My review of the MAC ALLISTER MSBR1700-A 16.2KG Hex Shank Electric Breaker 230V


If you read my articles then you’ll know that I wrote a review a little while back on the Titan breaker which I was chuffed with, and to be honest I still am. It is still going strong and at the price I paid, it has more than made its money back. However, on a larger job where 2 of us needed to use a breaker and with the Titan being out of stock (or maybe discontinued), we decided to give the Mac Allister MSBR1700-A 16.2KG hex shank electric breaker 230v a go, and at just £149.99 from Screwfix it was even cheaper than the Titan breaker! Taken from the Screwfix website, lets have a look at the specifications of this breaker below:

Mac Allister breaker

Brand Mac Allister
Breaker Product Type Hex Shank
Brushless Brushed
Brushless Brushed
Carry Case/Bag Included Yes
Chuck Type 30mm Hex Tool Holder
Corded Tool Weight 16.2 kg
Impact Rate 1600 bpm
Manufacturer Guarantee 1 Year Guarantee
Max. Impact Energy 50 J
Model No MSBR1700-A
Pack Size 1
Pieces in Pack/Case 1
Plug Included Includes Plug.
Power Output (Watts/Kw) 1700 W
Power Supply Electric
Power Voltage Supply 230 V
Product Type Breaker
Switch Type Lock-On Trigger Switch
Vibration Level 22.040 m/s²
Vibration System Anti-Vibration System

My first impressions of the Mac Allister breaker…


Keeping in mind that this Mac Allister breaker was the cheapest available on the Screwfix website at the time of purchasing I didn’t know what to expect, but was surprised to see that it came with a professional carry case which included the breaker itself along with 1 flat chisel and 1 pointed chisel. The chisels alone can set you back at least £20 so for a total price of approximately £150 this is even better value for money.

Upon opening the Mac Allister breaker from the box it felt heavy in weight and well built, not something you would expect from a £150 breaker which is good since it was going to get put through a lot on this job! This job meant 3 days of continuous use so it was a gamble from the start.

I plugged the Mac Allister MSBR1700-A 16.2KG hex shank electric breaker 230v in and started to proceed with breaking the concrete below. If you have read my article reviewing the Titan breaker then you will know that one thing I was initially concerned about was the lack of vibrations felt when breaking the concrete, but I was happy as it still seems to go through it just fine and at the price, I couldn’t complain. Let me tell you however, that I am thinking about re-writing my review of the Titan breaker because this Mac Allister one broke the concrete in half the time of what the Titan one did, I mean the difference in vibrations was incredible, but still not too bad that I could happily use it continuously all day. I have had £500 breakers that didn’t compare to this one and no I am not being paid to write this review!

My overall review of the Mac Allister MSBR1700-A 16.2KG hex shank electric breaker 230v

Mac Allister breaker

I would highly recommend this Mac Allister breaker to anyone looking to work on a DIY project at home or even for business purposes where the breaker will get lots of use. I used it for those 3 days with no issues and even had to keep fighting for it over the Titan one with my business partner. It ate through thick concrete with no problem, and to give you an idea on how much concrete we were getting through we had to replace both chisels when the job was finished.

In my opinion, it is without a doubt better than the Titan one, and although similar in price, if the Mac Allister breaker is out of stock then I would wait. The Titan was a good breaker for the price when this was the cheapest on the market, and has got through all concrete that we needed it to with the reliability to back it up, but the Mac Allister one is better on all levels and at a cheaper price.

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  1. Kieran says:

    how has this tool held up for you so far in terms of reliability?

    1. Hankintech says:

      Hi Kieran, it’s funny you should say that! We have been using the Mac Allister breaker with no problems until last week when the trigger has decided to jam in the on position which meant that I had to have someone plug it in on the ready for me to use it. To be fair though, we were working in muddy conditions so I’m hoping that a bit of grit has got jammed somehow but I’ll be taking it apart over the weekend which is when I’ll find out! Apart from the trigger the breaker has been absolutely faultless so I’m hoping it’s a ‘could have happened to any breaker’ type situation. I’ll let you know my findings!

  2. Gareth says:

    Thanks for the review. I’ve got an old shed foundation to dig out, its about 6×4, 10 inches deep and about 5 inches wide. It’s a hollow rectangle if that makes sense, not a flat bed foundation. Do you reckon it would go through that?

    1. Hankintech says:

      Hi Gareth, yes the Mac Allister should go through this with ease – You will likely find that it may look 10 inches from the outside but often thins out towards the centre!

  3. Paul says:

    Does the max allister take oil

  4. Will says:

    Hi, great review! I’m looking to get one to go through 160mm of tarmac drive to break up into pieces, reckon this would do the job? Obviously tarmac is “stickier” than cement so would this bog down or go through it with ease?

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