Following the purchase by SmugMug in April 2018, Flickr have announced that Flickr Pro will be “better than ever” with their latest changes, although free Flickr accounts will have their 1TB of free storage removed and replaced with a 1000 photo or video limit added instead. Don’t worry, if you have a free Flickr Account, you have until January 8th 2019 to upgrade (Flickr are currently offering a 30% discount) or to download your photos. With over 97% of free account holders having less than 1000 photos, the chances are that you will be ok!

Flickr have announced that:

the free terabyte largely attracted members who were drawn by the free storage, not by engagement with other lovers of photography

What do you get with Flickr Pro?

The first question that runs through all of our minds is how much is Flickr Pro going to cost? In my opinion it’s not bad at just $49.99 per year. So what do you get for that $49.99?

The most important benefit to upgrading to Flickr Pro is that you get unlimited storage allowing you to add as many photos and videos as you want. This in itself, in my opinion is worth the annual fee of 49.99 but you do get a lot more.

Get rid of all of those annoying adverts! But not just for you, do it for your visitors! As announced by Flickr, Flickr Pro offers ad-free browsing for both you and your visitors making everyone happier.

You can also take advantage of “advanced stats” which gives you an insight into which of your photos perform the best and which photos are trending now.

Flickr have announced that there will be more Flickr Pro-only benefits including premier support, more partner discounts, advanced stats on your mobile, increased exposure, new 5k photo display and 10 minute videos. You can find full details here.