My review of the Dewalt D25899K 9.9kg SDS Max electric breaker


I’ve written reviews on our 240v electric breakers which include the Titan TTB280DRH and the Mac Allister MSBR1700-A but given that we are limited to using 110v machinery when working on building sites I thought it a good idea to review our breaker of choice which only comes out when working on these construction sites and is powered by our Champion generator, the DeWalt D25899K-LX 110v electric breaker. It’s worth noting however that there is a 240v option available (same machine) called the D25899K-GB.

Those of you that read my reviews will know that I’m no stranger to buying and testing the cheaper alternatives providing that they have a good, easy to swap or return warranty in place so you might be wondering why we purchased a more expensive Dewalt breaker. Well the truth is, when buying the cheaper alternatives, and although most tools we buy are very reliable and last many years, it still comes with a level of risk when buying the unknown. When working on these sites, we have strict deadlines in place to finish our landscaping projects and could be working many miles away from home. We need tools that we can trust from the start instead of buying to see how they compare. The Dewalt breaker isn’t cheap at around the £500 mark especially when I would class this as a light-duty machine compared to our other breakers but it does give us the image needed to keep securing these larger jobs.

The Dewalt D25899K 9.9kg SDS Max electric breaker specifications

We aren’t the pickiest when it comes to buying our tools and that’s certainly the case here. We needed a 110v breaker (there is a 240v option available) that came with a carry case, a good warranty and manufactured by a good brand. At approximately £500 and accompanied by a 3 year manufacturer guarantee we felt like the Dewalt D25899K electric breaker was a good buy and without looking into it any further, made the purchase.

It’s this buying attitude that nearly got us in trouble on the very first day as little did we know, it doesn’t come with any chisels! I wouldn’t say it’s Dewalt’s fault but rather my own for not checking the description. I had always got a pair of chisels with my breakers so I didn’t feel the need to check – Luckily on that day we were able to carry on with other jobs where the Dewalt breaker was not needed! Again, I put this down to my fault for not checking the description, I just expected more I suppose. Or maybe I’m alone in feeling this way?

Let’s have a look at some of the features and specifications below;

  • 1500W
  • SDS Max Chuck
  • Weight: 9.9kg
  • Magnesium Alloy Gearbox Housing
  • Fan-Cooled Motor
  • No Anti-Vibration System
  • Trigger Switch
  • Multi-Position Handles
  • Replaceable Carbon Brushes
  • 1m cable length
  • Carry case included
  • Impact rate 2040 bpm
  • 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Max impact energy 17.9 J

My thoughts on using the Dewalt D25899K 9.9kg SDS Max electric breaker

A year on from when I first purchased this Dewalt breaker and it still works and feels as it did when I first took it out of the box so you definitely get what you pay for!

It’s funny because my other breakers come with an anti-vibration system where this Dewalt one does not, yet despite this, the Dewalt breaker has less vibrations compared to the others which really shows the build quality difference when paying that bit more for your tools.

At 9.9kg I would class this as a light duty electric breaker, perfect for those smaller jobs such as breaking the concrete from old fence posts or concrete foundations up to 100mm thick. It’s much lighter than my other breakers which might be a bonus for some, but I personally prefer using a heavier breaker as you tend to break through the concrete that bit easier, but it does make it easier to use for both horizontal and vertical applications. That doesn’t mean that this breaker struggles to break through the concrete as it doesn’t but it does have a lower impact energy of 17.9j when comparing it to the heavier 15kg+ breakers. It does however have a higher impact rate of 2040 bpm.

Ultimately, the Dewalt electric breaker does everything we need it to. It breaks through the concrete (mostly for removing the concrete around old fence posts) and I have no issues using it. The handles fit comfortably in my hands, the trigger feels of good quality and hasn’t jammed or failed on us. Overall it feels like a good, well built machine.

Would I recommend the Dewalt D25899K 9.9kg SDS Max electric breaker?

If your looking for an electric breaker to help with light use applications such as breaking the concrete around old fence posts or concrete foundations up to 4 inches deep then I would 100% recommend that you purchase the Dewalt D25899K-LX 110v or D25899K-GB 240v electric breaker. They are light enough for both horizontal and vertical applications whilst providing enough impact to get the job done.

The build quality is great as you would expect from a Dewalt machine. Ours has been through the harshest of weathers and lives its life in the back of our van, yet it continues to work just as well as when we first got it out of the box.

The only negative thing I would have to say is that I would have expected it to come with some chisels but I wouldn’t say it’s a deal breaker. The reliability, build quality and the fact that it’s guaranteed for 3 years by a reputable brand definitely makes it worth the buy even if you do need to buy some chisels separately. As a whole – It’s a thumb up from me!

Where can I purchase the Dewalt D25899K electric breaker?

Lots of DIY stores like Screwfix and Travis Perkins will sell these breakers but I personally purchased mine through Amazon. If you click on the above image then it will take you to the DeWalt breaker on the Amazon store where you can purchase your new machine. This is for the D25899K-GB 240v model but it’s easy to find the D25899K-LX 110v model if needed.

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