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Combi Drills

Welcome to our full range of combi drills!

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  1. Excellent post. I’ve found a painful mix of bricks, tiles, tarmac, and soil under the garage after having it removed. I thought no problem, I’ll gradually dig it all out and separate it with my spade. Way too frustrating with every piece of rubble you hit, purchased the roughneck mattock and wow what an instant difference it has made.

    1. Hi Andy, it can be awful using a spade especially with the shooting pain through your hand when you hit rock – The mattock is definitely my weapon of choice for digging rubble filled earth!

  2. I have just had Sika fast fix put in a section of my Indian sandstone patio and i agree witb Paul that there is staining round the edge of the tiles even though it was put in with the utmost care . Do you need to wash the tiles as you go ?

    1. Hi Gill, I can honestly say I’ve never had this problem. We often come back the next day with a stiff broom to get the left over residue of jointing compound off the top of the paving slabs as it can be easier to remove when dry.

      How did your paving look once you gave it a good sweep/clean? Has the staining gone now that it has had a few weeks to weather in? If you still have staining then could you attach a picture?

      Thank you!

  3. The turf in my back garden has been laid on top of an old car park. How difficult will this to be too dig holes for decking to be installed ?

    1. Hi Alistair and thank you for your comment – I have actually came across this a few times. I’ll be honest – It can be a pain! The only way to do it is by using a breaker and removing the broken concrete the further you go down. Will you be doing the work yourself?

  4. Thanks for the review. I’ve got an old shed foundation to dig out, its about 6×4, 10 inches deep and about 5 inches wide. It’s a hollow rectangle if that makes sense, not a flat bed foundation. Do you reckon it would go through that?

    1. Hi Gareth, yes the Mac Allister should go through this with ease – You will likely find that it may look 10 inches from the outside but often thins out towards the centre!

  5. Can’t believe the customer wanted buff on that dark paving
    Charcoal would be better

    1. Although it’s not my cup of tea either we’ve been asked a few times now to use the buff coloured grouting compound for the Kota Black limestone – To be fair my business partner loves it so it must just be down to personal taste!

  6. Hi, do you know if you can top up any joints that seem a bit low (or have been washed away due to rain after laying?) or once it’s set can you not put new stuff on top?

    1. Hi Emma and a great question! As the grouting compound uses a resin I believe that yes you can simply sweep some more grouting on top of your paving to top it up. At least we’ve always done this when needed with no problems as of yet!

      In an absolute worst case scenario you would need to scrape a small section of paving jointing compound out to then top it up again but as I say, we’ve always got away with just topping it up!

  7. Hi,

    We’ve have some charcoal grey slabs put down and the deep grey sika grouting compound used about a week later. The guys used a hosepipe to soak the slabs beforehand and the compound went down ok. Another week later there appears to be a grey film over some parts of the slabs which a hard brushing and even scrubbing with some washing up liquid, fails to remove.

    Any thoughts on how to get rid of this?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Robert, may I ask how long ago the grouting compound was put down? We often struggle to remove any excess residue within the first few days but brushes off fairly easily after this time frame.

  8. Hi,
    We’ve had some charcoal coloured concrete paving slabs laid. A week later the guys returned to use the Sika grouting compound. They soaked the slabs first and the compound went down well.
    We now notice that some of the slabs appear to have a grey film on them especially around the edges but some more so across other parts. We’ve dry brushed them several times and even scrubbed the larger affected areas with warm water and washing up liquid, but the “grey film” remains.
    Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Robert, may I ask how long ago the grouting compound was put down? We often struggle to remove any excess residue within the first few days but brushes off fairly easily after this time frame.

      I think sometimes it just needs time to weather in. Once we finish on a job we let the customer know that there may be some left over residue and to give if a sweep in a few days or let it weather in by itself. I’ve not had any calls back yet so no news is good news!

      Let me know how you get on! There seems to have been a few people with this problem but with no updates!

  9. Thanks for the reply.

    The compound went in a week ago today. No amount of stiff brushing or scrubbing with washing up liquid since has shifted it so far. Sadly it looks a bit of a mess in places and yet I know the builders followed the instructions carefully.

    I’ve written off to Sika (Everbuild) about this problem and will post their reply when I get it.

    1. Please keep us all updated with the reply that you get! There have been a few people that have suffered with this grey film but I’ve not received any updates as to whether or not it came off in the end!

  10. I used sika deep grey on my new Indian sandstone patio. It worked very well and has gone hard. My only concern is the grout is more brown than grey, will it turn grey as it cures?

    1. Hi Andrew, I’m glad the Sika fast fix paving compound has worked well for you – Although it’s unfortunate that the grout I more brown than grey – I’ve never had this happen to me before! Do you have a picture?

  11. Hi I used the sika pave fix plus. I’m not sure if you’ve used that one before, but I did most of it dry without wetting the slabs first under that recommendation from a builder (that obviously didn’t know the product very well). Could this cause more of an issue with staining? I moved onto damping the tiles as I went along when I noticed staining on the tiles I had done dry, and the wet tiles don’t seem to have stained as bad. I’m wondering if the tiles I have done dry the staining will be removed by the brushing after a couple of days you said in previous comments? This was only done yesterday and it hasn’t set enough yet to much brushing and scrubbing

    1. Hi Joe, I don’t believe I have used the Sika Pave Fix Plus personally but I’ve just had a read through this product online and I’m not sure on the difference between this and the Sika Fast Fix as upon first glance at least, they look like the same product.

      There have been some people in the comments that have had the same problem with staining, but so far no one has came back with any updates so I can only assume that no news is good news. Maybe once the paving/jointing compound has weathered in after a week or 2 that the stains go away. Please update us on how you get on!

  12. We have just grouted out pavings using the sika grouting compound and if I’m honest don’t think we removed the excess grout from the pavings sufficiently as it rained whilst constantly and therefore have not been able to remove it however now they are drying it seems to gave left stain marks on the pavings like sand grain stains? Any suggestions for safe removal internet suggests resin removal ? Thank for any advice

    1. Hi Tracy, we have had this problem ourselves but to be honest we just leave it a few days and come back with a stiff broom – We find it easier to brush off once a couple of days have passed so I would recommend waiting before purchasing any products – Please let me know how you get on!

  13. is it possible to partially fill the gap with sand to cut down how much compound is used , my slabs are two inches thick and the cost would be horrendous?

    1. Hi Ray, you’re definitely going to get through a fair bit of paving compound with a depth of 2 inches! Erm…I can’t guarantee that it would work but I would likely try dry mixing sand and cement to a ratio of 3:1 (instead of just sand) before using the paving compound. At least this way you would have peace of mind knowing that the sand and cement will go hard like the jointing compound when watered. Just be sure to brush it all in the gaps and leave none on your paving as cement staines. What I am suggesting is only something that I would try so I can’t guarantee that it’ll work – Let me know if and how you get on!

  14. Hello, lots of interesting comments here thank you. Do you know if its possible to get any sample colours of Sika grout please?

    1. Hi Ukanom, I haven’t came across any sample options as of yet! There are only a few different colours available so it could be worth a Google image search of each colour?

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