Given my experience with dropshipping I feel it only fair to review tried and tested dropshipping suppliers that I have used and in some cases, continue to use today. I’m going to start with one of my favourite dropshipping suppliers which has always been Taylors Merchandise, short for Taylors Official Trade Merchandise and formally known as, and still listed on Companies House at the time of writing this article, Taylors Football Souvenirs, or TFS for short.

Before going into more detail, Taylors Merchandise look to specialise in Football Souvenirs and other memorabilia but it doesn’t stop there as they also stock a wide selection of other products which I’ll get into more detail below. What’s important to know is that they aim to sell to the trade only and offer 2 types of accounts which include a wholesale account and a direct dispatch account.

I know I’m reviewing the dropshipping side of Taylors Merchandise (previously known as Taylors Football Souvenirs) but just to give you a better understanding on how they go the extra mile for all customers, even their wholesale account is different to most other wholesale suppliers. You see, if you wanted to purchase in bulk, you would usually have to order a pallet of the same product. This could be £200 worth of Arsenal FC alarm clocks. If you’ve only £1000 to spend on stock with a £200 minimum pallet value, you’d only have a budget for 5 different product lines which really isn’t that many! With a Taylors Merchandise wholesale account there is a minimum order value of £200, however you can literally pick and choose which individual products you would like to reach that £200 value! Their wholesale prices are based on a ‘per item’ basis instead of a ‘pallet of the same product’ basis.

What the majority of us call dropshipping, Taylors Merchandise, up until now have always called it a Direct Dispatch account. I’d assume there may have been some confusion on their old Taylors Football Souvenirs website when you had to read the description to figure out that a direct dispatch account was in fact a dropshipping account.

Which products do Taylors Merchandise sell?

Where do I start! So given that Taylors Merchandise were previously known as Taylors Football Souvenirs it’s no secret that they sell Football memorabilia but the sports memorabilia also includes Rugby as well as American sports such as the NBA and NFL! Seriously, they’ve thought of everything and it isn’t just badges and keyrings that Taylors Official Trade Merchandise sell but literally anything and everything you can think of. As per their website, the product ranges include;

  • Baby & toddler
  • Car accessories
  • Cards & giftwrap
  • Christmas novelties
  • Clothing & accessories
  • Drinkware
  • Executive gifts
  • Flags and pennants
  • Footballs
  • Golf products
  • Home & garden
  • Jewellery & watches
  • Keyrings & keys
  • Luggage
  • Pet accessories
  • Signed memorabilia
  • Stationary & books
  • Technology
  • Toiletries
  • Toys & games
  • Training equipment
  • Wall art

With over 6000 licensed merchandise available you won’t be surprised to hear that sports isn’t the only giftware category that they have to offer, which means that you will have more to offer on your dropshipping store. If your looking to sell merchandise for children such as a Harry Potter plush toy, a Super Mario notebook, a pokemon cushion, a Stranger things mug or even a WWE duvet set – Taylors Merchandise has it all! In fact, as well as football, they have a gaming, movies, music and a TV series category so no matter what you or your potential customers listen to, watch or play, Taylors Merchandise will have something for them. Perfect for your dropshipping store!

The advantages to using Taylors Official Trade Merchandise for dropshipping

The absolute biggest advantage to using Taylors Merchandise for your dropshippung business is that they offer a live stock feed. Seriously, If you’re just starting out with dropshipping then let me be the first to tell you that a live stock feed is an absolute must when it comes to managing your inventory. It’s not even that Taylors Merchandise just offer this live stock feed as an additional service that you have to log in to check, but you actually receive an email as soon as an item goes out of stock, comes back into stock, discontinued items as well as price changes. I mean, what else could you ask for?

There are so many dropshopping suppliers out there that just offer dropshopping as an additional service on the side of their wholesale business that don’t offer this service. I just see it as being lazy and looking for a quick way to increase sales. For Taylors Official Trade Merchandise to go the extra mile and provide this service truly shows how seriously they take dropshipping. It really puts them ahead compared to other dropship suppliers. I mean, imagine selling an item on eBay, Amazon or your website only to find out that it’s out of stock when you go to place the order. In today’s online world where positive feedback is so important, you just can’t afford to take risks on your seller feedback!

Providing a live stock feed isn’t the only benefit of using Taylors Merchandise for your dropshipping business, another absolute game changer, atleast at the time of writing this article, is that upon opening a new direct dispatch account you receive a £200 credit limit which needs to be settled by the end of each week or when you reach your £200 limit, whichever comes first.

You may be wondering why a credit limit is so important so let me explain! The first reason is because you will save alot of time when doing your accounts. If you’ve read my article titled ‘dropshipping- My story‘ then you will know that I use to have a large dropshipping business with over 15,000 products listed on ebay, Amazon and my website with a £1million turnover. Every time I sold an item, I’d have to create an invoice. Everytime I purchased an item, again I had to record to purchase for my accountant all on my accounting software and with fees such as eBay and PayPal the accounts weren’t straight forward. They were an absolute nightmare especially with the volume of sales I was having to record. Let’s say that I sold 20 items totalling £200 with Taylors Merchandise, since the £200 was one payment and not lots of individual payments, and therefore just one invoice, I’d only have to record one payment. Credit accounts saved me a huge amount of time!

Not only does a credit account save you time when keeping on top of your accounts but it helps with cashflow when running a dropshipping business. The only real downside to dropshipping is that gone are the days of instant payments from PayPal when selling on eBay. Now all selling platforms such as eBay, Amazon as well as selling on your own website takes around 3 working days to get paid. This means that you need to have the money upfront when making sales. Which is fine, I mean you should have some money put to one side anyway. But if your sales increase too quickly then you might start to experience bad cash flow. A situation where the money is owed to you but not necessarily be in your bank when needing to purchase new orders from the dropship supplier.

The disadvantages to using Taylors Merchandise for dropshipping

This is going to be my only review where I just can not think of a disadvantage to write about! In fact, any disadvantages have already been resolved by Taylors Official Trade Merchandise.

For example, I could say that they charge a £60 set up fee when signing up for the direct dispatch account. But then you get a £200 credit limit so personally, I couldn’t argue with that! More than anything, I would imagine that the £60 is to try and recover losses from bad paying customers which I would say is good business practice. I remember first signing up to Taylors Football Souvenirs many years ago and being hesitant to pay the £60 as I didn’t know if they were a legitimate business, but now I can see that they likely charge the £60 because they equally don’t know if we are a legitimate dropshipping business.

The next disadvantage could have been how quick their items can go out of stock which is likely due to the items not only being so popular, but because they can also be purchased by wholesale account holders buying in bulk. But then there are around 6000 products to choose from and they give you a live stock feed with emails being sent out throughout the day to keep you up to date. You see, any possible disadvantages have already been addressed. Taylors Merchandise have done a really good job building a dropshipping platform.

Would I recommend Taylors Merchandise for dropshipping?

I would absolutely recommend Taylors Official Trade Merchandise for your dropshipping needs. If your skeptical about paying the £60 set up fee then use this article as clarification that this company is a legitimate business that has been around for years and that you are getting alot for your money.

In theory, £60 is nothing for a website that has put so much effort into building the perfect platform for its direct dispatch customers. You get a live stock feed as well as emails sent out as soon as a product goes out of stock, is discontinued, changed price as well as having a huge range of 6000 products. Football, music, TV shows, movies and many more merchandise and giftware is all here on one site. If your just starting out in the world of dropshipping then I would recommend that you try Taylors Merchandise first. You can visit their website here.