6 months on…Titan TTB280DRH 15.5KG Hex Shank Electric Breaker 230V Review


Anyone who reads my blogs will know that I am a big fan of the Titan Brand when it comes to my gardening business, with a previous review written for the Titan petrol landscaping tool. In fact, with the great warranty provided with quick and easy replacements always available, I even have my employees using them. More recently however, I have been purchasing their electrical items for the landscape gardening side of the business, with my most recent purchase being the Titan TTB280DRH electric breaker.

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My last breaker was put to the test for 12 years before it finally died on me. Anyone who installs fence posts, demolishes old paving, foundations and much more will know that a breaker is an essential tool. Whether that be an electric breaker or a petrol one, and when mine finally gave up on me half way through a fencing job, I didn’t have much time to grab a new one!

I’ll be honest, although I am a fan of the Titan range, providing excellent value for money, I was skeptical when it came to the Titan TTB280DRH electric breaker. I mean, at £179,99 from Screwfix, with a few in stock and ready to take away, how good can a cheap breaker be? On the plus side, it did say ‘trade rated’ on the description, which must account for something right?

My first impressions….


When the member of staff from Screwfix carried out a large carry box I was actually quite excited! I mean, I didn’t have a smart looking box with my last breaker, at least I don’t remember having one and was impressed just by this alone! Let’s just say that I was expecting very little for £179.99.

I opened the box and there it was. The Titan TTB280DRH Hex Shank Electric Breaker, all shiny and new. Included in the box was an instruction manual, 2 chisels (1 flat and 1 point) as well as 2 spare carbon brushes. Which I’ll most likely never get round to changing!

Putting it together was very easy, and has a good weight to it (it’s not as light as what you would expect) and feels very good quality. Upon first using the Titan electric breaker, compared to my previous breaker, it didn’t feel quite so vigorous on the concrete below, the vibrations couldn’t be felt nearly as much which I worried was due to not being able to turn the power up and down and that the power just wasn’t there. However, let me assure you that this must only be due to the low vibration system, as the concrete falls apart just as quickly as my previous breaker.

My overall review of the Titan TTB280DRH Hex Shank Electric Breaker 6 months on…


After 6 months of continuous use, this Titan breaker has never let me down. It gets muddy, wet, hits tree roots and steel rods, it’s been dropped and slid back and forth in the back of the van and yet even the chisels are still in perfect working order. It honestly works as well as it did when I purchased it 6 months ago and I expect a long life to come of it, although I will update you all if anything changes!

I would highly recommend this Titan electric breaker and would rate it 5/5 stars for any gardening business or fence installation company as I think that you will also be pleasantly surprised. It’s a great piece of kit and although skeptical at first, I will be investing in lots more Titan products as more tools come to the end of their life.

I actually have a Titan Combi drill which was purchased over a year ago, which gives me an idea for something to write about…

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  1. Greg Winters says:

    We bought one 4 years ago when rebuilding our perimeter fence. It’s a total beast and I absolutely love it. Strangely, thought, Screwfix appear to have stopped selling it and moved to a similar but different make in the £149.99 bracket.

    I’ll be buried with this – that’s how much I love it.

    1. Hankintech says:

      Hi Greg, your absolutely right! For some reason Screwfix have discontinued the Titan breaker and the £149.99 one your referring to is the Mac Allister breaker that we have already bought and reviewed! No joke…the Mac Mac Allister one is even more of a beast! You can see my review here…


  2. Andy says:

    I’ve had 3 of these and all of them stopped working after 12 months, yes they do the job but do not ladt, and getting spares is a no no, good luck tho

  3. Dave says:

    I have to second Andy. As of 2023 there is only one online store I could find selling replacement handles and bits, and nowhere selling the rubber protectors needed (or recommended?) for using the breaker vertically. No point designing and making a good(?) product if you’re not going to stock the spares it needs.

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