Having recently had a new kitchen fitted, I thought it a good idea to share my experiences from start to finish so that you know what to expect if your planning on having a new kitchen installed in your home. In this article I’m going to be speaking about everything from the initial quotation to the final snag list. Something tells me this is going to be a long article!

My experience when having a kitchen fitter come round to give a quotation

I actually had 2 different kitchen fitters come round to give us quotes which were chosen due to their knowledge of re-wiring our kitchen, although instead of doing the work themselves, they each knew a friend or business that would do the work on their behalf. This ofcourse made sense as it would save us time finding an electrician. Both of them were reliable and showed up on the day and time that they agreed to. However, the level of professionalism and knowledge differed between the 2.

To give you an idea, the first kitchen fitter came round and breifly discussed what we wanted. He Took measurements and said that he would send an email of some layout ideas. When he sent the layout ideas across, it was hard to visualise the drawings into reality, not that there was many to choose from. On top of the drawings, he sent cupboard ideas but these ideas lacked the small but important things like what the new sink would look like, which door handles we would have wanted etc.. I’m not saying that this is a bad way of providing quotations as I’m sure that the extra information would have came later but with work and 5 kids to look after, I guess I just wanted to keep everything as simple as possible.

The second kitchen fitter that came to give a quotation was very different in the sense that instead of going over everything briefly, it felt like he had all the time in the world to discuss our needs. He did pre-warn us that he might be here for a good 30 minutes at least as he wanted to go through everything thoroughly.

When he arrived, he literally went through everything. He said that since the kitchen will be getting re-wired that we can move the plug sockets for the dishwasher, tumble dryer, washing machine and fridge/freezer, allowing us to really make the most out of the kitchen. Instead of just listening to our ideas, he listened and then gave his own ideas and advice. He made an initial drawing on his laptop and then we all worked on it together until we were happy with the final product.

He then took out a brochure and went through all of the cupboard ideas, door handles, worktop, kitchen sink, floor and even paint suggestions to go with the new kitchen. To be honest, he done such a good job selling us the dream that we were worried about the price.

We did have a budget in mind and the next Morning he sent over the quotation along with an order of works document to explain the estimated time that the new kitchen would take to be installed and the order of each stage. Luckily, the quote came in at 90% of our budget.

We went ahead with the quote and booked him in!

Details of the work order for having our new kitchen fitted

The work order document that we received was more of a break down of stages that would be taking place throughout our new kitchen installation. We were also told that we would be without our kitchen appliances for no more than 8 hours as the electricians would have this done in a day. In short, our work order document looked like this.

  1. Day 1 – To remove all kitchen cupboards, worktops and the tiles from the walls ready for the electricians to come in on day 2 to re-wire the kitchen
  2. Day 2 – The electricians will arrive at 8AM to re-wire the kitchen as well as move all necessary plug sockets for the washing machine, dishwasher, cooker and fridge/freezer.
  3. Days 3, 4 & 5 – To install all new kitchen cupboards, worktop etc (you can start filling your cupboards at this point).
  4. Days 6, 7 & 8 – To fill the holes left by the electricians and re-tile the kitchen.
  5. Days 9 & 10 – To re-paint the kitchen
  6. Day 11 – To lay a new floor to finish off the kitchen

On the first day the kitchen fitter came to remove the old kitchen units

On the first day the kitchen fitter came to remove the old kitchen units, worktops aswell as removing the old tiles from the wall ready for the electricians to come in the next day. I was actually surprised when the kitchen fitter arrived on his own as I was expecting a team of them for what looked like a lot of work! But by 3PM he had done everything he said he would, as well as fill his van up with the old kitchen units so that we would be free of any mess. Oh and it’s worth mentioning that he left the worktop in place which held the kitchen sink so that we could continue using it. It was early days, but so far everything was going to plan. 

On day 2 the electricians arrived as scheduled

At 8AM on the dot, the electricians arrived as scheduled and began to re-wire the kitchen. Every switch or plug socket was either updated or moved to a new location to allow for the new kitchen layout.

