is the 2nd (same brand) 2 stroke trimmer iv bought in just under 10 yrs, awesome brand, awesome machine, cut through the long grass and thorny shrubs with no problems at all. Held at the right angle, it even trimmed the grass edges nicely. Easy set up, descently light weight, the harness does help a great deal, worth every penny. The shaft can be split into 2 for easier storage, very easy and simple to dismantle and reassemble. Still Love it. Only down side is – missing a washer B (but still useable without it)

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