Following the huge success of Nintendo’s Mini NES and and Mini SNES over the past 2 christmases, PlayStation have announced that they will be releasing the PlayStation Classic in time for this Christmas.

So what exactly is the PlayStation Classic?

We all remember staying up late playing on the original PlayStation and playing as many games possible, still missing and wondering what it would be like to re-live those moments. The PlayStation Classic Mini is a compact recreation of the original Playstation 1 console, which will have 20 of the best original PS1 games installed and ready to play.

The PlayStation Classic Mini is an exact copy of the original PlayStation 1 console, with the same button layout and logo, but is 45% smaller than the original 1994 Playstation! 2 wired controllers, a HDMI cable and even a virtual memory card (just like old times) will be included with the new console.

Which games will be available on the PlayStation Classic?

So we know that there will be 20 of the best PS1 games pre-installed on the new console, and so far PlayStation have confirmed just 5 of these games. These include Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, Ridge Racer Type 4, Wild Arms and Jumping Flash. We will update you on the remaining games as soon as PlayStation provides more updates.

How much will the PlayStation Classic Mini cost, and when can I purchase one?

The new console is available to pre-order now at £89.99 (UK) and is available from 3rd December 2018, just in time for Christmas. You can find full details at PlayStation.