How much does it cost to install a garden fence in the UK?


After looking online, I just can not find a website that simply explains how much you should expect to pay to have a new garden fence installed at your home. As a landscape gardener myself, I am often providing quotations for potential customers looking to have their garden fencing replaced and so I will be sharing this information with you.


What costs are involved when providing a garden fencing quote?


The materials needed include all fence panels, posts, gravel boards (optional) and cement/post mix. To give you a rough idea, a good landscape gardener should be able to get prices starting from;

  • Fence panels £20.00 each (although prices range depending on style)
  • Wooden or concrete posts £5-£10.00 each
  • Concrete gravel boards £10.00 each
  • Wooden gravel boards £5.00 each
  • Post mix £5.00 each

Looking at the above information, you should expect to pay approximately £35.00 – £45.00 per panel and post providing that gravel boards are used and lap panel fencing. As an example, if you were looking to install a garden fence 10 panels long, you should expect to pay £350.00 to £450.00 in materials alone.


Baring in mind that I run my landscape gardening business from Hertfordshire, the labour costs could differ across the UK. But typically in 2019 you should expect to pay anywhere between £100.00 to £120.00 per fence panel / post. If you are looking to have 10 fence panels installed then I would typically charge £1000.00 to £1200.00.

You may think that this sounds expensive, but here is why it’s not. If I were to remove the existing (in this case) 6 foot fence panels and posts, which includes the removal of existing concrete and install new fence posts and panels in your garden this will take 2 of us 2-3 days to complete which includes the time taken to remove the waste.

If I charged an hourly rate, this would be £20.00 per hour, per person to install new garden fencing. This comes to a total of £320.00 per day, meaning that the customer would expect to pay around £960.00 if 3 days are taken. Now if we look at it on an hourly rate basis, this seems very reasonable. As well as this, we always remove the old garden fence waste for the customer, which would cost us £150.00 to £250.00 to dispose of at a licensed waste recycling centre.

Waste disposal

Although I include the waste disposal of old garden fence panels, posts and concrete as part of my £120 per fence panel / per fence post quote, there are many companies that either a) charge in addition to this b) don’t offer this service. So this is something you need to make clear when getting quotes from fence installation companies. You should expect to pay £150 – £250.00 per 10 fence panels removed and disposed of.

So how much should I expect to pay to have my garden fence installed?

For a single 6 foot garden fence panel/post you should expect to pay;

Materials £35 – £45.00
Labour £100 – £120.00

Total £135.00 – £165.00

The above price is on a ‘per fence panel, per fence post’ basis so you should multiply this number by the number of panels and posts you are looking to have installed. Ofcourse this is for the cheaper lap panels so expect a price increase if your after something more fancy like the closeboard fence panels.

For more advice you can read my article explaining how to choose the right fence for your garden or if your thinking about installing a new garden fence yourself then why not read my full guide?

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