Those of you that read my articles will know that me and my wife have 5 children, with the 3 younger ones being 5, 4 and 3 years old. Incase you’re wondering, yes! Once upon a time not too long ago, we had 3 children under 3 years old. Since my older 2 children are now 13 and 10 years of age, this puts quite an age gap between the older 2 and younger 3 children.

We live in a 4 bedroom house with medium to small sized bedrooms (not the largest of 4 bedroom homes) and naturally, when we only had 3 children, each child had their own room, although my third child would have still been a baby when my wife fell pregnant with our 4th child. Within a short amount of time, 4 children became 5 with the younger 3 all being under 3 years of age. Ofcourse we could have organised the bedrooms so that we didn’t squeeze 3 children all into 1 bedroom but since the youngest 3 were so similar in age, this meant that they had a closer bond compared to the older 2 and so it made sense to put them all in the same bedroom.

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How to make space for 3 children in 1 bedroom

Below I’m going to talk about the biggest question when having 3 children share a bedroom which is, how do I make space for my 3 kids in 1 room? Well in theory, you only have 3 main pieces of furniture that every bedroom needs which include beds, wardrobes and drawers or storage units. If you look at what’s in the bedroom at the moment and multiply everything by 3 then the chances are that you won’t have room. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make room! Here’s how I reorganised their bedroom.

How to fit 3 beds into 1 bedroom

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Unless you have unusually large bedrooms or your planning on squeezing all 3 children into 1 bed (please don’t do this) then finding the space is going to be your first obstacle. 3 children means having 3 lots of everything. 3 beds, 3 wardrobes, 3 chest of drawers and so on. Basically, it’s time to reorganise your children’s bedroom.

My children’s bedroom is of medium size. We first thought about having their clothes in a different bedroom to make more room for beds which would have allowed room for a bunk bed and a standard single bed but with us already having 2 other children wanting their own space, they didn’t seem too keen on the idea of having extra wardrobes in their rooms.

So how did I overcome this? Well with a 3 tier bunk bed ofcourse! To be honest, I didn’t even know they existed, in fact they had never even crossed my mind before. But after a quick Google search it turns out that they are sold everywhere!

Putting up the 3 tier bunk bed was no harder than building any other bed and the kids love it! Since my youngest would have only been around 2 years old at the time, I did actually install some side rails to the bottom bunk to stop him falling out but other than that, the triple bunk bed was fit for purpose. Although it’s a rare site to see them asleep all in their own beds, my 5 year old tends to pick and choose who his favourite sibling is that day as to who’s bed he sleeps in.

How to make wardrobe space for 3 children sharing a bedroom

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Having the triple bunk bed in place meant that we were only taking up the ground space of a single bed. This meant more space for wardrobes!

We originally planned to have built-in wardrobes which would run from the triple bunk bed to the other end of the bedroom but this was going to come with a higher price tag compared to having standard wardrobes. Instead, we measured the length of space we had along the wall and bought some standard white wardrobes from Amazon which meant that we could have 4 wardrobes side by side, leave just a 2 inch gab at the other end. Perfect!

Once we had built the wardrobes I actually screwed the end one to the 3 tier bunk bed to give the bunk bed extra support, and then continued to screw each wardrobe to the next. Once finished, they looked just as good as built in ones!

How we found storage space for a bedroom of 3 children

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I’ll be honest, we were starting to worry about space since 2 walls were now occupied from floor to ceiling with a 3 tier bunk bed and a row of 3 wardrobes with the 2 remaining walls having a window or door taking up some space.

We had a large chest of drawers in the bedroom already which we kept, and sat it next to the door. On top of the chest of drawers we put their tv and screwed it down.

The real game changer were the cube storage units which we purchased with the multicoloured drawers. Each cube storage unit had 6 storage compartments and can be placed vertically or horizontally. We managed to squeeze one horizontally between the end of the 3 tier bunk bed and the wall, and placed another on top of it (screwed down ofcourse) which meant that we now had 12 storage compartments in what would have been a dead area.

We then done the same again on the other wall, beside the chest of drawers. Now we had a total of 24 storage units!

My thoughts on how we fit 3 children in a bedroom

Fitting 3 children into 1 bedroom isn’t for everyone but sometimes it’s necessary. Luckily for us, our 3 youngest children are all very similar in age so they have a close bond, although I’d imagine that it would work out regardless of age.

The most important thing to remember when squeezing 3 kids into 1 room is space and if you only have a tiny bedroom available then you might have to think outside the box. Whether that be moving their cupboards or drawers elsewhere or swapping rooms round so that they have a larger bedroom than you or another child, where there’s a will there’s a way!

With us, a 3 tier or triple bunk bed worked perfectly. The way that we positioned and stacked the cube storage units gave us so much more storage space. Connecting the 3 wardrobes instead of having them dotted around the bedroom worked wonders. If it wasn’t for all of these things all working perfectly together then I’m not sure how we would have done it!

Re-organising a bedroom to make space for 3 children isn’t actually the hard bit. What you should really be worried about is bed times! A new sleeping arrangement means a new routine, although I’ve found the solution that works best for my little 3 I am very aware that there’s no 1 right answer that works for every family. I’ll write an article over the coming days on how I deal with bedtimes and when I do I’ll include a link here.