Did you know that you can actually set your iPhone to flash when you receive an alert such as a call or text? Well you can, and it’s been available for some time now! It’s called ‘LED Flash For Alerts’.

This is particularly useful when you are in an environment where your iPhone needs to be on silent, but you are waiting on an important text or call that you don’t want to miss. Maybe you have the lights dimmed whilst watching a film but don’t want to miss out on a notification. The ‘iPhone Flash For Alerts’ could be perfect in many situations!

To turn your ‘iPhone Flash For Alerts’ on, you simply need to follow these instructions:

  1. Go to your iPhone’s settings
  2. Select ‘general’
  3. Select ‘accessibility’
  4. Select ‘LED Flash For Alerts’
  5. Turn the feature to ‘on’

That’s how easy it is! To turn the feature off, just follow the same instructions and select ‘off’.