My review of the Raj Green Indian sandstone paving


By far the absolute most popular Indian sandstone paving that I lay has to be the Raj Green patio packs and it’s easy to see why with these colourful slabs.

The first thing I would say is don’t let the name Raj Green put you off! No they are not actually green, although they are suppose to have a tint of green to them, I for one don’t really see it. Expect to see grey slabs with a green tint to them, accompanied by other colours from brown to pink, all carrying their own shades.

The Raj Green Indian sandstone paving slabs are hand split to give a unique riven surface and are available with a natural or sawn edge. Although in my personal opinion, if you opt for the sawn edge then I would recommend using 10mm spacers and using a grouting compound for finishing off with the pointing.

You can also purchase the Raj Green sandstone paving in a variety of sizes when it comes to purchasing packs, with most packs covering 18.5 squared meters. You can get the mixed size patio packs which include 4 different sized slabs which include large rectangles (900x600mm), large squares (600×600), small rectangles (290×600) and small squares (290x290mm). If your after packs of the Raj Green Indian sandstone as single sized patio slabs then these are available in all sizes with the exception of the 290x290mm squares. Oh and an antique tumbled option is also available now!

Is the Raj Green Indian sandstone good value for money?

In my experience, I would say that the Raj Green sandstone is possibly one of, if not the best priced patio slab money can buy with prices starting from the £390 mark for a mixed size patio pack covering 18.5 squared meters, although this is for the non calibrated option.

For ease of laying and better quality, you could opt for the 22mm calibrated Raj Green sandstone paving which will set you back to the £415 mark if you shop around. To be honest, the non calibrated option have depths ranging from 18 to 25mm with 18mm being a little on the thin side for my liking. It’s not a deal breaker as we lay them all the time with no problems, but try and get the calibrated option when purchasing your Raj Green sandstone if you can.

With prices starting from around the £390 mark for 18.5 squares meters, this works out to just £21 per squared meter! You could easily pay double this for competence slabs!

How easy are the Raj Green Indian sandstone to lay?

Natural sandstone is always going to be that little harder to lay due to their riven surfaces especially compared to machine made paving slabs with a smooth finish but I wouldn’t say they are any harder to lay compared to other natural sandstone such as the Mint Fossil or Camel Dust.

If I’m being totally honest, out of each pack you may find 1 or 2 slabs that look brutal with a surface so uneven that your not going to want to put it anywhere anyway. Most of the time your going to have slabs left over so just put these in that pile, and it not then save them for your off cuts.

Purchasing 22mm calibrated Raj Green sandstone patio packs is going to make life easier and will be as strong as any other natural sandstone with us very rarely breaking any when laying which speaks volumes in itself.

An easy to lay sandstone with rarely finding any slabs that you wouldn’t want to lay, with breakages being rare when setting with a rubber mallet.

What do I think about the appearance of the Raj Green Indian sandstone paving?

I think the Raj Green sandstone are the perfect patio for any garden. It doesn’t matter your garden decor, they will fit right in with their mixture of colours. Raj Green definitely has a wider variety of colours and shades compared to other paving slabs that’s for sure!

But be careful! When purchasing packs of natural sandstone paving slabs it’s always recommended to mix the batches up when laying due to there being no guarantee that the colours will match from pack to pack, and we see this most with the Raj Green natural stone.

Sometimes we get packs where most of the paving slabs look a shade of grey, whilst others will have mostly brown or even pink on some occasions. Regardless, they make for a beautiful patio for any garden, but from experience just make sure to mix your paving slabs when laying from pack to pack or else you may end up with a patio with 2 obviously different shades.

No matter the batch, the Raj Green have always looked amazing!

My overall thoughts on the Raj Green Indian sandstone paving…

My overall thoughts? I think the Raj Green sandstone patio slabs really are the perfect choice for any garden. Their wide range of colours and shades will make them fit right in with any garden decor and will be sure to brighten your garden up. They have always been the most popular sandstone we lay and I believe they will continue to be so.

Not only this but for the price you pay, the quality if these natural paving stones are great. A strong natural stone that will rarely give you problems. However…and there is a however…make sure you check with the supplier you purchase these from what their breakage policies are. They are prone to have a few paving slabs damaged prior to being delivered to you (likely by the courier companies) so make sure you take pictures as soon as they arrive to try and get a refund for any damaged paving slabs.

Overall the Raj Green Indian sandstone are a well priced, strong paving slab(s) that give off more colours than the majority of natural paving stones out there give off. Available in many size options, you will be sure to find the perfect patio pack for you with these getting a big thumbs up from me!

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