Like the kitchen fitter on the previous day, I think they were finished pretty early at around 3PM. Maybe even earlier. Although I’m pretty sure that they left the old wires in the walls but then I’ve no idea if this is standard practice or not and if I can’t see them then I wasn’t bothered.

Days 3, 4 & 5 were spent installing the new kitchen units

The kitchen fitter came by himself again to fit the new kitchen and had all of the new units etc in his van ready to go. Surprisingly he didn’t ask us to confirm anything or talk us through what he was doing but then I suppose it would have been too late at this point as the new kitchen had already been purchased. I mean he had everything in his van!

It only actually took him 2.5 days to complete with all of the new kitchen cupboards and worktop in place. The only thing he hadn’t got round to was sealing the sink and installing the new cupboard door handles (I assume he forgot to pick these up) but he advised that he would have this done by the tiler. For some reason I had thought all this time that the kitchen fitter would be fixing the new tiles to the wall but oh well, a new person it is. So far atleast, everything was going to plan.

Days 6, 7 & 8 were spent having the new tiles fixed to the walls

We were welcomed by a middle aged man on the 6th day that came to fit the new tiles. He was very polite and I got a good vibe from him from the off-set. He explained that he spent his entire career as a tiler and was now semi-retired, only working 2 to 3 days a week. I thought who better to have your new tiles layed by someone that spent his entire career perfecting his craft!

Well the work he done was great. He even adjusted the feet on the kitchen cupboards slightly so that he could fit the tiles between the lower and upper kitchen units without having to make any cuts. I couldn’t have found fault in his work even if I tried! The kitchen was really starting to take shape now with only the painting and new floor left to do.

The original kitchen fitter came back to paint the walls on the 9th and 10th day

At this point, I wasn’t sure who to expect to come and paint the kitchen walls since we had 3 different people turn up to re-wire the kitchen, install the new kitchen units and re-tile the walls but since everything had gone so smoothly so far, I wasn’t worried. The next Morning at 8AM it was the original kitchen fitter that arrived with a smile on his face and some new paint tins in his hands.

He explained that it would be him doing the rest of the work which included the laying of the new kitchen floor.

He spent the next 2 days painting the walls and ceilings and used every hour in those days too. Even when the painting looked finished, he just kept giving it new coats which was nice! Although there was some water damage on the ceiling due to an overflown bath which took a few coats to fully hide the stain.

On the final day, the kitchen fitter finished our new kitchen installation by laying a new floor

Our new kitchen floor was just your typical vinyl flooring so I would imagine that it is fairly straight forward to lay compared to laying a wooden or tiled floor. The kitchen fitter actually had this layed by himself in half a day although I did notice that he layed it directly on top of the old vinyl. I’ve no idea if this is standard practice so if you happen to know then by all means, please leave a comment below!

Other than that, the kitchen floor seemed to be layed to a high standard with no bubbles or kinks and the seam was and is barely visible.

My thoughts on having a new kitchen fitted in your home

I would first recommend getting atleast 3 quotes from different kitchen fitters as having a new kitchen fitted is a big deal! Prices can vary considerably as well as the fact that you will want a kitchen fitter that you feel confident will do a high quality job. Give your ideas and have them share their ideas too to really make sure that your making the most out of your new kitchen.

We have a large family which means plenty of school runs as well as being in and out of the house alot anyway. We left a key with the workman that was there that day and just let him carry on.

Incase your wondering, we were never without our kitchen appliances other than the 1 day it took for them to re-wire the kitchen. This was actually our main concern as all of our appliances are in constant use.

For the most part, having our new kitchen installed was straight forward with no delays. I think our only concern was that we wasn’t always sure on who was turning up the next day since we would be leaving them a key. We would have preferred to have had the original kitchen fitter do all of the work but to be fair, he is obviously very aware of who he employs to do work on his behalf.

Having a new kitchen fitted doesn’t mean that you have to take time off work or be without your appliances. Just make sure you feel comfortable with the kitchen fitter you hire and check online for reviews and recommendations.