My review of the Titan 40CM 40CC petrol chainsaw


OK, so those who read my blogs and other reviews will know that I’m not shy when it comes to trying Titan branded machinery for my gardening and landscaping business, but how good is the Titan petrol chainsaw when it comes to my business needs. At just £99.99 inc vat from Screwfix, it’s a much cheaper alternative compared to the more popular Stihl petrol chainsaws.

In theory, it’s not so much the chainsaw that makes the difference, but the chain itself that you are using. Whether you are using the most expensive chainsaw or the cheapest, the chances are that you will buy the most generic, cost effective chains going, meaning that no matter how much you spend, the quality of the cut will all be the same. Which means, what exactly are we looking for when it comes to purchasing a petrol chainsaw?

The most important thing with any petrol machinery for your gardening or landscaping business is the reliability of the equipment, and I have experienced both when it comes to Titan equipment. If I’m being really honest, the electrical items tend to be a lot more reliable compared to the 2 stroke engine powered machinery.

It’s important to know that I purchased the Titan 40cm petrol chainsaw approximately 6 months ago (this is how long I wait before writing a review of the item to give it a fair chance), so I will be able to give a fair and in depth review of how it has served me and my business.


What are the specifications of the Titan TTL759CHN 40CM 40CC petrol chainsaw?

As per the Screwfix website, this 40cm Titan petrol chainsaw boasts the following:

Bar Length (Imperial) 16 “
Bar Length (Metric) 40 cm
Brand Titan
Brand Titan
Chain Gauge (Imperial) 0.050 “
Chain Gauge (Metric) 1.3 mm
Chain Pitch 3/8 “
Engine Size (cc) 40 cc
Fuel Type Garden Power Petrol
Manufacturer Guarantee 1 Year Guarantee
Model No TTL759CHN
No. of Drive Links 57
No. of Engine Strokes 2-Stroke
Pack Size 1
Pieces in Pack/Case 1
Power Supply Petrol
Product Length 78 cm
Product Returns Note Due to health and safety reasons we cannot accept the return of this product unless all petrol and oil have been drained (your statutory rights are not affected).
Product Type Petrol Chainsaw
Sound Pressure Level 114 dBA
Total Product Weight 8 kg
Vibration Level 7.78 m/s²
Vibration System Anti-Vibration System

My experience working with the Titan TTL759CHN 40CM 40CC petrol chainsaw

The good…

My first impressions of the petrol Titan chainsaw were great. A solid, presentable box certainly doesn’t give the impression of a cheap machine, and inside the box I was surprised to see a fabric carry case to help carry the Titan chainsaw around , as well as a 13mm socket for replacing the chain and of course the machine itself. You get one chain that comes with the machine which is already fix into place and ready to use!

After filling up the mixing bottle to a 40:1 mix and filling up the tank, as well as filling up the separate chainsaw oil tank, I was ready to go. All it took was 1 pull on the cord and away it started! I let it run for a few minutes to help lubricate the system before revving the chainsaw and honestly, it sounded amazing!

The chain that they provide with the chainsaw was good quality too, cutting easily through the branches and lasting a hole 7-8 hours that day with no need to replace. Of course there were breaks between these 7-8 hours, but each time we turned the Titan chainsaw off, it started straight back up and ready to go again.

The next day we had a similar job to do and had purchased a replacement chain from Screwfix at £14.99 to be safe should we need to change it. You should know that you need to avoid touching any dirt with your chain as this will blunt your chain very quickly, which is how we tend to reduce the life of the chain before its time. This is due to cutting the stumps low to the ground ready for the stump grinder! At the end of day 2, everything was running just fine, and myself and business partner were very impressed with the machine.

On average, I would say that I use this chainsaw once (an 8 hour day) every 1-2 weeks, which is more than domestic use but not as much as a full time tree surgeon. We are landscape gardeners after all, mixing our work between tree surgery, laying paving slabs, turfing and more!

The not so good…

I’d say we started to have problems after 2 months. Nothing huge, but the chainsaw would always fire up in the Morning, but after an hours use, we had to remember not to turn it off as it would struggle to start again! We became a custom to turning it off, and knowing that it needed a 30 minute rest before starting again. It wasn’t a huge problem as we worked around it and was also using the Titan pruner alongside the Titan chainsaw. On the 3rd month, we gave in and took it back to Screwfix who offered a direct replacement there and then…great!

We have had the replacement machine for a good 3 months now and it still runs as well as when we first received the replacement machine. To be honest, it was most likely an easy fix but after no luck with trying the basics and a 12 month warranty with the chainsaw, it was better to have it swapped over. Remember, you aren’t just buying into the Titan brand, but also the Screwfix brand (or any other supplier that you purchase goods from). With Screwfix, we feel as though our business is being looked after.

The only other problems I could speak of, if I am being really picky, is that the case that needs to be removed when replacing the chain can be really hard to get off and have sometimes had to use a screwdriver to pry it off. Not only this, but good luck getting the oil cap off with your hands! I’ve no idea why it gets so stuck, but we use plyers to undo the cap (easily done). Again, this is if I were to be really picky.


My overall thoughts on the Titan TTL759CHN 40CM 40CC petrol chainsaw

Apart from the Titan chainsaw having difficulty starting after a couple of months of use, I would say that this is a great machine. I mean…it’s not like it completely broke down, or fell apart! Definitely a well built machine ready for work!

If you are using this for a one time project at home, or even for occasional use, you can’t go wrong with this machine. If you are a landscape gardener like myself offering tree pruning as an additional option, then it’s still a great machine to buy, and if unsure, then the warranty provided by Screw fix (if purchased through them) is amazing. As with any equipment, it’s always good to carry a spare in the van just in case!

Of course I can only go by my own experience, so take what I say with a pinch of salt! But ultimately, if you don’t want to spend more than £100 but are guaranteed (warranty) a working machine for 12 months, then I would say that’s good value for money. It’s a well good quality petrol chainsaw, that looks professional when using it in front of customers and sounds amazing. A definite thumbs up from me!


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  1. Phil says:

    Hi how does the chainsaw run after the first year or so?

    1. Hankintech says:

      Hi Phil, the Titan chainsaw is still running after the first year although it does have the starting problem when hot, I guess this could be a common fault. It always starts on a cold start but after a couple of hours use we tend to avoid turning it off! Otherwise a good 45 minute wait and it will start again. But I’ve been told it’s an easy fix if you know how to maintain the carburettor.

      To be honest, at the price we only hoped to get a year out of it so it has already exceeded our expectations and so I would definitely recommend this chainsaw.

  2. Simon J says:

    Just wondering why you feel the need to keep replacing the chain? A sharpening would cost you less than the price of a new chain and if you keep the chain sharp it will last for ages.

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