How much does it cost to lay gravel in your garden?


I recently wrote an article on how to prepare and lay gravel in your garden but then it got me thinking – I should write an article explaining how much you should expect to pay to lay gravel in your garden. Not just the materials needed but also the costs involved should you be paying a professional landscape gardener to do the work for you. I understand that everyone’s needs are different so I’ll be doing my maths based on 10 squared meters so that you can make your own adjustments depending on your gravel needs.

When I say “gravel” what I really mean is anything aggregate or stone related. You may want standard 10mm or 20mm shingle (cheap and cheerful) or you may want something a little more decorative such as black basalt, Cotswold chippings or even some plum slate. One reason for writing this article is because depending on what you want, the prices can vary. I’ll get more into this below.

How much should I expect to pay in materials to lay gravel in my garden?

In most cases there are 2 must have materials needed when laying gravel in your garden which is the gravel itself and the weed control fabric also known as membrane. But in some cases you may need to account for more. If digging is required and you need to dispose of the earth then you may need to account for the cost of waste disposal or a skip. Edging boards may be required if you need to keep your gravel contained and are most often used when using gravel in your flower beds as this will keep the stones off your grass – The last thing you will want to do is run over your new stones with a lawnmower and smash a window!

What is the cost of gravel?

The most cost effective way of purchasing gravel for your garden is by the bulk bag, usually weighing 850kg which will cover approximately 10 squared meters at a depth of 2 inches (50mm). 10 squared meters isn’t a particularly large area so it’s unlikely you will be covering a smaller area, but because buying in smaller bags can quite literally work out double the price per kilogram then it could still be worth purchasing a bulk bag and doubling up on the depth to 4 inches if needed. The best thing to do when laying gravel in smaller areas is to compare the price per kg of smaller bags to a large bulk bag of your chosen gravel.

Prices start from around the £70 mark for a bulk bag of 10mm and 20mm gravel, also known as shingle. But for more decorative stones you should expect to pay anywhere up to £170 per bulk bag and anywhere inbetween. Here are some examples below.

To be as transparent as possible, in this article I have included links to the Amazon store for products that will help lay gravel in your garden. As an Amazon affiliate partner we receive a small commission when an item is purchased via a link on this website.

Here is your typical 10mm gravel also known as pea shingle with a whole 855kg bulk bag at just £73.

If you want larger stones than 10mm pea shingle then why not opt for the 20mm shingle at just £73 for a an 800kg bulk bag?

If you want something a little more decorative then the Cotswold Buff 20mm gravel chippings could be a great addition to your garden at £160.96.

If your not into stones then an 800kg bulk bag of 40mm plum slate could be the best option, although it’s not cheap at £169.99.

What is the cost of weed control fabric?

Unless your laying your gravel straight on top of existing solid concrete then your going to need weed control fabric, also known as membrane. Please don’t skip using this! It’s inexpensive and easy to lay and will save you a future of headaches. You can purchase a 10 squared meter roll from as little as £11.99 and you only get better value for money as the size needed increases! Here is an example below with a direct link to Amazon.

How about the prices for edging boards if needed?

Prices can vary on edging boards depending on which ones suit your needs and how much length you need so I won’t be using the prices of these to do my final working outs on how much it costs to lay gravel in your garden. I’ve included this section just to give you some optional ideas.

To give you a rough idea I have listed some examples below with direct links to Amazon. These edging boards are perfect for separating your gravel from your lawn and can also be used for a variety of other garden applications.

At just £14.99 these grey stone effect lawn dividers are easy to install and covers 5 meters in length!

At just £36.99 this flexible and plastic edging covers 10 meters and will last a lifetime! It even comes with the pegs for easy installation!

At just £35.89 you can have the more traditional but also modernised log roll which is easy to install and goes round bends, covering 2 meters in length!

The total cost of materials when laying gravel in your garden

To keep everything simple I’m not going to include the cost of edging boards and waste as these will be an optional extra. With the gravel ranging from £70 and £170 and the weed control fabric coming in at £11.99 covering 10 squared meters, this means that you should expect to pay a total of between £82 to £182 but it’s always worth shopping around as it’s amazing what prices you can find.

How much should you expect to pay a gardener to lay gravel in your garden?

Keeping in mind that we are talking about a small area of 10 squared meters, realistically a professional landscape gardener could prepare the ground and lay the gravel in your garden in half a day under the right conditions.

It’s easy work so I myself likely wouldn’t charge more than £20 per hour but as it’s hard to tell exactly how long it would take, many gardeners will likely charge a minimum day rate of approximately £160. This is under the assumption that the ground needs digging and preparing for your new gravel to be layed.

I would say that even if 2 bulk bags are needed, covering an area of up to 20 squared meters and under the right conditions, it’s likely that the price won’t change!

How much should I expect to pay for materials and labour when having gravel layed in my garden?

Looking at the above, I would expect to pay anywhere between £240 and £340 when paying someone to purchase, prepare and lay gravel in your garden to an area of 10 squared meters.

It’s hard to put an exact price on gravel when writing an article simply because labour prices can change alot between companies and if a minimum day rate is quoted, you may get the same labour quote for laying 1 bulk bag of gravel as someone else having 2 or even 3 bags layed! Therefore this article is best used for the cost of the gravel itself as opposed to professional fees.

If your thinking about having your garden gravelled and are looking for some advice on pricing then why not comment below or join our forum?

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