Running a successful garden maintenance and landscaping business, I want to help others when it comes to using quality tools at a good price. I use a wide range of tools and machinery, with a few different brands of garden multi tools. Titan definitely offer the best price when it comes to petrol powered machinery, with their landscaping multi tools currently for sale on Screwfix at £174.99 at the time of this post, but are they worth buying especially when using them for your garden maintenance or landscaping business?

So what’s in the box?


With your new Titan multi tool, you will receive many attachments that can interchange between the 25.4cc engine. These include a strimmer, a brush cutter, a hedge cutter, a pruner, an extension pole, a storage bag and small tools such as a screw driver, spark plug wrench etc.. It is worth noting however, that the only attachment that has to share a pole is the strimmer and brush cutter. You actually have to change the head on the pole when changing between the 2. Brush cutters aren’t used nearly as much as a strimmer so it’s not too much of an issue, I actually purchased an additional pole separately to save myself from future hassle though.

How reliable is the Titan Landscaping Multi Tool?

I have been using these machines alongside other machines for a few years now, and when they are new from the box they are excellent! They are ‘easy start’ which means that a light pull on the cord will start it straight up and are very light to use. Although a little louder than a lot of other garden machinery, they run nicely and do what they are suppose to. The attachments are also great, the pruner chain is sharp and easy to change or tighten and the hedge cutter is as good to cut with as other brands that I use. Any one who has just purchased one of these machines, I am sure would immediately be delighted.


But what about after continuous use? This is actually where the problems start. Please keep in mind that I use these machines all day, every day. They get put through their paces hour after hour, day after day. Being a multi tool, you are putting the same engine through continuous stress so there are bound to be problems.

In the last 12 months, I had my Titan Multi Tool replaced by Screwfix 3 times under warranty. The same problem arose each time, being that it would struggle to start, and when it would, it would run rough and cut out, until eventually it wouldn’t start at all. I had tried many things to get these running but no luck! Not only this, but I have had 2 hedge cutter attachments replaced under warranty (once per year, on 2 different machines) as they seized. All other attachments however, even ones that are years old now, such as the pruner and strimmer, have always ran like a dream with no problems.

Please bare in mind though, that I use these machines for at least 4 hours per day, 5 days a week. This means that I am using them for 20 hours per week which is a lot! If I replace these 3 times per year, meaning that each one lasts for around 4 months, this gives us a total hour output of 320 hours before they break down which is a lot!

Is the Titan Multi Tool good value for money?

Despite my problems with these machines, my answer to this would be a definite yes! There are 2 reasons why. The first being that if I were using these for domestic use, around my own home from time to time, then doing the math, they should give you years of good service. Providing of course that you keep them maintained.

When I buy these for my business, I’m not actually buying them for their brand or reliability. I’m actually buying into the brand of Screwfix. It’s simple really, I pay £174.99 for a multi tool which provides me with almost everything to run my garden maintenance and landscaping business, and when the time comes to replace it, I simply walk into Screwfix with my receipt, and they change it there and then for me. It really is as easy as that! Over the years, I have quite the collection of Titan multi tool attachments as the warranty comes to an end and I purchase a new machine.

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