I’ve owned this Chrysler Grand Voyager 2.8 CRD for a few years now and the time has finally came to change the headlight bulbs. I’ve no idea how long it’s been driven with only one headlight bulb working (dipped beam) since my wife drives this car a lot more than I do for school runs and so it doesn’t get used much after dark but I thought it best to change the headlight bulbs immediately anyway.

It’s important to note that this headlight replacement guide is for the mk4 (2001-2008) Chrysler Grand Voyager which comes in 2 phases with each phase having differently shaped headlights. To save any confusion, whether you have the the mk4 phase 1 (2001-2004) or mk4 phase 2 (2005-2008), that although the headlights may look different, the process to replace the bulbs is still the same.

What tools do I need to change the headlight bulbs on a Chrysler Grand Voyager mk4 (2001-2008)?

There’s only really one tool you need to change the headlight bulb on your Chrysler Grand Voyager which is a good size flathead Screwdriver for the 3 screws/bolts that hold the headlight in place. However, depending how tight these screws have been done up then you will run the risk of rounding them off. For this reason I would recommend using an 8mm spanner or socket instead which will not only keep your screw heads in good health, but also give more leverage when loosening and tightening them back up.

The below image is that of a cheap socket/ratchet set to get the job done. If you click on the image then it will direct you to the product on the Amazon store. As an Amazon affiliate partner we receive a commission for any purchase made when being directed via a link on this website.

Step by step guide to change the headlight bulbs in your Chrysler Grand Voyager mk4 (2001-2008)

The reason I’m writing an article based on something as simple as replacing your headlight bulbs is because the Chrysler Grand Voyager is a little bit different compared to alot of other cars. Not difficult. In fact they are very easy to replace. Just different. Below is my step by step guide on how to change the headlight bulbs in your Chrysler Grand Voyager.

Step 1. Lift your bonnet

A little obvious but I feel I should mention it anyway! On the driver’s side, under your steering wheel, you will need to pull the lever to open your bonnet. Once pulled, pull the catch under your bonnet to lift it fully and hold in place with the prop rod.

Step 2. Use an 8mm socket or spanner to remove the 3 screws above the headlight

As you can see, these 3 screws holding the headlight in place give you the option to use a flathead screwdriver or an 8mm socket or spanner. I chose to use the 8mm socket method out of fear of rounding off the screw heads if too tight. These came undone very easily.

Step 3. Remove your headlight

With the 3 screws removed, you should be able to wiggle and slide your headlight from the housing it sits in although this must be easier on the earlier mk4 phase 1 (2001-2004) models since this took a good 5-10 minutes at least to get it out of there! The problem was that the bumper kept getting in the way but you just need to pull it at the perfect angle. Eventually I removed the headlight by pulling it from the outerside of the vehicle first and wiggling it free. Just be patient! Oh and don’t pull your headlight out too fast as you still have the wires and plugs connected from the inside.

Step 4. Replace your headlight bulbs

Do you see the Yellow electrical socket at the bottom of the above picture? That’s where the plug is connected which you will need to remove in order to remove the headlight completely. This being said, the wires are quite long which allows you to replace the bulbs without having to remove the headlight completely.

If it’s the headlight bulb itself (also known as the dipped beam) that you want to change then all you need to do is unhook the 2 metal clips which will allow the bulb and connector to simply pull out. The bulb itself is just a simple 2 pin one so all you need to do is pull the old bulb from the connector and insert your new one, place it back inside your headlight unit and secure with the metal clips. Nice and easy!

The sidelight bulbs sit just below the dipped beam bulbs. To gain better access it’s best to remove the dipped beam bulb beforehand which allows you to move it’s wiring harness to one side and out of your way. I found this bulb the hardest to change! I ended up using long nose pliers to gently unclip and pull free, allowing me to pull and and insert the new sidelight bulb.

The Chrysler Grand Voyager has its main beam on a separate bulb. The bulb comes readily attached to a plastic housing/plug which you will see when looking into the back of your headlights. All you need to do to remove the bulb is to disconnect the electrical connector and twist the bulb housing anticlockwise.

Once you have changed your headlight bulbs make sure to check that they are working before moving onto the next step!

Step 5. Put everything back together!

Once you have replaced your faulty headlight bulbs it’s time to put everything back together. Don’t make the mistake I did and forget to put your headlight bulb covers back on! The dipped beam and sidelight covers just pull off and push on whilst the main beam bulb cover has a clip that needs to be pushed in when removing.

I found sliding the headlight back into the housing much easier than getting it out! Instead of taking 5-10 minutes (maybe I was being to careful as to not scratch the bumper), I had it slide back into place in no more than a minute or 2.

Tighten up your 3 screws and your all done!

Which headlight bulbs do I need for the Chrysler Grand Voyager mk4 (2001-2008)?

I actually struggled to find the correct bulbs for the Chrysler Grand Voyager when searching online and when I went to my local car parts store, they actually gave me the wrong bulb. Behind the scenes of this article, I actually went back to the shop with my removed bulbs in hand just to make sure I got the correct ones!

Below is a list of the correct bulbs needed for the Chrysler Grand Voyager. Each image contains a link which will take you to the Amazon store if clicked on. As an Amazon affiliate partner, we receive a commission for any purchase made when being directed via a link on this website.

For your dipped beam, you will need the H7 12V 55W headlight bulbs. Be sure to replace both sides as if one bulb has gone, it’s likely that the other side will go shortly too.

I’m going to have a look at the old main beam and side light bulbs before listing them here as these are the ones that the car parts store got wrong. I’ll check which bulbs they are and list them here shortly!