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Hello! My name is Craig and welcome to Hankintech! Although I have chosen to use a different name to my gardening business, I actually run a successful garden maintenance and landscaping company based in Hertfordshire!

I left school at the age of 16 with no idea of what I wanted to do in life! With no interest in college and most probably out of desperation, my father introduced me to a garden maintenance and landscaping company where I very quickly found my passion!

The owner of this company had just taken on a 4 year project with a customer who had just purchased a home with 3 acres of land. It was here that I would learn to do absolutely everything and I loved every bit of it! I learned to cut grass, lay paving slabs, build foundations, put up fences and even build large carp ponds! I started here at just 16 years of age, and left at the age of 20 when the project had finished. I had watched a site develop from nothing but land to something you could only see on TV and I had been a big part of it and there was nothing I couldn’t do! So with nothing but a Ford Fiesta and a few hand tools, at 20 years old, I started my own garden maintenance business.

It’s been a huge journey over the years with big mistakes made along the way which cost me greatly (I will be writing about these mistakes to save you from making the same mistakes as me). I knew how to offer garden services, but running my own business, managing cash flow, learning how to quote jobs properly all came with trial and error. Eventually though, after 12 months of driving a Ford Fiesta crammed with tools, I purchased my first van and steadily, things went up hill from there.

Now 28 years old, I run a successful garden maintenance and hard landscaping company offering anything and everything with a team of 5 employees and I still love it as much as I did when leaving school at 16 years old. A lot has changed over the years, from getting married and having children, but the passion for gardening has always remained the same.

I’m always talking about my work and giving advice to friends and family, and even calling my wife when I find out something new. a few weeks ago, a customer had a 30 minute conversation with me about a box caterpillar that had eaten her shrubs overnight. I actually learned quite a bit! It was that evening when telling my wife about what I had learned, she recommended that I start a blog on everything gardening. To be honest, she’s probably sick of me talking about it and would prefer me to write about instead!

So here I am! A website for the world, with everything you need to know about gardening from a gardener himself! If you have any ideas that you think I should write a post about then please let me know and I will try my best. Otherwise, I hope to (one day) cover absolutely everything garden related. From caterpillars and slugs, to how to lay turf and paving, to starting your own business and even giving information on every plant that’s out there! I want Hankintech to be the hub for all gardeners across the world.

For years I have had a passion for gardening and been fully focused on my garden maintenance and landscaping business. Finally I have a new hobby to commit to! Oh wait…It’s still garden related!


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