My review of the Autumn Brown Indian sandstone paving


I wouldn’t say there is an huge amount of availability when it comes to choosing the right style Indian sandstone paving slabs for your garden so I’m hoping to slowly but surely review all of them. So far, I have reviewed the Sagar Black, Camel Dust, Raj Green, Kota Black and Mint Fossil Indian sandstone paving as well as the Sika Fast Fix jointing compound which allows you to quickly and efficiently finish off your new patio with a variety of colours. Finally it’s time to review the Autumn Brown Indian sandstone paving!

Autumn Brown Indian sandstone specifications

As Indian sandstone paving is a natural stone, colours can vary between pallets but the Autumn Brown predominantly has tones of greys and browns with each paving slab having it’s own unique pattern and riven surface. This is the case for all natural sandstone paving.

It’s easier to find hand split options for the Autumn Brown sandstone which means that you will have rough edges although that’s not to say that you can’t get sawn edges (machine cut) if you look around hard enough. What is good though is that you have a wide variety of sizes to choose from depending on the style of patio you are hoping for.

The pictures in this article are from a mixed size patio pack where we purchased pallets covering an area of 18.5 squared meters. Smaller pallets were also an option with a coverage of 14.5 squared meters for those smaller patios.

The mixed sized Autumn Brown packs include a mixture of 4 sizes which include your large rectangles (900x600mm), large squares (600x600mm), small rectangles (290x600mm) and small squares (290x290mm) which create a jigsaw affect when all layed together.

If mixed sized patio packs aren’t your thing then other options are available. You can go for a pallet of just large rectangles (900x600mm) with coverages starting from 11 squared meters. This is also the case for your large 600x600mm squares and small 290x600mm rectangles with coverages going up to 18.5 squared meters. It’s worth noting that antique tumbled versions of the Autumn Brown paving is also available but these can be hard to lay and won’t give you the smooth finish that you’d expect in a more modern garden.

Once you have chosen which sized paving slabs you want for your garden, you’ll just need to choose your depth of slab. The Autumn Brown Indian sandstone paving has 2 options which include your 22mm calibrated which come with a slightly higher price tag but makes for a stronger slab and an easier to lay option. If you go for the non-calibrated option (18-25mm) you will find that some of the slabs can be worryingly thin, although we’ve never actually had problems with them.

Is the Autumn Brown Indian sandstone paving good value for money?

Keeping in mind that all paving has gone up in price recently, you can still pick the Autumn Brown up relatively cheap with prices starting from £555 for a pallet covering 18.5 squared meters. That’s just £30 per squared meter, a fraction of the price compared to similar rebranded options. If you want the better quality 22m calibrated option then you should expect to pay around £590 for the same coverage, a small increase for an obviously better quality paving slab. The Autumn Brown Indian sandstone paving is definitely great value for money.

How easy are the Autumn Brown Indian sandstone paving to lay?

Some natural sandstone paving options can be an absolute nightmare to lay with their uneven riven surfaces making it very difficult to lay each slab flush to the next. Not only this but hand split options can have questionable sizes (widths and lengths) but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Autumn Brown were one of the better natural patio packs I’ve layed over the years.

Out of each pallet containing 61 mixed sized slabs there were only around 3 or 4 slabs that I chose not to lay, or used as off-cuts due to their uneven surface. Otherwise they were actually a very easy to lay slab and all cut to a good size.

What I think about the appearance of the Autumn Brown Indian sandstone paving

When we first met this customer they originally wanted the Kandla Grey sandstone paving but worried that they might not add much colour to their garden. Instead of just talking them into the paving that they were already 90% sure on having anyway, I decided to send them an email with all of the options. Since the Autumn Brown predominantly have Grey and Brown slabs they decided to go for these.

Given that the name of this sandstone paving is Autumn Brown, I was surprised with just how many Greys we were pulling out of the crate. This was perfect since Grey was the original colour the customer was going to opt for anyway.

Once layed, the Autumn Brown looked absolutely amazing. Not too Grey. Not too Brown. Just right. They look really good when wet as all of the shades and colours shine through but look just as nice when dry too. Actually I preferred them dry, but the customer prefers them with the wet look so is going to purchase a wet look patio sealant for them. I have a few favourites when it comes to natural stone and this is definitely one of them.

My overall thoughts on the Autumn Brown Indian sandstone paving

Honestly I think the Autumn Brown is one of the better natural sandstone options available on the market today. The natural riven surfaces aren’t cause for concern when laying them and despite using the handsplit option were all of equal sizes.

As with any natural stone, I’d always recommend opting for the 22mm calibrated paving slabs as you don’t end up with any delicately thin slabs. We also notice alot more broken slabs when delivered (in the pallet) when they aren’t calibrated. With a price increase of just £40-£50 covering 18.5 squared meters it’s a no-brainer!

Despite being one of the cheaper brands of natural paving costing less than £600 for a full patio pack, in my opinion look just as nice as the more expensive options manufactured by other companies. They are absolutely full of unique colours, shades and patterns. An absolute must for any garden and excellent value for money. Would I recommend the Autumn Brown Indian sandstone paving? Ofcourse I would!

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