My review of the Champion CPG3500 2800 watt petrol generator


It’s been a while since writing my last product review on tools we use in the landscape gardening trade but with pictures of my tools now starting to take up space on my phone it’s about time I reviewed them! With so many to choose from I’ve decided to start with the Champion CPG3500 2800 Watt Petrol Generator – A perfect machine for any groundsman or builder!

Before using the Champion generator, I was actually using one manufacturered by Evolution which was working just fine and served us really well, infact we only replaced it as the pull cord eventually snapped and we just didn’t have time to replace it. To be honest, the only reason I haven’t reviewed the Evolution generator is because I just don’t have any pictures to write a review on one! After all, I need pictures of my reviewed tools and machinery in order to prove that I do indeed use them! But why am I telling you this? The Evolution has nothing to do with the Champion generator review, right? But, the only reason I immediately knew that I had to take pictures ready to one day review our new Champion generator was because I was so impressed with how it compared to our old generator! I’ll get more into this below.

The Champion CPG3500 2800 Watt Petrol Generator specifications

We only really needed a very basic petrol generator to allow us to use our 110v tools for when we’re working on building sites and compared to our previous one, we got more than we were expecting with this Champion generator. I’d say it’s far from ordinary. It might not seem like much to most people in the trade, but our first ‘wow’ factor was the fact that it has a fuel gauge! We had became so use to opening the fuel filler cap and giving the old generator a shake to see how much fuel was left that this very small feature was a game changer for us. I know, silly right? Not only this but the Champion 2800 Watts generator also features an automatic voltage control which not only protects the generator but also increases fuel economy and believe me, I notice it! It feels like I never need to top up the fuel tank but then again, this might have something to do with it holding over 14 litres of fuel and can run for 12 hours on only half a tank.

Again, we only needed the 110v outlet to use our tools on site (you aren’t allowed the standard 240v tools and machinery on construction sites for safety reasons) but you do get the 240v socket if you need it as well as a 12v battery charging outlet. I can’t think of when we will use these additional outlets but I’m sure there will be a day that I’m grateful to have them!

The TCI ignition (transistor controlled ignitor) makes this Champion generator very easy to start, usually starting on the first pull of the cord! The 4 stroke 196cc OHV engine produces 2500 running watts and 3125 starting watts and produces 6.5hp. This might sound like alot but it’s incredibly quiet for a generator which is helped by the anti-vibration mouldings. I know what you’re thinking – They all say that! But seriously, our old generator would bounce around whilst this Champion generator just, well, sits there.

For a full list of features and specifications please see below;


  • Manual startup generator suitable for running power tools and lighting units
  • Ideal for use in campervans, caravans, on construction sites, or at home as a back-up power unit during extreme weather or emergencies
  • Automatic voltage control that protects the generator and allows better efficiency and increased fuel economy
  • Fitted with a 12V battery charging outlet and 230v and 110v sockets
  • Maintenance free brushless alternator
  • Manual pull start with TCI ignition
  • Anti-vibration mouldings
  • Fuel gauge
  • Automatic low oil cut-out feature
  • Petrol generator powered by a 6.5hp 196cc Champion single cylinder, 4 stroke OHV engine that provides 2500 running watts and 3125 starting watts
  • 14.3 litre fuel tank that can provide up to 12 hours of power at 50% load
  • Designed for long life and easy maintenace


  • Overall size: 615mm x 480mm x 470mm
  • Gross weight: 48.3kg
  • Fuel tank capacity: 14.4 Litres
  • Uses regular unleaded fuel with a minimum octane rating of 85 and an ethanol content of less than 10% by volume
  • 2500 running watts
  • 2800 max watts
  • 110V / 240V AC Load
  • 12 hours running time at 50% capacity
  • 68dBA at 23ft
  • Easy pull recoil start
  • low oil shut off sensor
  • Durable steel frame
  • 3 year warranty
  • CE approved

Is the Champion CPG3500 2800 watt petrol generator good value for money?

I’ve had this generator for around 12 months now and it’s given me no problems so I can’t fault the reliability of the machine and for the money we paid (around the £330 mark) it’s more than made it’s money back. Not only this, but this is coming from a machine that lives it’s life outside, exposed to the elements and chained to the back of our truck. Sunshine, rain or snow, this generator has taken the brunt of it and yet it continues to start effortlessly and run like new.

Usually when I write about the value for money aspect on a product review I weigh up the pros and cons but I really can’t think of any downsides to this generator. It does what we need it to do which is to start, run and power our tools which leaves me with, well, not much to write about! Is the Champion CPG3500 2800 watt petrol generator good value for money? Absolutely it is!

Would I recommend the Champion CPG3500 2800 watts petrol generator?

Here our DeWalt breaker is being powered by the Champion generator

Given everything I’ve written so far on this product review, it feels pretty pointless writing a paragraph titled ‘would I recommend this Champion generator’ but I suppose I can’t really write a review without an actual conclusion to the article. So I’ll atleast try and keep it short.

This Champion generator, in my opinion, doesn’t seem to have any cons. Only pros. It’s quiet, doesn’t vibrate, has a fuel gauge for the large 14.3 litre fuel tank which will run for 12 hours when half full, helped by the extra fuel efficiency given by the automatic voltage control. The engine is an impressive 196cc and produces 6.5hp, more than enough to power either of the 3 outlets which include a 110v, 240v as well as a 12v battery charging outlet. I mean, the list continues but I’m sure you get my point. Would I recommend the Champion CPG3500 2800 watt petrol generator? I’d personally buy one again if needed and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend one to someone else!

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