My review of the Maverick Grey Outdoor Porcelain slab tiles


It’s finally time for another paving review but unlike the usual natural stone that I lay and review, this one is about outdoor porcelain paving tiles that I recently used to complete a garden transformation, the Maverick Grey outdoor porcelain slab tiles to be exact.

I’ve only reviewed one porcelain paving slab before which was the Kandla Grey, a copy of the Kandla Grey Indian sandstone and up until now, I’ve not touched another porcelain tile! It’s a shame as porcelain is much easier to lay since they all have a smooth surface as well as machine-cut edges instead of being hand split meaning that they are all exactly to size, making it possible to use spacers. Not only this, but in my opinion, porcelain looks so much better than any other type of paving slab and with the cost of everything going up, there really isn’t much difference in price anymore when choosing between natural stone or porcelain slabs for your garden

Are the Maverick Grey Outdoor Porcelain slab tiles good value for money?

Keeping in mind that these porcelain slabs are 20mm thick, a similar depth to the 22mm calibrated natural stone, you can expect to pay anywhere between £30 and £50 per squared meter. These Maverick Grey outdoor porcelain slab tiles were at the lower end of the average price, costing us £29.95 per squared meter so they are definitely good value for money, providing that they are good quality ofcourse.

How easy are the Maverick Grey Outdoor Porcelain slab tiles to lay?

We layed the 595x595mm Maverick Grey porcelain slabs which were all exact to size from the perimeter to the 20mm depth. The surface of each porcelain slab are smooth which makes for easy levelling across a longer range of tiles with a long spirit level and due to the machine cut edges we used spacers when laying them. As far as the laying of the Maverick Grey slabs went, it couldn’t have gone smoother.

The only problem I did encounter was the cutting of the slabs so make sure you have a good quality porcelain cutting disc available as we struggled with the cheaper ones. It’s not so much the straight cuts that gave us problems but the awkward cuts with right angles. This job had 4 inserted drain covers installed so you can imagine the type of cuts that needed to be made. In the beginning we wasted 4 or 5 porcelain paving slab tiles as they would crack mid-cut but after some research, we purchased better quality cutting discs, 1 for the 4.5″ grinder and 1 for the 9″ grinder with everything going smoothly afterwards!

For the most part, laying the Maverick Grey porcelain went smoothly, I just wished that I had started the job with better cutting discs! For more information on cutting porcelain paving slabs, you can read my article here.

What do I think about the appearance of the Maverick Grey porcelain paving slabs?

It’s important to note that I am not getting paid to review the Maverick Grey porcelain slabs which allows me to be completely unbiased and in all honesty, these paving slabs look fantastic when laid. They are a light Grey colour but not too bright where they hurt your eyes when the sun shines on them (we’ve had this before) and not too dark where they look almost dull. In my opinion, the Maverick Grey porcelain is a perfect in-between colour. Not only this but to my surprise, each slab had it’s own pattern on the surface, like you would find with natural stone. This makes every paving slab unique and really adds personality to the patio. If you’re after a light grey porcelain paving slab then I’d definitely look into the Maverick Grey.

Would I recommend the Maverick Grey porcelain outdoor paving slabs?

Given that these porcelain paving slabs are at the lower end of what you’d expect to pay for outdoor porcelain tiles, they certainly don’t look or feel cheap. With a depth of 20mm, they will be sure to stand the test of time as well as being able to lay directly onto a mortar mix as you would standard paving slabs which saves time compared to laying thin tiles where a flat base needs to be prepared beforehand.

Each Maverick Grey porcelain outdoor paving tile is exact to size with a smooth surface which allows for easy laying with spacers and although it doesn’t seem to be in the description when purchasing these tiles, each slab has it’s own unique pattern, much like you’d expact to see with Indian sandstone or other types of natural stone paving slabs.

They look great. The price is great. They seem be made to a high quality and have a high water resistancy as well as being non-slip. What’s not to love? Would I recommend the Maverick Grey outdoor porcelain paving tile slabs? Absolutely I would.

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