We now have a gardening discussion forum


So it’s been over a year since creating this website where I hoped to help you with your gardening needs, from planting and growing your own vegetables to laying your own paving slabs, erecting your own fence panels right through to price guides and how much you should expect to pay to have work done in your garden. Oh and not forgetting product reviews when I purchase new tools for my garden maintenance and hard landscaping business. But this is and was only the start of my journey with this website, with the second part of my journey only just being acheived by creating a gardening forum where we can all talk and help eachother out. Like a chat room but those with green thumbs, a community where we can all get to know one another and become regulars, eager to be the first to answer any questions.

I actually had a vision to create 3 parts to this website with the first being the blog, which up until now was the main focus. The second was always going to be a gardening discussion forum and next there will be a business directory for everything garden related business such as landscape gardeners, garden maintenance, lawn care providers and more. In theory, Hankintech will be a gardening hub where you can get advice from my gardening blogs, talk to others in the gardening forums or find local gardeners in your area. I see many websites offering just one of these, and I want to be the first to offer all 3! The go to place for everything garden related.

I have spread the forums across 2 main categories which are gardening and landscaping. The gardening category includes garden maintenance, plants, fruit & veg, identify my plants (if you’ve got a picture then we want to see it), tree pruning, garden cleaning, wildlife and everything else gardening. The landscaping category consists of garden design, paving, fencing, decking, turfing, artificial turf and everything else landscaping. If I’ve missed anything then please let me know.

It’s going to be a slow process building a large member base in the gardening discussion forum so those of you who are reading this, please head over there now and sign up!

To all my readers and subscribers, thank you for your support! I’m heading over to the forum so hopefully I’ll see you there!

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