We all remember the large chain of CompUSA brick and mortar stores, selling consumer electronic, technology products and computer services up until its liquidation in 2007 when it was announced that 103 stores will be closing.

Systemax announced in January 2008 that it had purchased CompUSA in a bankruptcy sale, with the first store opening in November 2009. After rebranding CompUSA (and Circuit City) under the Tiger Direct brand, they closed all but 4 retail stores in 2015, before abandoning retail altogether.


CompUSA have been resurrected once again. This time by Deal Central, running the CompUSA website as a sales affiliate website, making a small commission on every successful purchase when connecting consumers and retailers.

For those that don’t know what that means, CompUSA (or Deal Central) won’t be stocking or selling products themselves. Instead they will be advertising products on behalf of other retailers by ways of providing coupon codes, reviews and more. This is by no means a bad thing. After all, CompUSA will be doing all of the hard work hunting for the best deals and coupons for you, and the reviews will certainly help.

After searching the CompUSA website and having a look around, they have categories including computers, television, PC components, video games, electronics and more. Despite no longer stocking and selling their own products, or having any stores for that matter, it seems as though they have stuck to their routes, and focus on technology, consumer electronics and computer services.

I hope that since first opening it’s stores in 1984, and several iterations later, that CompUSA has finally found its resting place and is here to stay!