6 months on…Mac Allister MSAG2000 9″ angle grinder review


ae235Those who read my blogs will know that I’m a big fan of buying relatively low priced tools and equipment for my gardening and landscaping company, providing that it comes with a good ‘over the counter’ warranty with Screwfix providing this service on many products. The Mac Allister MSAG2000 9″ angle grinder is no exception, and the best bit about buying low priced angle grinders is that it’s not necessarily the machine itself, but the cutting blade that you put onto the angle grinder!

I’ll be honest, and it sounds silly, but somehow, I lost my previous angle grinder! Maybe I left it on a job, or maybe I have buried it in my garage, but with a fencing job starting with no grinder to hand, I knew that I had to purchase a replacement! Initially, I was going to buy the Makita angle grinder at £79.99 which I thought was amazing value for the money, but typically, these were all sold out! So I went for the Mac Allister MSAG2000 9″ electric angle grinder 220-240V at just £49.99! But hey, It’s allowed for me to write this review!

Firstly, lets see the specifications of the Mac Allister MSAG2000 9″ angle grinder

  • 2000W
  • Adjustable Guard
  • 3-Position Side Handle
  • Aluminium Gearbox Housing
  • Fan-Cooled Motor
  • Lock-Off Switch
  • Dust-Sealed Bearings
  • M14 Spindle Thread
  • Replaceable Carbon Brushes

What do I use the Mac Allister MSAG2000 9″ angle grinder for?

Being a landscape gardener, I am forever laying paving slabs and installing fence posts. This means that the 9″ grinder gets lots of use, probably more than any other electric tool which includes my breaker, circular saw etc..

When laying paving slabs, I need to cut each slab (often thick concrete slabs) to size when reaching the edges, going around drainage systems etc.. The need for a powerful grinder is a must which allows me to cut through these slabs with ease! Not only this, but when installing concrete fence posts, I may need to shorten the post slightly if reaching large roots deep underground, as well as cutting through concrete gravel boards when cutting fence panels down to size. Using a masonry/stone segmented diamond cutting disc, I cut through all of these with ease, including the supporting metal rods which hold the concrete posts and gravel boards together!

My overall review of the Mac Allister MSAG2000 9″ angle grinder


I have used this grinder on a weekly basis for the last 6 months now, and through being used in the rain (I know!), as well as leaving it in the rain by mistake when running to the van for shelter when it suddenly pours down! It’s been trod on, dropped, kicked, thrown from side to side in the back of the van, and yet, this £49.99 angle grinder fails to let me down! It’s extremely powerful, reliable and affordable!

I would give this grinder 5 out of 5 stars for my garden and landscaping business, and I would recommend it to anyone else thinking of buying one for their business. Just bare in mind that it doesn’t come in a 110V option, so has to be used by a 13 amp plug, which isn’t always good if working on building sites. Luckily for me, I only work on domestic sites! Otherwise, I have nothing bad to say about this grinder! Oh, but it’s also worth noting, that like most grinders on the market, you will need to purchase your cutting blade separately.

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