My review of the Milwaukee M12 IR-201B 12V sub-compact 3/8″ ratchet


In the few weeks before Christmas, my brother kept telling me that I’m going to love what my mother had got me for Christmas (with his guidance) and although I had a sneaky suspicion that it would be tool related since I’m obsessed with my tools, it had never crossed my mind that it would be an electric ratchet, the Milwaukee M12 IR-201B 12V sub-compact 3/8″ ratchet to be exact.

As a landscape gardener, apart from bolting fence posts to walls or securing sleepers to eachother, I don’t use a ratchet all too often. However, my hobby is working on cars and that’s where I’m forever using ratchets! In fact, I can’t remember the last time I even used a spanner. 3/8″, 1/4″, 1/2″ ratchets, I have them all! And with the 1/2″ being my ratchet of choice, how will the 3/8″ Milwaukee M12 IR-201B ratchet compare? Was it as good a gift as my brother suggested? Well, you’re about to find out.

The Milwaukee M12 IR-201B 12V sub-compact 3/8″ ratchet with 1x 2.0Ah Battery specifications

There are 2 options available when buying your Milwaukee M12 IR-201B 12V sub-compact 3/8″ ratchet. The cheaper option is to get the bare tool which comes with no battery or charger but if your new to using the Milwaukee battery operated tools like me then your going to want to purchase the option that comes with the 2.0ah battery and charger. Luckily, I was given the The Milwaukee M12 IR-201B 12V sub-compact 3/8″ ratchet with the 1x 2.0Ah battery included!

The first thing I would say is that due to being a compact design, it makes it great for working in tight spaces. That being said, as it’s not an impact wrench, you will still need room to initially use the Milwaukee M12 ratchet to manually turn and loosen the nut before hitting the trigger to do the rest of the work for you. That’s not to say that impact options aren’t available on the market if needed.

The metal trigger actually offers variable speed which is great for not accidentally spinning the nuts off the threads and sending the it flying god knows where. Not only is the trigger metal, but the housing is reinforced to provide better durability. Despite all of this, my 3 favourite things about this battery operated electric ratchet is the fact that you get a fuel gauge to show how much battery life you have left, a light/torch which shines directly onto your point of contact as well as the fact that you get an adaptor, allowing you to use both 3/8″ and 1/4″ sockets.

Below is a list of the The Milwaukee M12 IR-201B 12V sub-compact 3/8″ ratchet with 1x 2.0Ah battery specifications and features.

  • 1 x 2.0Ah RedLithium Li-Ion Battery
  • Bolt capacity: M16
  • 40min Charge Time
  • Max. Torque: 47Nm
  • 3/8″ Square Drive
  • Single-Speed Variable & Reverse
  • Rubber Overmould Grip
  • Paddle Switch
  • LED Work Light
  • Replaceable Carbon Brushes
  • Battery Fuel Gauge
  • Carry case included
  • Product length: 274mm
  • Total weight with battery: 0.9kg
  • 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee (registration required and T&Cs apply)

My thoughts on using the Milwaukee M12 IR-201B 12V sub-compact 3/8″ ratchet

When using the standard manual ratchets I’ve always chosen to use the 1/2″ size and only going down to the 3/8″ and even 1/4″ when absolutely necessary (tight gaps etc) so initially I was a little worried about how strong this Milwaukee ratchet would be and if I’d get along with it.

The reason I’ve always chosen the 1/2″ drive ratchets is because they are typically bigger in size which means having a bigger handle to hold onto and more leverage when loosening and tightening nuts and bolts. The Milwaukee M12 IR-201B 12V sub-compact may have a slightly smaller square drive of 3/8″ but the handle is bigger and longer than my 1/2″ manual ratchets which actually gives me more torque as well as being much more comfortable to use!

I’ve not had the Milwaukee ratchet long but I have manually undone some pretty tough nuts and bolts with it already before simply pulling the trigger to do the rest of the work for me. Brake pads, alternators, starter motors, I’ve done them all with this machine.

The Milwaukee M12 IR-201B 12V sub-compact 3/8″ ratchet is seriously tough. It’s lightweight yet has a strong, sturdy feel about it. It feels as though it’s made from high quality metal and I know it’s just a ratchet but it’s so comfortable to use. Using the Milwaukee ratchet is just so much better (and quicker) to use compared to using standard manual ratchets!

Would I recommend the Milwaukee M12 IR-201B 12V sub-compact 3/8″ ratchet?

Whether you are a part time DIY enthusiast that only needs a ratchet for occasional use or a professional tradesman where a ratchet is needed everyday, I would absolutely recommend purchasing the Milwaukee M12 ratchet.

I mean, what’s not to love? It’s lightweight, yet the build quality is of a high standard. It’s much more comfortable to use compared to a manual ratchet and saves time on any jobs that you have going on. Any other features are just bonuses!

It’s funny because up until now I had never even thought about purchasing an electric ratchet. Ofcourse I’ve seen them being used but I’ve never had an issue with my standard ratchets so why spend money on a tool that I don’t need? But I’m so glad that I had one gifted to me as now I wouldn’t know where I’d be without one. Next on my list is to get an impact wrench!

If you’re thinking about getting a Milwaukee M12 IR-201B 12V sub-compact 3/8″ ratchet then my advice would be to just do it! There are many places to buy them but if you click on the image/link below them it will take you to the product on the Amazon store. As an Amazon affiliate partner, we receive a commission for any purchase made when being directed via a link on this website.

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