I’m going to start a weekly landscape gardening business diary


I’ve been thinking of ways to create new original content for my followers outside of the usual ‘how to‘ articles and ‘price guides‘ when it comes to my gardening and landscaping blogs and after conversations with some readers, I’ve made the decision to write weekly articles showing what it’s like to actually run a gardening and landscaping business. What better time to start than the new year!

If your thinking about starting your very own garden maintenance, hard landscaping or any other agricultural activity business then this will be the perfect way to really get an insight on what it’s like behind the scenes. Trust me, there’s alot more to running your own business than meets the eye!

What to expect from my weekly landscape gardening business blogs

To really give a true insight of what it’s like to run your own landscape gardening business I’m going to write about the bad as well as the good. There will be no shying away from any issues I come across throughout the year. I may make mistakes. I might get nightmare customers. There could be periods without work (especially in Winter). The point is, I’m going to write about anything and everything!

Ofcourse it’s not all doom and gloom. Running your own landscape gardening business has so many advantages such as having the freedom of being your own boss, meeting new customers, earning more compared to working for a company (atleast I hope so). What I’m saying is that the pros easily outweigh the cons or else no one would bother starting their own business, right?

The good. The bad. The ugly. I’m going to write about everything!

What I hope to achieve from my weekly landscape gardening diary

When I started this website, my main goal was to write real, original content and despite my online searches, I’ve not found any websites giving an in depth overview of what it’s really like running your own gardening and landscaping business. To be honest, I’ve not actually found a website written by someone that’s actually in the trade. That’s not to say that these websites don’t exist, but I assume that most must be written by professional copy writers getting their information from other sources.

I want to help those thinking about starting a career as a gardener, landscaper or anything else in the agricultural sector. If your already in the trade but thinking about going it alone then these new articles should hopefully help those of you make that decision. And for those of you that are already running their own landscape or gardening business, hopefully you can give your advice when I make mistakes and come up against problems, much like I hope to help my readers learn from my mistakes.

Come to think of it, I should really look at activating my forum page again which was a chat room for all of us like minded gardeners asking for and giving advice to one another. The reason I disabled the page was due to so many scammers including dodgey links. There were hundreds of new scammers joining the gardening Forum everyday that I just couldn’t keep on top of it! Maybe soon I’ll find the time to reactivate the page and monitor it properly!

When will I be starting my landscape gardening business blogs?

This is an idea I’ve had for a while now but I always planned to start writing my weekly articles in the new year and run them for 52 weeks as I feel this will be a fair amount of time to give a good insight into what it’s really like to run your own landscaping or gardening business. Since it’s the 1st January today, I will start my new gardening blogs immediately with my first article being written after my first week has finished!

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