eBay are suing Amazon, accusing them of poaching their sellers by contacting them via eBay’s internal messaging system called M2M. Apparently, this has been going on for some time, but had recently came to light after eBay sellers began contacting eBay representatives about the matter.

It’s no secret that both eBay and Amazon have been huge rivals in the online retailing business for many years. Although Amazon have put a larger gap between them in recent years with a recent stock market value of $1 trillion last month after a reported $52 billion in sales for the quarter whilst eBay’s sales for the quarter were at $2.6 billion.

eBay have accused Amazon of continuously contacting eBay’s sellers through M2M and trying to persuade them into joining the Amazon Market Place. eBay actually sent Amazon a letter earlier this month, explaining the situation and confirming that they will protect themselves and take necessary steps, although Amazon replied stating that they have started an investigation into the matter.

These accusations breach eBay’s membership terms & conditions, with a reported 1000+ messages sent to eBay’s sellers. eBay will be seeking financial damages as a result.