My review of the Honda Izy lawnmower


I’ve always loved using Honda lawnmowers for my garden maintenance business as they have a great reputation for making good quality machinery, in fact we have a range of Honda equipment with every piece of equipment being as reliable as the next. The lawnmower that I want to write about most is the Honda Izy, one of Honda’s smaller lawnmowers and one that isn’t built for heavy commercial use, but instead for occasional use at the home. The fact that we put the Honda Izy through its paces for some of our regular garden maintenance customers, you may be wondering just how reliable is it? And if it’s good for my gardening business then it will certainly be a good reliable lawnmower for your home! This review is based on my recommendations for home use.

Honda Izy specifications

Before I write about my thoughts on the Honda Izy let’s look at the specifications although there are a few models available depending on your needs. My beaten up Honda Izy lawnmower pictured above is the most basic of them all. It is a push mower which means that you will be giving your arms and legs a bit of a work out if your going uphill etc and it doesn’t have the mulch option, which means I have to cut grass with the grass box on. The Honda Izy lawnmower has a self propelled option making larger gardens and hills easier to cope with, allowing you to walk behind the machine as opposed to pushing the lawnmower! If you cut your grass regularly then why not give back to your garden and opt for a Honda Izy with the mulch option – No more emptying your grass box and filling your green waste recycling bin!

These light weight lawnmowers start at just 29kg and for those bigger gardens you can opt for the 21″ cutting width as opposed to the smaller 16″ cutting blades and if your worried about starting your new Honda Izy lawnmower then don’t be! The latest models come with the OHC GCV160 160cc 4 stroke engine as standard producing 4.4hp with an enhanced combustion system as well as an automatic choke making it easier than ever to start your Honda lawnmower. There is no manual choke or on/off switch to worry about – Just hold the leaver, pull the cord and away you go!

Another reason why I love using Honda machinery is because they always seem to think about us, the customer. And there is no exception when it comes to the Honda Izy – If the lightweight and easy starting lawnmower wasn’t enough, they have even made the Honda Izy easy to maintain! There is easy access for the oil drain as well as changing the spark plug and the air filter, you don’t even need tools!

My overall thoughts on the Honda Izy lawnmower

To be as transparent as possible, in this article I have included links to the Amazon store for the Honda Izy lawnmower. As an Amazon affiliate partner we receive a small commission when an item is purchased via a link on this website.

Keeping in mind that Honda built this lawnmower for small to medium sized gardens and not for large gardens or for contiuous heavy duty use, this Honda Izy has done exceptionally well over the 3 or 4 years that we have owned it, and from memory I’m pretty sure we didn’t even buy it brand new!

No this doesn’t mean you should go and buy one for commercial use, they are still only small lawnmowers and there is a good chance that you could void your warranty. I am simply showing how reliable it has been as one of the lawnmowers put to use for my gardening business, to give you an idea on how reliable and great a machine it could be for the home! We have larger Honda lawnmowers (amongst other brands) such as the Pro Rollers for our primary garden maintenance equipment but this Honda Izy gets used as back up when other lawnmowers are in for servicing, smaller gardens with no side access and so on.

As you can see from the above picture, the Honda Izy lawnmower that we use isn’t even the latest model and given that it hasn’t let us down in the few years we have owned it and given that Honda (like other manufacturers) are only ever finding new ways to improve their machines, I’d say that the Honda Izy is a must have lawnmower for any home!

It always starts with ease and even after a long Winter doing nothing, it still starts faster than some of our bigger lawnmowers! As with anything, ofcourse there are going to be cheaper alternatives on the market but I really believe the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ when it comes to buying tools and machinery. As the other saying goes ‘buy it cheap buy it twice’, I’d say you should definitely keep this in mind when it comes to the user friendly, super light and super reliable Honda Izy lawnmower!

To finalise my review of the Honda Izy, here are my reasons for recommending this small but mighty lawnmower;

  • Easy to start
  • Light enough to push
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Super reliable
  • Leaves a great even cut
  • Can be personalised to suit your needs (cutting width, mulch option, self propelled option)
  • Handles fold down for easy storage
  • A strong 160cc engine able to tackle longer grass without stalling

The Honda Izy lawnmower gets a big approval from me! If you have a Honda lawnmower then I’d love to know if yours has been as reliable as mine so please share your experience by commenting below!

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