WhatsApp have announced that they will be introducing stickers to their hugely popular messaging app over the coming weeks, and will be available to iPhone and android users, although some WhatsApp users have reported that the update is already working for them!

There will be sticker packs to choose from and download which are created by WhatsApp’s designers although there will be a selection of stickers from other designers.

To use the stickers, WhatsApp have said “To use stickers in a chat, simply tap the new sticker button and select the sticker you want to share. You can add new sticker packs by tapping the plus icon“.

Another great feature is that there will be support available for third party sticker packs, which will allow sticker designers and developers to create and use stickers on WhatsApp. Your stickers can be published to the Google Play store or Apple App Store which will allow other users to download and use your stickers on their iPhone and androids. Are you a designer or developer? You can find out more information from WhatsApp.