How to get extra privacy from your garden


Your garden should be an oasis of peace and quiet, where you can escape to for a moment of relaxation. You may want to spend more time in your garden with your friends and family but are hindered by nosy neighbours or houses close by.

While you can’t get rid of the neighbours altogether, there are some landscaping tricks that you can do that will make your garden feel a little more private and secluded.


One key way to ensure privacy in the garden is by making sure that your boundaries are surrounded by a strong, thick fence. Fences can be easily damaged by storms so even if you have an existing fence, you may need to repair it.

Alternatively, you may wish to erect a new fence entirely. Treated wood is a better option as it will last longer and cope with harsher weather conditions although it can be more expensive. If using fence panels then try using concrete posts and concrete gravel boards, this way you won’t need to worry about the wooden fence posts rotting in the ground and the gravel boards will keep the fence panels elevated and away from the damp ground. Another option to consider when choosing fence materials would be using bamboo. Bamboo is a lot stronger than wood so will usually be sturdier. It is also a more stylish option for those concerned about having a fashionable garden that looks like it is just out of a magazine. I have actually written a hole article giving full instructions on ‘how to install a fence yourself’. It might be worth clicking on the link and having a look.

Install some trellis

There are some fence designs that include gaps between the wood meaning that nosy neighbours can still see in to your garden. If you do not want to replace the whole fence, a good way to tackle this would be by adding some trellis panels up the side.

Trellis panels are made from either wood or metal and are easy to construct. Once you have added these panels, you can create even more privacy by planting some vine plants which will climb up the trellis, filling in the gaps.

Trellis panels do have some restrictions however, so it is important to look up the guidelines in your area. Generally, they are permitted as long as they are not higher than 2 metres. Anything above that, would need to gain special planning permission. Make sure that you check what is allowed in your area before putting them up.

There are many different types of plant that will flourish when given a trellis to climb up. This will give you some extra privacy while making your garden look lush and green. Below is some information on the plants that we recommend for trellises.

  • Blue Moon Wisteria – This is an ideal plant for a trellis as it blooms around three times a year meaning more privacy for your garden. It does grow to a good height so you may need to trim it every so often to stop it getting too tall. If you live in an area with lower temperatures, this flower will cope well.
  • Jasmine – This plant grows quickly so will give you privacy in no time at all. If you decide to plant it, you will need to ensure that you have rich soil and space to put it around 10cm out from your trellis. You will soon see vines moving upwards, which you can weave in and out the trellis to create a stunning display. Make sure these plants are in the sun to gain the best results.
  • Roses – Roses are a trellis fence favourite and there are so many different varieties that you can choose from. If you are looking for fast growing flowers to block out your surroundings, then a Rambling Red rose is the way to go. It will quickly stretch to over two metres in height and it will survive in almost any weather conditions.

For extra garden privacy, why not try erecting a pergola?

Sometimes plants may not be enough to create privacy in your garden. Instead constructing a pergola might be a better solution. Pergolas create a cosy and intimate area that can look beautiful with the addition of flowers and plants, and some great garden furniture.

If you are considering building a pergola, check with local planners if you need permission to build it and make sure that the height isn’t so tall that it disturbs your neighbours.

Create an extra boundary using hedges and shrubs

Using hedges instead of large fences gives your garden a more natural look, although they do take more effort to upkeep. Hedges and shrubs are also perfect for filling in any gap that could lead to people seeing into your private space. There are many shrubs or hedge kinds to choose from, so we have collated a few to help you out with your decision that we have listed below.

  • Hydrangeas- these large floral blooms make a statement in any garden and come in a variety of colours. They show their beautiful shades in Summer and Fall but even when only green, the plant itself is quick thick. These bushes do require trimming back as they grow to be rather big.
  • North Privet – One of the best plants to isolate your garden with as they have thick green foliage that grows and establishes pretty quickly! The plant is wind proof too and can cope with a variety of different weather conditions – be sure the check this one out.

Plant evergreen trees for the ultimate privacy

Using evergreen trees means that your garden will be blocked from view all year round as these trees do not lose their leaves. The down side to this however is that they take a long time to grow so you will need to be playing the long game if using this technique. Below are a list of trees that we would recommend:

  • Laurel Trees – These trees are ideal for any size of garden as they can be easily trimmed to fit most spaces. There is more than one type of Laurel tree so do your research and select the best size for you. These stunning trees also come on a variety of colours that you can choose from – from dark green to multicoloured leaves.
  • Leylandii Trees – You may have never heard of this name before but they are actually one of the most popular garden trees in the U.K. They are perfect for creating privacy as their leaves are thick and dense.
  • Cedar Trees – These are the chameleons of the tree world, suiting almost any style of garden. If you have a large garden, these trees would be ideal as they require a lot of space, so perhaps think twice if you have a smaller area to fill.

So to summarise, you can see there are many different techniques to make your garden a more secluded and private place that you can enjoy with the people you love. Whether you decide to add more plants, or build a better fence, there is an idea that is right for your personal space. Let us know which ideas you like the most, or if you have any other ideas that we haven’t discussed in this article – we would love to hear from you!

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